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Dreams starting with the letter D

Decreased mom celebrates her birthday

Dream of a dry tree with lots and lots of itchy parasites

Dark faces

Dream apply parani to feet

Dead bluebird

Dream iluminati

Dream mason

Dead son asking for shoes

Dead son asking fr shoes

Dream your contact lencess stuck in your eyes but you are able to remove it

Dream intruder

Dream about a paw paw tree faling

Dead person you don’t know

Dreaming being ordained an apostle

Dog sucking finger in dream

Dead father vomiting on a blanket

Dead father thriwing up

Dead father throwing up on a blanket

Dreams i had inherent a will

Dreaming of double

Dream of compactor

Dreaming of flying to vienna

Deer protecting for dog

Dream of pounding fufu on the ground

Discover rooms

Dream of pouring water on my body

Dreams gratitude

Dreaming of dead person who is breathing

Dreaming of umbila

Dreaming of a tower light

Dreaming of a tower

Dropping a bag of money noisy

Dropping a bag of money

Dream noises

Deceased husband lived someone else

Dreaming of stephen

Dreams of deceased husband hating me and being mean to me

Dead father figure

Dreaming about dead opera singeri

Dreaming of pavarotti singing

Dream meaning carrying a baby into a water ride

Dreaming nun in the cemetry

Dreaming of faeces in the toilet

Dream of taking off slippers and standing at the mosque preparing to travel

Dream of seeing 500 000 in paper

Death of a golden fish in my dream

Dream of of green orchids

Dream miscarriage when pregnant

Dreaming receiving a call from overseas

Dreamt picking phone gadgets on the ground

Dreamt picking an econet line number on the ground

Dreamt picking phone line and battery on the road

Dream being in primary school with ex boyfriend

Dream of being among a large crowd

Dreaming of atm machine out of money beside another woman

Deceased mother buying me new clothes

Driving four by four sand

Dreaming of the alphabet ifb

Dreaming of an old car

Dreaming of my family

Dream of a sangoma giving u muthi

Dreaming of mad

Dreaming of electric cable

Dreaming urinating in a shop what does it mean

Dreaming of baby items

Dreaming of path roads

Dried crayfish

Dreaming of two roads

Dreaming of my own father buying my child clothes

Dead blind women but taking

Dead person pulling you in dream

Dead grandfather haircut

Dream of my mother shaving my private part hair

Dog blocking house entry meaning

Dead relative being attacked by a lion

Decade man hugging you

Dead man hugging you in your dream

Dream of my guy and late dad

Dog blocking entrance door

Dog locking entrance door in a dream

Dad giving me talk time scratch cards dreammeaning

Dream about wearing a dress from the trash bin

Dream boyfriend digging

Dead guinea fowls

Dream wearing shembe wedding dress

Deceased husband ins wheelchair

Dream about dead people and leaving in a secret room and being forced to remain in the same room

