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Dreams starting with the letter F

Flying in a play

Filling water tank

Falling of food from plate

Falling into muddy water with new shoes

Following a van

Following a car

Fighting a gorilla in a dream

Feeding hair

Father house was broken down in my dream

Friend flirting with me i am avoiding him

Face is swapped with another face

Four thirty

Friend giving me the money

Feeding a mongoose

Found a silver marble mean

Falling in love with a man with long hair

Friend offering her condolences to me

Feathers stuck into hide

Floor pov

Floor level perspective

Future photo

Family member saying goodbye to you islam

Family member saying goodbye to you islamic meaning

Fighting god and meeting goddess

Flying bullets

Fight with a female wrestler

Feeding monster baby

Fight with a family member

Father dying in war

Forgetting to give baby water

Forgetting clothes on trip

Frozen lake clear stones

Family members meet with an accident

Faith aguilar

Falling wife

Former work colleagues names trying to remember

First lady hugging in a dream

Frying breadfruit in dream

Fighting with my boyfriend and his wife in dream

Fingers eaten

Flexing muscles in a dream

Fighting a dog

Fighting with dog

Flat new

Flar new

Funeral procession

Flying in airplane

Fruits in water

Frogs inside stomach

Flying around large trees

Felt something enter my vagina in dream during pregnancy

Felt something enter my vagina

Floating ball

Forgetting all of your belongings

Fire burning dried grass

Finding my way out of an old building

Friends chasing me

Fire burning my bike

Forget christmas

Film set

Food taken away by a mad woman in a dream

Flexing muscles in dream

Flowers with thorn plucking

Friends hungry asking for food

Falling to the ground

Finding a cursed book

Folding a torn saree

Fallen banana tree with young bunch

Floating hindu man

Friend was walking around her house angry

Fisting my anus

Fighting an evil version of myself

Floating in boat through flooded land

Feeding a hungry lion

Folding clothes

Finding magical items in a store by suggestion

Finding magical items in a store by mistake

Finding magical items

Fish in purple tank

Fish in purple water

Fighting a hawk while on rowing through a river

Fighting a griffin while making my way to a monastery with my sister in a canoe

Finding a baby in clearwater

Foldin baby clothes

Fighting a tokoloshe with a prayer

Finger jammed

Feet held down

Father went blind in one eye

Fridge with drinks what does it mean in the dream

Flushing used sanitary pads

Flashing blue lights and shadow of a man

Family member dreaming about my wife

Family party function

Furry small something on you

Furry small something crawling across your chest

Feeding old womens

Feeding breast milk for baby in dreams

For two mad men to enter your house means

Friend wearing inside out pants

Finding keys in handbag

Finding rubee

Fighting cowife means

Family killing me

Frog pushed out of my belly button

Frog stuck and pushed out of your belly button

Fermenting casava in a dream

Floating old clothes

Fighting a white lady

Fire chasing you

Floating beneth your deth body

Father releasing children

Falling into the pit and someone rescued you

Female child

Finding my lost panties

Friendlz snake walk over me

Founds clothes

Flying insects and white crickets


Fish gifted

Fish biting feet

Fighting with the devil

Family being dead

Finally my parents accepted my love

Fire coming inside my mouth

Friend jogging at night feels ill falls over cliff

Friend jogging at night feels ill fall over cliff

Friend looks at me with swollon cheeks


Fighting the police

Fithing the police

Flowers at feet

Follow truck

Fart and pooping

Falling coconut tree in the dream meaning

Flock of owl

Finding a mangy kitten

Fighting some one and wining

Fish given birth

Floating deck

Fat white big cat with niddle stuck to her

Fat female cat with middle stick to her

Fish with net

Fingernail and poop

Fingernail with poop under

Fighting a pasanger drive because of money

Falling through a drain

Feeding husband feeding tube

