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Dreams starting with the letter E

Eating eba in the dream meaning

Eating sugarcane in dream

Eating raw eggs in dream

Evil spirits

Eating porridge

Eating baked pap in my dream

Ewedu leaf

Eating baked

Ex vomiting in a dream

Eating mokimo food

Ex boyfriend and lots of food

Eating bilton

Excluded friends

Eating a fried turtle

Eating half roasted beef at a birthday party

Eyes watering

Eating ewedu soup with ponmo in dream

Eating a chicken

Egf yolk


Ex approaching me and happy for a talk

Ex with a bald head

Endless bridge

Electronic toys

Electronic gaget

Eating men le is in dream

Ex giving my deceased mother money

Ex meeting deceased mother

Ex boyfriend hires cleaner

Eating a hotdog

Eating shawarma in dream

Eating madazi

Eye make up

Ex girlfriend giving oral

Ex boyfriend wearing white clothes in my dream

Elephant eating grass

Ex moving abroad


Ex boyfriend thin

Eating poudoyam in the dream

Eating pork meat with your child in a dream what does it mean biblically

Eating semo with ewedu and fish means what

Eucalyptus trees

Eating with stranger

Egg inside the stomach

Egg inside my stomach

Eating millet


Elderly student

Ex turned into my demon

Eating aligetor pepper

Eating child


Eaten by giant squid

Ex boyfriend supportive handsome standing behind me surprise

Ex husbandwearing turban in dream

Ex girlfriend gay

Eating bitter herbs

Ex wife topless

Ex going to jail

Ex boyfriend being friendly

Egg plant

Eating bread and pad

Electricity light from the body

Eating redpalm

Ear pinching

Eating in a dream with a ghost

Eating ekuru inside dream


Eyeglasses case

Eating cooked pork meat

Eating achu in a dream

Eating tagiri in dream meaning what

Ear lobe falling

Eating the corpse of a small girl

Eagle head on man body


Elephant on his back

Empty files in spiritual meaning

Examinee wearing high school uniform

Ex sister in laws gave me money


Eating tiger nut

Enable to drink water in the claypot in the drream

Eating roasted cassava

Eating dry snail

Eating roasted snail

Eating simsim paste in dream



Ex boyfriend giving you a silver ring with shades of black

Eating fried groundnut and roasted corn in the dream

Eating drink with pig meat

Eating tripe

Ex husband alcoholic

Eating sugarcane with adead relative

Explaining about beef gravy

Eaten by a giant flower

Enamel cups


Exploding building

Eating ripen green mango fruits

Een zware stem

Eye shadow


Everyone being sucked into sky

Entering a church and has a red scarf around my neck

Entering a church all dress in red

Ex with hand cut off

Exiting from toilet

Eating amala in the dream

Eating wire

Eating mandazi in your dreams

Ex wife give the house key

Elder brother and second sister

Earing white bracelet beads on my left hand

Exalted one

Everytime i’m dream about my boyfriend baby mama always present as an obstacle in the dream