Dad penis

Dream of carying water on your head and it spilled

Dream of a dead pregnant

Dreamt of mad woman

Dream of someone wearing a new shirt

Dreaming earthquake and split the land with lake of fire you fall on the fire

Drawer with wet cutlery

Dream about maggi

Dead mother hanging washes to dry in dream

Drawing a car

Dreaming of walking in a fashion show

Drawing motor by pencil

Dreaming of a stranger and knowing their name

Drawing car in dream

Dream of brassiere

Difficult to go in that particular place

Dreaming of having shingles on my torso

Difficult to travel

Dream former boss children

Dream like watching a movie

Dreamt seeing daughter meeting boyfriend

Dreaming about lust

Dreamt about my dead mother

Dream about my dead mother

Dream of driving a cream truck

Death row

Dream about michigan

Dream i was running naked

Dreaming of a dead mother giving me a ripe fruit

Dead father urge to go to washroom

Dead friend on beach

Dreaming of mud stairs

Damaged identity card

Dreaming about a sangoma

Deer clay pot

Dream about a sangoma protecting me

Deit water

Diet water

Dreaming complaining to yourself in the dream

Dream about gambling with the dead

Dreaming of 5 egg

Dreaming of two baby goats

Dreaming two baby goat

Dream of a penis but is not lovers penis and feel uncomfortable showering

Dream of à woman asking you to help pay her debt

Disrespectful and child

Dead brother making tortillas

Dogs scared of crocodile because it wants to mate

Dead person coming bruises and face seen in a dream

Dreaming crocodile mating with my dogs

Dream about mother gave me powder

Dream of a closed door

Date tree

Driving a motorcycle and the battery dies on it

Dead grand mother vomit in my face

Dream many rings on my fingers

Deer giving birth to fawn

Dreaming removing joggers from the feet

Drinking water in a gold cup

Dream of a fish turning into a snake

Dreaming of pope francis ar birthday party

Dream of sister attack by lizard

Dog rescues you

Dream my deceased mother gave me silk dress

Dreaming being a sunday school teacher

Death of a student

Dead father not speaking to me in dream

Dream with freckles in the arms

Dead person giving me shoes

Drowning person in pool

Dreaming of a dead person giving me papers

Dreaming of a white hearse at home

Dream of speaking to a obese woman

Dark web future

Deceased relative as a baby

Dream fire burning a man

Dentist drilling holes in gums

Dreaming of conjoined dogs

Drinking tea

Dream of bush mango

Dreaming of watching tv

Dream of throwing up leaf

Dream about receiving hair straightener

Dreams with snake an behind snake there was an hens eggs when i saw them the snake runs away