Floating back slippers to me in dream

Frying fish


Falling plant table

Faith in god

Friend help recovery sick

Fldra of lighting diya in dream

Firelight ar night

Friends kicked out of restaurant

Finding diarrhea

Flying dead bodies

Football correct scores

Finding out i am pregnant

Forgot child at school

Feathered serpent

Finger combing

Fight with asian woman on a train

Fighting a guy over girlfriend

Four girls

Fake word

Face tree

Frozen planes midair

Face skins


Flea dream meanings


First love

Facing difficulty to read the quran

Finding holy medals

Father remarry

Father raping me

Father rapping me

Folded sleeping mats

Flooding temple

Father naked in my dream


Facing down

Feeding my butt

Feeding my ass

Flying in dreams

Flaming pyramid

Feeding needy in dreams

Fish gift

Fish as a gift

Find silver 50 cent coins

Floating island in the sky



Finding something sticky in your purse

Fire under your bed

Feeling sand

Father comitting suicide

Foot injury with bleeding

Falling into an abyss

Flower falling from center of the idol

Fox dog

Fox tried to steal my dog

Fast spinning spiral

Friend taller than usual in dream

Friend taller than usual in drean

Father taking and bath seen in a dream

Finding dzo in a soil in a dream meaning

Falling into an alter and seeing huge pillars and a huge vase with greek writing everywhere and then returning to that place and my sister going to kill herself there and me crying into my moms shoulder

Flour worms

Former coach

Feeling warm when prayed for domeone

Filling shoe with water

Fifty dollar bill

Falling thorn trees

Following a worm

Floral dress

Filled by the spirit

Floating coloured hearts in the sky

Falling coloured hearts from the sky

Falling bedsheets

Former boss giving you money in a dream

Fishing hooks ripping my flesh

Fish sharp teeth

Four nipples chest

Friend’s sister

Favorite video game with a scary secret

Falling from high height

Flies in my milk

Fighting husband girlfriend

Fighting over something pink

Father suicide dream

For death

Father accident injured unconscious

Friend being pregnant but hiding from others

Fish and water

Finding hair

Fight between monitor lizard and snake

Frozen cherries

Father with blue eyes

Flies coming between all foot toes

Fair complexion

Fair skin and freckles

Falling off a jet ski

Female helped me carry my bags in a dream


Fall from a roof and land on your feet

Flag hanging on my bedroom door

Finding a lost object

Flowers colors

Fixing old slippers in the dream

Fighting demons by prayer

Flying island with nothing on it

Falling in a grave

Floor bruning

Finding quarters on the ground

Fox biting one in a dream

Foreign woman having baby

Foreign woman having a baby

Fiancee eating cake

Flour on carpet

Funeral songs in dream

Find get out way

Fix teeth

Forgot sura while praying maghri

Forgot sura while praying maghrib

Failing to make a clay cup

Failing to make a clay cup and after someone started helping

Four young women

Fire alarm

Finding a beautiful baby boy

Finding rings and dead

Find rings and deas

Friend has reaction to dragon fruit

Flying over cemetery

Friend having allergic reaction to dragon fruit

Fire truck collapsing

Faceless well dressed shy

Friend coming to christ



Friend visit from abroad

Four hearts

Finding paper money in the grave

Falling inlove

Featherless chickens

Foot massage

Frog water and drinking

Film shoot teer dream number

Fruits and branches falling from high

Fruits and branches falling from hhh

Fruits and branches falling from hig

Fornication in dream

Face on a video

Father in law eating fish

Fast flow river

Fish flying high and ended up in shore

Falling from top of the stair latter

Fire egle

Fruit of the spirit

Forcing me to drink alcohol

Four eyed puppy

Four old white woman

Fat person is died

Falling off tower

Flies on my feet

Four angels and a storm behind them

Fridge full of eggs

Friend is deceased

Flower in a big glass of water

Father bought land with uncle 3 acres and 3 acres dog barking hispanic music playground empty concrete lot in the back behind gate was highway under overpass