Enemy pregnant


Eating snail in the dream

Eyeless was

Ex girlfriend stealing your stuff with new boyfriend

Energy surge between planets

Ex wife hiding money

Eating with a rich man


Eating sapodilla with spouse

Eating in shrine meaning

Eating oreos

Escorting someone

Escorting someone to a bible school

Elephant giving shake hands in dream

Ex boyfriend keeps bringing me food

Ex boyfriend touching your head

Eating breast

Eating nipple

Everywhere is popping

Eating kpomo in dream with amala and soup

Eating kpomo in dream

Eating cow skin that are cooked

Eating prawns

Empty shelves

Eating posho in a dream

Ex boss

Ex wife smoking a cigarette

Ex friend body convulsing

Ex giving you flowers and apologizing

Erosion carry my one leg slippers

Eating offals

Eating offals in dream


Elbows touching

Elgin street


Eating bread with hair in

Eaten by troll


Eating french fries with my son

Eating outside with my son

Eating with my son

Ex driving a truck

Engraved name

Eating of pap and stew with peoples


Eunuch in dream

Eating kenkey with fish

Eating kenley with fish

Elephant dancing in my dream

Eating nsima with okra

Eagel taking chick

Elephant shaped clay pot where we save money

Eating boiled meat with some guys

Egg embryo

Earth falling on top of you

Elephant bowing

Enamel plate meaning in a dream

Ex introducing you to his new woman

Ex partner moving on with a new woman

Eating with famous pastor

Eating with the male lion

Eating with a male lion

Eating with a male lion in one bowl

Eating fruit

Enemy juggernaut

Eyelid falling off

Enlarge open pores in dream meaning

Eagle on my window in dream

Eagle charging against you in dream

Ex cheating

Engagement ring diamond

Ex family members

Earth crust lifts and falls

Elevated furniture

Eating someone

Eating boyfriends skin




Eating with elders while playing soccer

Ex stepfather

Eating together with an ex in a dream

Eating sindoor in dream

Eating nshima without relish in a dream

Escreater was clean up

Eating nshima with your dead brother

Eating nshima with your late brother

Eating nshima with your brother

Eat an angel feather

Ex touching my arm

Eating kangkong

Ex husband writing me a cheque

Eating a gemstone

Eating a stone

Ex happily dating

Ex husbands family helping me with a repossession

Eagle with my dog in its talons

Eagle carrying my dog away

Exam failing

Eating snake

Elon mask

Eyes on fire

Eye fire

Evil kimg

Eye poking

Exiting a narrow door after crossing a river with stepping stones

Eating a snail

Evil child stood at my doorstep trying to get inside

Earth dissppear under water


Eating calabash chalk in a dream and it was given to me by my mom

Egg hatching

Ex boyfriend gives you boots

Empty train station white train boarding and leaving never reaching destination

Eating boiled yam and palm oil stew

Ex girlfriend situationship arguing

Eating biryani without meat in dream mean

Eating meringue

Eating shoe

Escaping from a bad person

Elf world

Enemy with long fingernails


Eagle tiger

Evil book that’s alive

Eating fatcook in dreams

Eat bitter leaf

Eating amala and reedy with meat meaning


Eating cowries in dreams means what

Eating boiled plantains

Elephant uprooting trees

Exes family members

Eating selroti in dream by pregnant women

Elk fighting

Elephant tusk pendant opening up

Enamel dish

Eating variety seafood with ex boyfriend

Earth talking to me

Ex boyfriend pregnant and ex girlfriend pregnant in the same dream

Ex boyfriend and his girlfriend both pregnant in a dream

Ex husband was eating coloured stones

Eating egg with dead person

Eguis in dream

Eating a flower

Eating egg in temple with my friend in dream is good or bad

Eating egg in temple in dream is good or bad

Ear ring

Eye donor

Eating coloured stones

Eating of garden egg and pepper in your dream

Eating peaches

Eating in your dream and white eating a mad man came and join you to eat the same food you eat