Dreaming of your son wet his clothes

Dog attack and bites a foal

Dream of my baby wearing wet clothes

Dream about receiving a bank card

Dreaming crocodile licking your girlfriend pussy in your presence

Dream about big dog bites a foal

Drama club

Dream of bird killing snake

Dreaming of wearing golden dress

Dead cow rotten with worms

Dream of husband get accident and it happens

Death of family members

Dead person was planting flowers with roots inside the home in a dirt

Dead father giving sweets in dreams

Dream of someone bringing u palm wine and a child

Dream meaning of cookie money

Dream of getting intimidated by stranger

Dreaming of red sindoor

Dreaming about pulling out piece of clothing in my vargina

Dream of rape accusation

Dirty hotel bathroom

Drinking water with calabash in a dream

Dreaming of crossing river with cemented stairs

Dreaming of my cousin being dead

Dreaming of carrying a sheep

Dreaming of my in laws

Dreaming of being with my inlaws

Dreaming fighting with unknown creature

Dream fetching stagnant water

Dream eating the heart of goat meat

Dream about meeting and capturing photos with someone famous

Daughter falling into sea

Dreaming of a small green snakes coming out of my vagina

Dream of been promised of a car

Dreaming of sending my wrist watch for repair it

Dream carrying sugarcanes on head

Dreaming about me my wife and her ex husband on the same bed

Diyas blown out in temple

Dreaming of an icy angel

Dark shades entered house

Dreamt i have travel to overseas what’s the interpretation

Dead ancestor feeding elephant

Dead mother sitting on the sofa

Dreaming a tricycle accident

Dreaming of an airplane

Dreaming coffin with cake

Dream of me cutting someone necklace

Dream of being inside a second hand clothes shop

Dreaming staying with royal sons

Dream interpretation of seeing tsambarafuta

Dreaming about a dead red chicken

Dream of flushing someone down a toilet

Dream being a teacher in class teaching

Dead person holding pants

Dreaming of someone who passed away sweeping the dumping side

Dreaming about praying over my brother

Dream meaning of my son having seisure

Delivering crab from my vagina

Drawer glass broken thin

Dreamt i was getting married and got stood up

Dreaming of a girl blowing in my ears and calling me

Dream of touching girls butt indirect

Dreamt of late father wearing dirty clothes

Dreaming hostia meaning

Dreaming my late wife having tattoos

Dreams someone changed there hair

Dead husband bites in face

Dream written in red

Deceased ex and his parents

Dreaming of someone being cold towards me

Dream of rape plantain

Dream of washing face with rain water

Dream to see snake in farm hidden

Dream someone delete my name

Deceased father wearing a suit

Dreams breast feeding the baby

Dreaming chinese letters

Dry lemon leaves inground

Dream of lips swollen with ulcer

Deceased son

Dream of a pastor romancing you

Deceased child as a like boy

Dreaming of a woman looking just like mother teresa

Deceased gifting a white parcel and asking for green socks

Deceased asking for green socks

Dead mother driving a school bus

Dream of mom sweeping my feet

Different followers come in my dreams

Dream of my old girlfriend

Drawing cartoon on the ceiling

Deer gave birth of my human child

Dad dies after dragon squishes him while swooping down

Dreamt of two suns

Dream your daughter has been raped

Dance recital

Dance rep

Digging grave

Dream that my mother and my aunt are seeing clothes

Dog with no eyes

Decline credit

Dream about traveling with your ex girlfriend

Dreaming of father give me onion

Deceased dad under water

Dreamt of my friend in a cult

Dream of the dead rising and going to a place in the river

Dead rising from there grave and while waiting there close are coming off

Disable ill and hungry boy in a dream

Disble hungry child

Dead mother and snake

Dream of holding ugu leaf in bunch

Dream of a friend doing introduction

Different route

Delivering cv

Dream of a woman carrying a baby on her back

Dreaming of a sangoma with smoke

Dream about taking photos with a crush

Dreaming with bottles and viscous liquid

Dream that you wash your leg inside river

Dream of deleting scoail media

Dream of eating a meal prepared with rabbit

Dream of a relative in abroad come home

Dream about meeting a rich person who has ignored you

Dreams of purple sandals

Driving up a steep rock

Dreaming of someone selling his house to you

Dream of someone giving my wife gifts

Dream of my friend borrowing my shoes

Dream of walking through walls and then they break

Dreaming praying


Dreaming see germination of seed

Dreaming the tombstone

Dreams about phones

Dreaming someone dead long a gong sowing millet on the ground

Deceased son taking a shower

Dreamed someone died long ago sawing seeds on the ground

Dream some one already dead long time sewing seeds on ground

Deceased person taking a shower

Dream meaning of a bluetooth speaker

Dreamed about my handbag strap broken

Dreaming pooping in the grave yard

Dead person is so beautiful

Dead young girl who smiles

Dreaming of a latrine with pop

Dream meaning of seeing a cannula inserted into my hand

Dreaming of buying beer

Dreaming being paid lobola

Drinking water disappear

Dreaming my self wearing graduate gown

Dreaming of taking a bath

Dream of being swept away by water body with my child on my back

Dream of taking pap and chocolate

Dream of killing a monitor lizard

Dressing a baby at night for bed meaning in dreams

Dead father giving me back massage meaning

Dreaming of walking in the sanitary floating in water

Dream about rubbing a mixture of white powder dried curry nutmeg powder on my face

Dreams of palm tree

Dead person feeling cold

Dream about sinking timber toilet

Dreaming that someone is pounding fufu and asking you to help her

Dream dog

Dream your ex husband

Dream your ex

Dream your ex kissing you

Dreaming when making madazi big and small

Dreams of snakes and drumstick trees means

Dream deseased grandmother comforting you

Deseased boyfriend naked

Dream of your ex boyfriend being naked

Died headless chicken

Dead person give pester in dream

Dream about catching and eating row flying termites

Dream of a loved one who passed talking to me with purple lips

Dream of giving a sheet of paper with blue ink

Dream of person asking me to forgive them

Daughter cuts my tongue

Dream of sitting in a dustbin wearing a long bishop dress

Dead person chasing

Dreaming white beats

Dreaming white beets

Dream of seen 4 junction

Dreaming of mother of perpetual

Dropping knife on foot cutting toes and foot

Dreaming playing with a snake

Dreaming a mermaid

Dream of graduating in a white gown

Dreaming about my mother and daughter being raped

Dreaming of the element mercury

Dream of being chase hy a retarded person

Dog fighting a horse

Dram dog holding you down

Dreaming your sister being lost

Dead mother with suitcases packed asked me if i wanted to go to hawaii with her

Dead mother and ex boyfriend

Devil sucking from mouth

Dreaming an interview along with a dead person

Dream of a dog

Dreaming of chic peas

Double penis on husband

Double punishment on husband

Dreaming of smearing a house

Dream meaning of seeing water coming out of the ground and flowing heavily

Dream about given a slippers as gift

Dreaming about seeing a pink river

Dream about uncle dressing me

Dead mother at dining table

Dreaming of seeing snake eye

Dreaming of a huge snake hiding its head

Dead rooster when u walk into a barn

Dream of a donkey that attracts my dog

Dream of a donker that attracts my dog

Dreaming of almost stepping on a snake

Dreaming at elementary school

Dreaming of becoming 30 when actually much older


Dream about a co wife

Dreaming of my children little again

Dead crow in my lap

Dream of searching for my newspaper

Dream of looking for my newspaper

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Dreaminf with thebritish flag