Father bough land with uncle 3 acres each

Friend coming home from vacation

Fountain with statue

Frogs fallinh from the sky

Foreign meaning

Forgetting to pick someone up

Facial skin that cracked

Fear light

Fader old man dete

Falsely accused of raping my girlfriend

Father figure gave me car keys

Flogged in a dream by a madman

Friend fetching much white ants and you are given some to eat

Father took his mistress to my moms funeral

Falling into a saokaway pit

Flashing lights in the night sky

Fake relationships


Fish in the wall

Faceless bird

Flower grow on the floor meaning

Finger nail clippings

Falling metal pieces

Finding an unknown car boot key

Falling off bleachers

Folded clothes

Falling off of building

Father punching mother nose

Funeral sung in a dream

Friend getting cancer

Friend getting caner

Firewood coal

Falling into an ocean

Frozen dead mother in fridge

Fighting a girl for my husband

Failing to drive a car

Feather leg left

Flowering horse chestnut tree

Fish eggs

Female without and hijab seen in a dream

Friendly spirit dream

Friendly spirit visit

Fiancé struggling hot water

Fire at airport

Fire in aairport

Fighting with a rasta man

Fresh butternut that grows too quick

Foot ulcer dream meaning

Flower falling from a goddess


Farm weed and lot of water

For a man to see his wife

Forest killed

Five nights at freddy’s purple guy

False accusations of molesting

Falling down the spiral staircase well

Failing my child

Feathers dress

Faceless red headed women riding a beast

Faces fading in and out of dream with black dark background

Finding baby girl in the trash can

Fresh kapenta fish

Fire in vent

Flooding muddy water

Falling out window

Foot heal

Fighting with my bestfriend

Fat legs and folded skin

Face worm fire

Fast spinning clock hands

Forced tongue kisd

Flowing water

Fighting with a dead person

Finding yourself in a football field

Funnel metaphor in psychology

Funnel metaphoe mental

Failed coup plot by old school mates

Friend dying gun

Fush eggs

Friend climbing into bed with you and cuddle

Fungus in pickle

Frog bucket

Fruit slice

Finger swelling

Father sees mother and child in a storm

Fighting cousins

Falling on you

Fruit tart

Flower eating finger

Finding bundles of money

Flowers in an empty room

Flying in the air


Friendship in a plane

Friend with six toes

Forced you he kiss

Find a used lamp


Flowering hawthorn tree in yellow field

Flying in an aeroplane

Flaying in a n aroplane

Fighting with horse in dreammeaming

Fake emergency

Falling statue

Fight in the dream

Falling out the sky

Fighting cat

Falling towards someone you know down a dark hole

Feathers growing in a private parts meaning of the dream

Fish attacks me

Faithful to partner

Faithful to your partner dream

Friend died from tricycle accident

Family trying to harm me

Fair lady

Fighting a lion

Friend lives in basement

Friend cutting cassava while am cutting sugarcan

Friend cutting cassava

Finding gold figures

Flood of water across a road

Flooding across a road

Falling off of a plane

Food melting in oven

Finding new doors

Finding doors

Friends with giant in dream

Flood drying up

Fighting and win

Full moon and sun dream

Face card

First i saw beautiful horses then suddenly they get injured and fighting start btw us and somepeople