Eating cooked pumpkin leaves

Eye switching

Eye s


Ex looking at my vagina

Eaten by a spoonbill

Eggs with vegetables

Eating with wife

Elephant try to destroy house

Electric fire in toilet

Eggs and goat

Expressing breast milk

Eating of cooked bambara

Eyeball in foot

Eyeball in foor

Evil presence in the woods

Elephant tusk

Ex boyfriend disguised

Eating human meat

Eating paw paw

Eating semo and ewedu in the dream meaning


Eating white ants

Eating bread and akara in the dream meaning

Eating banana with blood

Ex prime minster

Eating a taste grilled green maize

Eating sweet grilled green maize

Eating cashw nut

Eating people

Eating tamarind rice in dream

Eaten by lion


Ex in shower

Ex dating your brother

Expired face cream

Exposed photographic film

Explain why he desires to be loved like a beautiful dream instead

Eating sound in dream

Eating roasted meet

Eating with family at a mall food court

Ex boyfriend giving you meat to eat meaning

Eating porcelain

Escaping explosion


Eating matooka

Elementary school

Eating mabela in a dream

Eating with church member in a dram

Eating moimoi in the dream meaning

Eating esuru in the dream

Ex boyfriend and his belated father

Eating shawarma in the dream

Electrical cord

Eating an animal heart

Eating a white snake

Enemy and water

Eating juli kuli

Eating chapati in a dream

Eating tiger prawns

Eating roadkill

Excessive hand washing

Eye lesion

Elephant trying to break in house

Eating semovita and ogbono soup in dream

Eating eba and egusi soup

Eating grinding leaf

Eating march scent life

Enemy offers your something to drink and you refuse

Earthquake in majid

Eating imfino

Exam good results for children

Ex gf climbing a mango tree and jumping off

Exhusband cooking for me in a kitchen

Eating soil


Eating nails

Everyone says goodbye at office party

Enemy give you a gift


Escaping from fire

Eating mixt maize and beans in a dream

Eating vegetables of a dead perwon

Eggs bird

Eyeliner pencil

E husband giving me money

Exhusband giving me 600 euros

Eating coconut and bread in dreams meaning

Ex playing baseball throwing fastballs at me

Eating suji halwa in dream

Eating wedding ring

Ear melting into shoulder translucent skin

Eaten by bunnys

Evil woman laughing

Earth planet

Eating rape in a dream

Earth color

Empty cloth bundle

Eating nail file

Eating green fruit

Eating porridge with milk

Eating in my dream

Egyptian queen

Eating something frothy

Eating bathbombs

Empty kraal dream

Eating ebelebo seed in the dream

Eating biltong

Ex’s name on grave

Easter island

Ex boyfriend seeing my sister

Empty space suits around a tree

Eating sweets


Ex topless on social media

Ex partner is a prostitute

Evil voice on record player

Extende family event

Eating garri in church in the dream

Eating yellow

Eating pill

Everyone is taller than you

Eating with pastor

Eating white food like poundedyam

Eating white swallow

Eating pounded yam with soup

Ex lover watching


Expensive vacation

Elijah on a mountain with an airplane coming in for a landing

Eye of god open to see me

Eatery breasts

Eating custard apple

Ex boyfriends brother

Eyes monster hell torture experiments

Ex husband giving me garden herbs


Eating fufu with palm nut soup and cow meat and salmon

Eating in a restaurant with others

Eating palm kennel in dream

Eating agidi jellof in a dream

Eyes glaring in passenger mirror lit up

Eating kalo

Eating kalo in a dream

Eating eba in dream

Eating garri in the dream

Eating chocolate

Eagle and snake

Eating roti in dream

Eating a corn

Ex girlfriend is in love with my boss

Ex girlfriend sitting on my boss’s thighs