Deceased mother had a stroke

Dreaming my girlfriend sleeping in my barthroom

Dirty white broiler

Deformed dog

Dream of being executive

Dreamed of dead sick people

Dreaming of my late grandfather want to rape me

Dream of over soaking big toe in ice water

Dreaming of picking my nose and getting caught doing it

Drinking holy oil

Dead husband breast removal

Dreaming of helping old lady across the street

Dogs teeth rotten

Dog chasing the fish in the pond

Dream of dead mother gives you a soft slap in the face

Defending your best friend

Dreaming about a friend wearing a red coat

Dog eyes

Dream about being given toe rings

Dream of seeing grass cutter

Dancing in the dream and someone spray me huge cash

Dreaming of roof zinc

Dream about taxi rank

Dream worms coming from my vagina

Dream of beef biltong

Dry beef biltong

Dream about a suicide attemp

Dream about unblock

Dreaming of someone who died

Dead giving green chillier

Dream seeing dead relative

Dock plant

Dreaming pooping in the bush

Dreaming of a smoke

Dead sister covered in pop

Dreaming of wear a blue shawl

Dreaming of the entrance gate being stolen

Dreaming of many fat cattle

Dreaming of alphabet f

Dreaming of a vice president

Dreaming of a letter f

Dreaming of making a cross as a protection of lightning

Dreaming your late mother with fruits

Dream about rejecting circumcision

Dead dad slaps me in a dream

Dreaming of an eagle snaching chicks

Dreaming about umemulo

Dreaming of seeing a baby mermaid

Dreaming hugging mother and sister of ex boyfriend

Dreaming of man with a unique penis

Dreaming of facebook

Dreaming of seeing deep red roses

Dreaming of finding golden alphabets

Dreaming of finding golden letters

Dreaming the former president and his daughter what does it mean

Dreaming of a celebrity on a wheelchair

Dreaming being given a white chicken

Dreaming someone coming to eat from your house

Dream about walking when feet not touching the ground

Dead relative getting into a taxi and driving off

Dreaming of a naked white male

Dreaming about izindoni

Dreaming of white lady giving you some old clothes

Dead person with dirty clothes

Dreaming of a plastic shopping bag with sweets and food

Dream of babies climb the fence

Dreaming of a dark smoke and a big fire in the air

Dreaming wearing white clothes

Dream of my boy friend in my family house

Deceased one painting

Dream of receiving nice food from aunty

Deceased dead relative crying in dream

Dreams about me and my partner being held down in my primary school

Dog with big head in a tree

Dreaming gathering soil

Dreaming of nuts

Dead uncle having back pain

Double sided coin

Dog eight legs

Dreaming fire

Divorced husband

Dead around beautiful watter

Dreaming of colourful rice

Dream of car disappearing all the time

Dog taking my towel

Dream of a president giving you his contacts numbers

Dreaming of getting my motorcycle and drive it and park itself

Dreaming if grim reaper

Dreaming eating greengrams samosa

Dream about girlfriend and sister

Deceased loved one gardening

Dreaming vomit

Dreaming about being help climb a bed

Dreaming when father is saying sorry

Dram of tree in river

Dead woman getting re married to uncle

Dead woman getting married

Dream of greating a sister inlaw and is not replying

Dream of beating boy in school uniform

Dreaming of having children that you don’t have

Dead mom asking for water to drink she is thirsty

Dreaming of white beads

Dreamt of pubic hair in mouth and taking little by little out

Dreaming pregnant twice a week

Dead grand ma give me salt

Dreaming of a dead person baking cakes

Dreaming of buying pads

Dreaming as an air force commander

Deep slice in left palm with no blood

Dreaming of your uncle kissing you on a chick

Dreaming about your uncle giving you a hug

Digging up a baby girl from my garden

Digging up a baby girl from rice

Dreamt someone eating cooked cow feet with pap