Fox poop

Former work space and coworkers

Father in white shoes

Friend gets hurt

Fighting animal

Flower on stomach

Friends with animal

Fire in dreams

Fruit bugs

Flying reindeer

Father chasing me

Friend with wild animals

Father inlaw

Feeling dirty

Fingers falling off and growing back

Floating in golden water

Fishing net

Frying green chilli

Fly to the sky

Fly with a bat

Fiancé shorter than me

Fish dream nambor

Feet of father in law who is dead

Finding wealth

Finding gold coins

Fear of bull

Finding money in a dream

Falling under anointing

Finding slingshot put in a line

Finfing slingshot put in a line

Father calls me on the phone

Forcefull kiss by a madman

Fircefull kiss by a madman

Friend killing people and carving up bodies

Food received

Father wheelchair

Fly in drink

Fire over ocean

Face quickly change

Frozen with fear


Friend committ suicide

Father giving lot of palm fruits to ms

Fighting violence

Fiddle head green flower

For a pregnant woman to see snail in her dream means what

Frog coqui the twitch streamer

Fear of loosing money

Frog inside of a banana

Fighting over a coffee table

Food turning black

Found foreign money

Find family members dead

Friends sharing the gospel

Friend getting arrested

Feeding a hurt bird with water

Food flask

Fittering grounded corn in the dream

Flowers scattered

Friying or cooking kapenta on the flame of fire

Flying kapenta on the fire

Fetching water from the well under the rain

Falling down a black hole

Futuristic dream

False teeth

Formal class mate

Friend wrapping a gift

Fake identity while on a sinking ship

Fall in a ditch

Fante kenkey dream mean

Friend in abroad

Fixing broken box

Fishes raining

Falling in darkness

Flattered boyfriend dream meaning

Feeding snakes prawns

Foot symbol in sky in dream means

Friend genger change

Farm stand

Fingers interlocking

Fighting and naked

Fire in my purse

Flying over the ground

Flying over the ground using floating board

Flying using over the ground using jet pack

French toast

Fbi raid

Flower with spider

Friend seduce husband

Falling into acid

Funeral announcement of a late father

Female dragon

Forgetting passport

Fiancé standing in desert in amidst swirling sand that did not move him

Facial massage

Filming a movie

Fixing a torn book in a dream

Fight with parents

Father carrying son on shoulders

Fun ice cream

Fade away

Fish in a bottle

Freezer defrosting

Finding money in one of my trousers i had forgotten i kept the money there

Finger licking drram

Fallong on the dark

Finding a river source

Findind a river source

Face melting

Friend in his driveway

Fired house

Flying inside a school building

Frozen hedgehog

Feeding of mad person

Former in law

Forgetting to pay your rent


Face of christ

Father of girl

Father of frirnd

Food soiled clothes

Fear of drowning in the river

Fear of drauwning

Flooded subway

Feather on belly

Fetching water from a tank full of rain fall

Fat muslim girl

Father dreaming of his son being gay

Father dreaming of sin being gay


Finding gold in water

Fish in bottle

Filling in a wall

Flirting with unknown man

Fire in market

Father going to toilet and talking

Flirting with man

Froze in place

Friend dressing like me

Fox hunt

Friend with my hairstyle

Falling in the ocean seatbelt

Former employer owes me money

Finger in vagina

Following a person made of noor

Future boyfriend

Father in law asking for money

Female cyclops

Flatened rice

Father urinating in son mouth

Framing vagina

Fringring vagina

Flood carrying away your shoes in a dream

Family and friends calling me a faggot

Family and friends saw me wearing a fishnet top calling me a faggot

Frayed shoelaces

Frayed shoelaces not mine

Feelings of worth

Face morphing into another face

Flower and turmeric

Fire in hotel

Following someone in dreams

Failing to save my family from zombies in a car

Friend’s friend calling me

Floor length dress

Fog and cat fight

Flogging someone with casava stem in a dream

Fight by gun

Flask glass

Frangipan flower

Falling big fishes

Father meets boyfriend

Filling of a building

Finding lost child

Flying buffalo towards you

Family dying

Fast moving snail

Father calling me

Friend slept with my husband

Falling pawpaw tree with plenty fruit on it

Floating in the sea with a todler

Floating in the ocean with a todler

Floating on a form with a todler

Fighting with a naked person

Falling through the earth

Falling through the ground