Eating chinchin in dream

Evaporation river

Evil child

Extra pillow

Exboyfriend calls

Electronic store

Escaping from enemy


End of world


Eating snacks with my nebour what is the meaning

Ex girlfriend bathing on a dream

Eating food and eggs with boss and colleague

Eating okpa in dream

Electric motor

Elected as advisor to prime minister

Eating egg

Ex giving me ring

Ex girlfriend brother slept with my wife

Ex boyfriend comes in the dream

Ex comes in the dream

Eating irish potatoes and rice

Eating irish

Elderly woman shaking hands

Eye of protection

Eating and crying in a dream

Ex son law gives ex father law gift

Ed truck full of cooked meat

Ex leaning on me

Empty wrapper

Earth tilt

Entering room

Ex girl friend with a shabed head

Eaten alive from the inside by bug

Ex hush

Eating beef meat

Ex gave me broken silver ring

Eating orange with my dead mom

Ex boyfriend trying to pull sword from my kitchen floor

Enlarged heart

Ex trying to pull excalibur out of my kitchen floor

Empty small bottle on the waistband

English name of uziza

Empty apartment

Extra fingers on legs

Earliest mornings

Early morning call from friend

Early morning call

Encroachment of proprty

Ex boyfriend with long beard

Elephant coins

Eating rueben

Eating your parents

Enemy gives flowers

Excessive heavy white discharge from vagina

Eating biscuit bone in the dream

Eating cooked meat in the dream

Eating stewed meat in the dream giving by a man

Evil in church

Eggs as eyes

Eating eggs feelings nauseous

Eaten by a dog

Ex gives you a ring

Escaped lion

Escaping animal and the animal be kill later

Escort someone in dream

Eating aloo golgappe

Eating cooked millet

Enemy wiping my face in dream

Eating bitter kola in dream

Eating them

Ex wearing animal skin

Ex husband seeing

Empty kraal vision

Ex husband and girlfriend

Eating of food

Ex and dishwasher

Eating my glasses frame in my dream

Eating maize with family

Ex boyfriend running like a mad person

Eating the plate

Eating the shells of peanut

Ex husband sleeping with transgender

Eyelashes on teeth

English teacher touched me

Eating egg and yam in a dream


Ex husband’s girlfriend is a child


Ex girlfriend at hospital

Eating in temple

Evil spirit tries to kill me in my dream

Empty quran

Enemy is singing

Electrical wirings

Electrical wirings under water

Empty plastic bottles

Excrement i’m stomach

Electronic pole falling

Ex wife and girlfriend cooking

Escalde with decaed loved one going down

Eye ball peeling

Eating unique fruit turned into a baby

Eating nuts

Eating udara in a dream means what

Egg inside your tummy

Eye inside of navel

Eating grind coconut

Ex boyfriend paying bride price for you

Elder giving you sweetgrass in a dream

Eye gouged

Eating something i’m allergic to

Eating cooked hake fish

Entering a ship

Entering keke na pep in the dream

Elephant back legs

Elephant half body from back

Enclosed aqueducts

Eating ugali ovacado and skuma wiki

Eyes in the dark

Eating testicle of a black goat


Engine oil mixed with sand

Eating a live deer

Eating head of deer alive

Evil in a closet

Eye red in dream


Empty pot rice in dream

Egg water bath

Ex being a neighbor

Everyone is switched

Eggs in the fridge

Eating yam and palm oil with friends

Ex girlfriend being prostitute

Eating banana cue

Eating moi moi in dream mean what

Ex boyfriend calling a tailor to make clothes for you

Ex girlfriend wearing hat

Ex girlfriend and hat

Eating a tiger nuts

Egyptian mask


Ex wife died

Eating selroti in dream

Eating in a lower level of a restaurant

Eating seafood

Eating okra and fish

Eye in triangle