Dead person eating sugar

Dream about someone cutting my curtains

Dreamed about presidents daughter

Dreaming about lonola

Dead parents and brother hung a rosary to me and my sister

Dreaming your x lovers clothes in a river

Deceased person driving

Dreamed we were pregnant and i had to go away to war

Dreaming fighting a white woman

Dream of engagement ring

Dreamed about the friend getting promotion

Dreaming of paying with 4 dollar bill

Dead person and carpet

Dead bluetit

Drink bad water

Deamnt i open the fridge amd a bottle of lemon juice fell out and splashed into my vagina

Deamnt i open the fridge and a bottle of lemon juice fell out and splashed into my vagina

Deamnt i open the fridge amd a bottle of lemon juice fell out amsplash3d into my vagina

Dream of seeing naked women

Dreming of a dead mother alive but with skin rashes

Dreaming of my deceased son bleeding

Dreaming my husband slapping me

Drinking juice with worms

Dishwasher pod

Dream about writing with pencil in my phone

Dream about white cloudy eyes

Dream about event happening soon

Does puppies means disappointment in dream’s

Does puppies means disappointment

Dream of someone shaving the hair on your vagina

Dream about someone

Driving down a steep hill

Dolphins and whales

Dreaming of someone giving you nite money

Different men of god washing my head in water

Dead mum covering me with a blanket

Dream of seeing many puppies

Dreaming of happy nurses

Dreaming of someone to be ordained

Dream carrying around an axe

Dream of chasing a chicken

Dreaming about my enemy trying to fall in love with me in front of my crush

Dream when your talking with your co wife

Dreaming of vienna

Dead mother friendly calm snake

Dream see star maggi cube meaning

Dream seeing your baby being taken by fast flowing river

Dead dogs eye popping out

Dreaming of a mad man sucking my breast

Dreaming i received sperm donor

Dreaming of grass hurch

Dream of a lion chasing you

Dead person reading quran

Daddy long legs


Dream of a pastor planning to get another wife

Different body in dream

Different colours body

Dead egret spiritual meaning

Deadd egret spiritual meaning

Dreaming a traditional healer and her place of healing

Dreaming of yellow jacket

Dream spilling snuff on the floor

Dreaming a guy hugs me from behind

Dreaming a faun

Dreaming of purple glass flowers

Drieming someone removing you from pit

Dream of sleeping with husband cousin

Drowning in car with family

Dream of dead mother in law saying she is leaving

Dreaming of a well

Damaged shoes

Deceased loved one popping champagne

Dream of someone’s lobola

Dreaming of shaving your private part meaning

Dogs mastubating

Death body in dream

Dead person snatch dupata

Dream about late father eating sugarcane

Dreamed of buying a large piece of land and building a house

Dear of uprooting spoil cassette steam

Dream of ur stepmother

Dream of it raining on the beach

Dream of someone giving me a handjob

Dead grandpa lucky number

Dreaming of someone telling you not to drink coke

Dream about i bathing my aunt

Door will not lock

Dreaming of my ex trying to use me for money rituals

Dad asking come here

Dog killed by snake

Dream about snatching money

Dreaming of my aunt asking me water to drink

Dream of husband brought another woman home

Dreaming of seeing scriptures in the sky and taking notes of them

Died in a volcanic eruption

Done top my head

Dream husband brought another woman to the house as a wife

Dream of my sister cooking another of food for the church

Dreaming of someone wiping my face

Dream of selling soft drink

Dream of hawking soft drink

Dream of meeting old friend after long time

Dreaming of hercules moth and the dream came tru

Dreaming of hercules moth

Dreaming mad sister

Dislocated bones

Dreaming bills of electricity

Driving while naked

Destroyed workplace

Dream of my passed loved one drunk driving a white van while wearing his lovely black jeans