Found a hidden treasure in the church

Falling through the floor

Friend trying to collect my son card

Father healthy in dream

Finding stolen money back

Fish in a bucket in dream

Felling pressure in headache in dream

Fallen moon

Family friend dragging her by her feet

Feeling and not able to move in a dream

Feathers in chin

Finding wedding anklet

Face wrapped with cloth

Faded clothes

Family sacrifice

Faces morphing

Fufu and soup

Funeral mass

Failing of a ski lift

Food with eyeballs

Fixing ex jewelry

Fertility shots

Four fingers

Family yelling at you

Frying something in pan

Finger nail seeping water

Finding a girl inside my boyfriend house

Filling jericans with water

Fighting brother

Foreskin dream


Found myself in a place with packs of tin peak milk

Fish falling from sky

Fresh bettle

Flood that carried away your clothes

Find8ng things at low tide

Falling off a high cliff

Figure 6

Fractured wall

Finding a ring in the sea

Finding valuables in the trash

Finding valuables in trash

Feeling stifled when someone leans on you

Falling off mountain

Father says goodbye

Fixing something broken

Flashes of images of one person

Flying over a nd landing in a forest

Face of dead loves one

Fly coming out of nose

Father with white wedding suit

Fire in mouth

Female cop knocking at front doot

Frog tattoo

Finding cotton wool in hair

Friends facing away from me

Finding gold keys

Flogged on the right hand

Fish in the bottle

Finding money bills on sidewalk

Finding paper bills on roads

Former principal give me money

Filling gallons with water from the tap

Fighting someone a lot bigger than me

Flying airplane dropping money

Fist in mouth


Falling in love with a demon

Falling of idol in a dream

Fighting over a man

Firewood in dream shillong teer

Finding new sunglasses

Fighting deceased father

Faling roof

Finger growing on my butt

Flower seeds growing

Finding yourself in a hole full of money

Father commits suicide

Futbolista famoso

Fighting with a sister over money

Fancy told me in the dream to prepare for child dedication

Fight boyfriend’s mom

Fifty cent piece

Face in water

Flexing vainy arms

Found baby in a basket

Found baby in basket

Forgetting to pack shoes

Feeding mad woman in the dream


Femake goat

Fighting horse

Friends from school in my dream

Floating cups

Felt a pinch when sleeping

Flood wash away ome leg of shoe

Finding garlic in my coat i’m wearing

Fertile soil ready for farming

Finding fossils in water

Former boss giving money

Fufu in your dream

Frog no eyes

Frog woth no eyes

Front of an assembly


Floating in black ocean while glowing

Foot pain

Family members

Flying huge trunk anf tree top

Front tooth getting longer

Friend protecting you and dying

Friend kissing my husband

Family member stealing

Floating through a vortex corridor

Father inlaw apologising

Falling into a narrow pit but came out

Freyja touching me

Finding a woman inside my boyfriend house

Flipping a switch off

Find and hold a panga

Falling bugs devil

Falling from a buliding

Friend giving me hickey on neck

Father suicide in dream meaning

Flying on cemetery

Friend’s mom is sick

Floor cracked

Flying drone

Fanta orange

Falling off of a building

Fighter jet

Fingers into my vagina


Fresh brown mounds

Father getting shot

Father bitten by shark

Fish coming out of my ear into fishbo

Fish coming out of my ears into fishbowl

Film over eyes

Father asking me for a spatula father has passed

Father buliding new house what is meaning

Flower falls from picture frame

Fish with a third eye

Finding ashtray

Found craft room in house

Fire beams

Fire and snow on the same time

Felt safe

Field of violets

Face paralysising in mirror

Flying into water

Fish stuffed with pot

Flood water


Full moon dropped shining then i held it in my hands it was beautiful

Fire melting a shoe

Fleas on blanket

Fire causing melting of footware

Fire causing melting

Fire melting my boots

Fried apple

Falling in latrine

Friend with money

Fighting with unknown persons

Friend holding mooney

Food offer

Finding lost coin in a market

Flying chicken

Forbidden intercourse with husband and his sister

Funeral song in dream

Finding someone naked with their family members

Find money under shoe

Fire and bridge crumbling

Flying in a dream meaning

Fighting with two women

Forgin money

Food on banana leaf

Favorite character saving me

Falling into a canyon

Friends breaking my picture

Feet in face