Eating jack fruit

Eating bone marrow

Ex husband polishing his shoe

Eating manhood in dream

Eating yourself


Eating mangoes

Eating left over head fish

Eating sweet

Eating of amala with ewedu soup

Elephant’s tongue

Ex with his wife n kids

Eating human brain

Eating meat with my sister and my kids

Eating pork meat and spitting it out entirely in the dream means

Eating human flush with whole family

Eating yam and vegetable porridge

Eating rice and pepper soup in the dream

Enemy giving me shoes

Eating my pub vagina

Eating a fairy

Eating faries

Eatinhg chicken

Eating raw meat while dead person is watching

Elmo with a knife

Eating someone’s toe

Evil black tree spirit

Elder brother slap older brother

Eating rice and beans and suddenly stopped to eat

Ex husband hurting me

Eating shima in dream meaning

Eating shims

Elephant wearing jwellery

Eating a puppet

Evangelist joshua



Ex fainting

Ex boyfriend giving food

Eating curd and oats together

Eating vaginal discharge

Experiment with human

Eating zebra meat

Eagle carrying a snake

Eating a bowl of diet cartoons

Eating santol fruit

Electrical outlet blown out

Every thing going wrong for me the brudesmaid

Eating kenkey in your dreams

Ekg seen

Ex boyfriend drawing a wedding dress seen in a dream

Ex seizure

Eating bull penis

Eating bill penis

Ex boyfriend wearing dirty clothes

Ex husband and his family

Eating cooked penis

Eye color changed

Eating leftovers in a dream

Eye closed

Eating food crumbs in dream

Ex boyfriend gived you a bouquet of red flowers

Extreme emotion

Elephant kicks

Elephant kicks in dream

Elephant kicks you in ah dream

Eating brazil nuts

Eddoes havesting

Eating green leaves meaning

Earless goat

Esta is the meaning of dreaming rating over and endless farm of reape raice

Eating jalebi

Eating sweetpotatoes tatoes

Ex gave food

Eiffel tower collapsed

Eaten by lions in the savana

Eating corn

Ex boyfriend running away

Eggs in a very tall tree on branches

Eating fruit at a funeral

Ex boyfriend hospital

Empty holster

Elephant bathing in the rain

Ex boyfriend holding money

Emir dream

Eating periwinkle in my dream

Exboyfriend car driving itself and cant find it

Ex boyfriend car driving itself and cant find it


Embarrassment at a funeral

Ex boyfriend and brother together in a dream

Eating white sapota in dream means

Empty rooms

Eye contact with crush in dream

Eating blood clots

Eyelash extensions on my tongue

Eye agate



Ex girlfriend’s dad

Emo and made friends that are older

Eating a raw gizzard in the dream

Ex boyfriend sucking my boobs

Effects of eating boiled scent leaf together with waterleafwaterleafu

Eating a blue foam ball

Es it mean when you dream about snakes and rats


Eating muster seed in the dream

Embracing and kissing a young woman who changes into a beautiful old woman with white hair

Eating santol in a dream means

Escape danger by flying

Excel in sporting event

Excelling in sports

Evil dolls


Electricity being disconnected

Empty train track

Early stages of pregnancy

Eye with wings in the sky

Egusi seed




Eating nartjis

Eating nartjies


Ex girlfriend whose a stripper

Eating an animals insides

Ex daughter in law

Eyeball falling out

Eggs ready in a bowl

Eggs in a bowl

Expanse of water

Egg hanging on tree and picked up the egg from trees

Exchange places with someone

Ex winning large amount of money

Eating horney

Extra finger

Extracting a liquidity blackhead

Exacting a blackhead from my brother

Extracting a blackhead

Eating samp

Eating african salad

Explain dreaming by running away from the masquerade together with your lovely girl