Dreaming of ants eating rice

Damage pulpit

Dad give me sleeping bag


Dreaming red fox

Dream every night of my father

Dad get stabbed

Dad gets murdered


Dreaming of given a native chok

Dreaming of a pen falling into a drainage

Dream white mask with so much blood

Dreaming a white flour

Day of judgement in islam

Dreaming of doubled up of money

Dream of kapenta

Dreaming of two naked women sleeping in different directions

Dream washing sufuria means

Dreaming about half tree

Dreaming of reciving white flower in temple

Dead person wearing watch

Dream slipping but not fall

Demonic growl

Drinking juice with worms in it

Dream wearing pastors clothes

Dream kiss the devil

Dream someone remove my school signboard from the roadside

Dream about missing left front tire

Dead grandfather giving money

Dead wife leaving

Dream of being arrested by military and they take my cell phone

Dreaming bathing in muti meaning what

Dreaming wearing cow skin

Dreaming of a pilot

Dreaming of scrubbing a big mat

Double dragon

Dog head

Dreamt that i got two pairs of brown boots one pair was new while the other pair looked old(was peeling off)

Dream of your boyfriend giving you new clothes

Dreaming of my deceased mother

Dreaming my late father putting in his mouth and leaking my left and right thumbfigers happily

Dreaming of my dead grandmother giving me keys with a open lock

Dream of someone handing me two plastic bags full of pumpkin seeds

Dreaming someone touching your chin

Dreaming of being dressed in makoti attire meaning

Demon raping

Death will

Drinking milk with pope

Dreaming black water and greased in the sea ocean

Dead giving soap to bath

Dreams about a friend ghost

Drunk husband confessing adultery

Dream about my former boss father died

Dead body under home

Disreoectful husband with another woman

Disrespectuf husbabd wuthanitherwiman

Dream of my self mixing different fruits with a blender

Dream someone broke a mug

Dreaming of a basement window being broken out

Dream wearing dead brother clothes

Dream i was given a $200 note

Dreaming grandpa number

Dreams boil ulcer running sore etc

Dreaming of pouring water out of the pot

Dog bite my clothes

Dog sucking breast in a dream meaning

Dreams of a penis

Deceased mother given me huge amounts of white eggs

Dream about what does it mean when you dream about someone giving you with some

Dreaming about someone touching my head

Digging a grave and bury a baby


Dream of my dead father

Dream my son give me money

Dreaming army shooting in eroplain

Dreaming someone buying me data

Dreaming of seeing green new shooting in wet sand

Dream of white beats

Dead mom in a new renovated house with all my siblings

Dreaming of three rondavels

Dream seeking a passport for a dead relative

Dog coming out of the ceiling

Dream of eating cocoa fruit

Dreaming about ex husband plucking me paw paws

Dreaming of your husband getting married to coworker

Dead grandmother dreams

Dreaming about car wash roller coaster

Dreaming a dead person falling in a deep pit

Dream og getting new project

Dreaming when you are in a pit crying for help

Dream of prophesying

Dying swift

Dream about washing pot lid

Dreaming of wearing childhood clothes

Discharge dream

Dead mom asked for mirror bangles wormed by her in dream what meaning

Dream of 2 dead carps amongst fish which are alive in an aquarium

Dear mom asked bangles we worn and went

Dream about prophet telling me to smile

Dream about former boss giving me money

Dreaming of writing a letter to get money

Dream of eating a cattle head

Dirty water from the tap

Dreaming of someone being confirmed in a red dress

Dreaming seeing my husband half naked

Dreaming of the name peter

Dreaming about a mad man giving me money

Dreaming of boyfriend cheating on me

Dreaming attached by pangas

Dead lover

Dust church altar

Dreaming about dead love

Doctor telling me i’m pregnant

Dream someone give you power

Dreaming of avocados

Dreaming of ex lover very poor

Dream of jigger on my small toe nail

Dream meaning of my girl friend kissed on her face in sens of love by other person

Dream of yellow car

Dreaming of colorful food

Dating a mad man in dream

Dreaming of a neem tree meaning

Dreaming of a person you are usually with getting stabbed

Dead person asking for gold

Dream your hands on the ground walking with it and your girlfriend was behind u say stop but u where excited