Family degrading me

Face mask meaning

Friend crying and angry

Fallen avocados

Fallen avocados with a tree striken by hailstorm

Father giving me a straw to drink cold drink

Four shooting star in dream and know about wishes

Fighting in dream with dead sister in law

Filling school form in dream

Father body with pox

Football club

False front teeth


Fence around house little girl dancing in circlr


Feed dogs


Fake pregnancy of a woman and a monster grew out

Fighting with corpses in a dream

Flooded library

Feeling of air being blown in my dream

Food floor

Finger’s crossed up


Foot peeling

Flowing river water

Friend getting taller


Flirting while married

Feet with blackheads underneath

Foreign languages

Fruit flies

Forgot crushes name

Family killes

Flowers and water meaning

Flickering lights ceiling

Family protecting

Former boss commiting suicide

Fetching water in a black dish

Finding 2 keys in a stone wall

Four lines with a slash through them tattoo

Four lines with a slash through them

Full moon day and wolf dream

Farm house barn painted half red

Four fruit

Foot burn by boiling milk in dream meaning

Falling in a crack and being stuck

Falling with bum showing

Funeral of mother

Forgetting to wear hijab

Falling hair

Father walking naked

First time bullrider

Falling out of plane

Fighting rams

Furniture legs

Forgetting to turn off oven


Food wasted

Flap arms and fly

Flying at the speed of light

Fully glazed space

Friend who passed away

First born child

Finding skeletons in water


Five fingers

Five fingers in the sky

Found a bag full of football shoes

Fear of surveillance

Feet turned backwards what does this mean

Fish bones

Fish soup

Fighting for a small stone and it was lost

Fighting for a small stone and we all lost it


First crush

Flattening someones head

Falling asleep driving

Friend in litigation

Fear of missing out

Finding my lost gold jewels

Functure of wheel

Flood motocycle

Flying crosses dream

Fungus on flour dream meaning

Fungul in flour

Father laying in tub

Father sleeping in bathtub

Finding hidden twin star of david plaque

Falling of bamboo tree

Floating crucifix

Falling damonios

Fighting doves

Four men in your dreams

Faked being pregnant

Falling down the clif

Fallinf down the clip

Four legs

Flour on the floot

Foster care with sister

Flowers growing over a grave

Forgot my heavy luggage went back to get it

Friend is sueing you

Face tumor

Fatal wound

Four eye dog

Falling of trousers


Figure with bat

Friends calling you ugly

Fallen banana tree at home

Found a lost gold coin

Foaming mouth

Four children crying for my food in a dream

Fixing a new cupboard

Fragile bones

Fetching wood

Flame from the sky

Feeding soup to dead relative

Four headed dog

Fish wall

Fighting an old woman in my dream

Fighting an old woman

Fake cops

Fountain golden

Feet tied with rope

From widow received money in dream

Fold clothes

Feeding betel leaf

Floating thatch above green grass

French perfume

Face down

Filling holes in bricks to stop spiders from getting through

Floating brick wall

Fetching water from tap n carrying it with basin on ur head

Feel that my lover is behind me

Frequently dreaming of the same woman

Falling through green through the earths top layer grass into water and being trapped

Falling through green grass lawn

Father and i drink taquila then he said let’s drink every one else’s

Fire and hole

Facing animals

Food kept on floor

Fighting with sticks

Forget lyrics when performing

Falling out of sky

Fighting with boyfriend sister

Falling into deep waters to save a child

Fish in liquor bottle

Finding lost aqeeq but broken

Face wrapped in selophane

Finding lost aqeeq

Front yard furniture

Fox biting

Framed for murder

Finding money in a shoe

Four fingers sting

Finding keys on a dead relative’s grave

Featureless woman

Feeling horified

Frog coming out my vagina

Father getting killlef

Flowered elehant float

Falling into quicksand and someone saving you

Feet and water

Flying in my dream

Feeling cold hands touch your face

Floating fabrics

Fig flower

Fighting a demond

Feeding rice

Finding jewellery under muddy water

Flock of crowings being shot

Flame won’t light


Forbidden written on your hand

Fighting a thief and defeat him

Fire road

Furniture falling

Fixing a family wrist watch

Finding bag of gold in dry river

Flirting with inlaws

Football jersy

Furnace burning hot

Friend spells name

Friend forgets name