Eating with left hand

Eating ekuru in the dream what does it mean spiritually

Eating suji halwa

Egyptian scroll

Eating papad

Eating braai meat

Ex naked in dream

Eating cakes with ex girlfriend

Eye coming out forehead

Eucalyptus tree

Eating a leg


Eating jellof rice and fried meat


Explain my dream

Eating dragon

Eating leftover food

Eating food in restaurant after it closed

Empty bottle of water


Eating in the dust bin

Eating abacha in a dream

Elephant chasin me

Eye contact and guy seen in a dream

Eating veggies at high scho

Eating matooke and fresh beans interpretations

Eating from a witch

Earlobe torn

Ex fiance

Earthquake and destroying building

Ex husband comes to me in grey shirt and grey trousers


Eye injury to fatheer

Eye eyes

Escape danger and being chase

Eagle trying to attack chicken

Empty flower pot

Elephant float with flowers

Engine stolen

Ex has broken finger

Embrace of dead father

Ex boyfriend does not want to see me

Eating food with your church members and pastor

Eye lashes

Exhusband am paid for his hair cut

Ex boyfriend house

Eating sugar cane in a dream

Eating vomited rice in dream

Eating esuru in dream

Electric pole and wires falling

Ear top gold


Eating frezits in a dream

Eating ovecado

Employed and dreaming sweeping my child school compound means what

Employed and sweeping my child school compound means what

Enclosed space

Ex husband gay

Ex boyfriend wearing a wedding ring

Eating vegetables and eba

Ejaculated in

Eagle thunderbolt

Eiffel tower huge in my city

Eggs in nest hanging on tree

Ex boyfriend trying to eat with me at a fast food restaurant

Eating a suger cane

Evil presence in my dreams

Enemy asking for my help

Eat food on dump ground in dream meaning

Eating briyani

Eating black chips

Earthquake and world end

Eating lukwards

Eating sapodilla

Ex friend naked

Eel fish catching

Eating green guavas and black grapes

Eating a light pink peony



Eye color

Eating turkey with others

Eating dog

Elephant with wings

Eating gifu on a dream

Empty spool

Eaten kangkong in my dream

Electricity in water

Eating tambrind with sugar in the dream

Enemy borrowing money

Exchange of cell phone

Earthen lamp in dream

Enemy in my car

Ex girlfriend in church

Eating food with friend


Ex girlfriend topless

Eating a salty nuts

Eating sweet tamarind fruit in dream

Eating cooked cassava

Eating bread

Eating dosa in dream

Ex death boss in dream

Eating anythill soil

Ending relationship

Eating fruits

Ex with a bible and the name julie

Enter wrong room

Eating in dining table

Everything is clean

Eating cooked meat with a dead person

Eye crushing

Eye drushing

Eating kiwi in kaaba

Eating doritos

Eating uda see

Eating gari and beans


Early s unrise

Eating githeri in a dream

Ex president giving you money in the dream

Ex boyfriend no beard

Ex boyfriend and shaved beard

Ex best friend hugs me

Enemy giving birth


Ex boyfriend bleeding from penis

Eggs coming out of vagina


Eating cooked cassava leaf and rice in a dream

Eating fried corn with groundnuts


Ex best friend won’t give me her attention and then yells at me and leaves

Elephant eating sugarcane

Eating chole bhature

Eating raw chicken meat


Eating socks

Escape prison hell

Eating moimoi and eko

Eating black velvet tamarind

Elderly woman dreams of having a period yars after period have stopped

Eating selroti

Empty silo

Execution style death

Eggs flies

Ex boyfriend sleeping with my family member

Eating fresh chard

Eating nasberry

Ex boyfriend in school uniform

Enemy hunting me

Eating fried dry kapenta with you dead husband

Eating samosas

Earth dirt rocks in sky

Eating amasi

Eating fermented smal fish

Eating fermented fish

Escaping from demon in dream

Earthworm sucking my blood in a dream meaning

Eating metal

Elderly mother pregnant

Escaping firing squad

Eyes glued closed

Eucalyptus leaves falling on my head

Embedded metal

Eating crayfish

Ex husband naked on a river bank lying on stones

Ex husband holding envelopes

Eating avocado pear in the dream


Eyes clides

Eyes shut

Eating bitter kola

Eating fried cassava

Eating eddoes in my dream

Eyes that bubbled

Eyes simmering

Eyes that are sizzling

Eyes begin to bubble

Eyes bubbled

Eyes bubbling

Eating a piglet

Eating shawarma from someone in the dream

Eye in food

Elevator going up pass the building into the sky to the clouds moving very fast

Elevator going up in the sky very fast

Ex boyfriend proposes at your baby shower

Ex proposes at baby shower

Eating rice served by the dead

Eating groundnuts



Ex boyfriend and a snake

Ex bf and a snake in his house

Eating ripe mango with maggots in it

Electronics and gadgets

Ex boyfriend turned gay

Eating cloth

Eagle opens wings

Eating jaggery n rice in dream

Eating polony in a dream

Eating your pubic hair

Eating simsim

Eggs in basket

Egyptian mummy praying

Ex partner sending flowers

Eating worm

Eating palm truth in dream

Enemy begging dream meaning

Eating wall gecko

Embarrassing self drunk

Eating bitter cola in dream

Eating aadun in the dream

Eyeshadow products colors


Express road

Enemy and cooked food

Enemy and good

Ex in a church

Eggs in the dream

Ex boyfriend seeing my tattoos meaning

Ein brauner brieftasche mit einem schlÜssel

Eating horny

Eating horney in dream meaning

Eating sim sim paste

End of contract

Eye scratched

Eye scratched and torn

Eating maggie in my dreams with my brothers

Ex boyfriend 2 penis

Ex boyfriend killing worms

Ex boyfriend s betrayal

Ewedu in a dream

Ex getting shot

Evil clone of a family member

Eating paint

Eye pupil changing shape


Eating yellow lentil

Eating yellow mung dal

End a quarrel

Eating crow’s meat

Eatenby a bird

Eating white moimoi

Eating ekuru

Eating leftover bony meat

Eating fried eggs and yam

Eating jackfruit in dreams with boss

Eating okpa in dream meaning

Eating dead cats

Ex boyfriend sitting behind me

Ex sitting behind me in a dream

Eating in car

Elderly pregnant woman dressed in white smiling


Egg trays

Eating baby formula

Eating ga kenkey

Eating baflot with someone

Escaping from prison

Everything is grey

Everything is gray

Ex boyfriend in fairy tale

Ex boyfriend s mother hugging me

Expired drivers license


Eating raw cassava in dream

Eating of black plantains mean what


Eating palm nut soup with fufu in dream with someone

Eating swallow food in a dream

Eating with brothers in a dream

Electrical flash burn

Electrical burns on body

Electrical burns

Eating neem fruits

Eating with a dead mother

Ex boy friend giving money

Escape bridge

Eating vada

Ex boyfriend paying lobola