Dream of seeing your boy speaking your dielec

Dreaming my son had a stroke

Dream of being given a matured plantain in a plantain plantation

Driving a truck and hitting some people on the road

Dropping bowl

Dream receiving a bunch of coins from oprah

Dearborn non climi freddi sature

Dreaming of giving someone a black coin

Dreaming of riding a motorcycle on a deep clear flowing water on the street

Dreaming if riding a tricycle on a deep flowing clear water on the street

Dream of medicine setback

Dreaming rapoko

Dream of my mother holding my purse

Dream about someone buys you coca cola

Dreaming of making prasad with my dead mother in law

Dreaming of my daughter got rape

Deceased boss

Dreaming of a treasure box full of colourful handkerchiefs

Dreaming of throwing ditaola

Double helix symbol

Dreaming of up and down the stairs in mall

Dreaming be given pap by someone

Dreaming of a mad person

Dreaming of a dead person showing thier private parts

Dream of donating sperm

Dreaming of having intecorse with your ex

Dream of woman name sherrie

Dead relative having a party

Dream of squeezing juice from palm fruit

Deceased grandmother in hair salon

Dirty person

Dreams you are in village

Dead people in a mud

Dream of traveling in a car

Dead person high five

Dream of plaiting dead woman hair

Dream about erosion carry my one leg slippers

Dream of ordering something from the dark web

Dreams of deceased mom carrying gifts in a bag

Dreaming someone injecting u in the thing and fight him and the syringe bends in the thigh

Dreamt wearing a white mnazaretha with a cape holding ishoba and on my left hand side besides

Dreaming of my boy friend visiting my family

Dream of new makoti

Dreaming of an ex girlfriend

Dream of driving a big hummer

Dream of seing white man

Dream of letting go the hand of an old sick man

Dreams with party with friends

Dream of spilling milk

Dream about picking cho cho

Dream of a treasure hunt

Dog crap

Dreaming of someone planting in my flowering pots and wants to take away

Dreaming that i touched a pregnant belly with my unborn sister in it

Dreaming about a widow and malevolent

Dream of feathers in tongue

Dream about serving pastor meet

Dark room bed

Dreaming about buying things without thinking about money

Dreaming my died mother naked

Dreaming about marrying a rich man

Drug addicted ex lover

Dream about a woman giving me a meat

Dream winning tender

Dream of familiar naked girl

Dogs with upside down heads


Dreaming white stones

Dead person giving cake

Dreamt of a boy best friend whi escort me tmy classes and back home what does it mean

Dream about someone helping to carry load

Dreaming about someone at the roof top while the building is shaking and she is calling out for help

Dream of eating food in graveyard

Dreaming cleaning boyfriends shoes

Dreaming of me going throw water and seeing boyfriend with ex

Dead person open eyes

Dreaming with rabbit and water

Dreaming with a rabbit and water

Dreaming of giving birth to a baby boy with teeth and not pregnant

Dreaming of newly traditional cooking stove

Dad killing family

Dreaming about you drive at the motor at the sea

Dreaming of biting my middle finger

Dream of covering nakedness

Dreaming of fetching water from the river with your relative

Dreamt of collecting shea nut

Dreaming of my husband vomiting

Dinning and talking to the queen

Dreaming a black sedan mercedece benz

Dreaming a black sedan mercedes benz

Dream of a ducks and drakes

Dreams about random people

Dreams about overdose

Dream about drugs

Dacryodes edulis

Daughter tall in dream

Digging sweet potato

Dream about rasta people

Dreams about people with restas in black clothes

Dreams about people with restaurants in black clothes

Dead uncle chasing me in a dream

Dream of someone involved in car accident

Driving through a hospital

Driving through an urgent care

Dreamt of picking unlighted charcoal

Dreaming washing and cleaning in church

Dreaming of grandparents giving me clothes

Dog fall from building

Dream of frog tattoo on my face

Dead person so thin

Dream of being covered by a black sheet

Dreaming of a male white person

Digging for gemstones

Dream i missed family court with ex

Dream meaning of seen bottle liquid pouring in a cup

Dreamt when someone was wearing 3 different colours of stings on his ankle

Dreaming seeing myself eating guava with worms

Dreaming of cartoon

Disappearing things

Dreaming of spa

Dreaming of bathroom

Dreaming of palace

Dreaming of hanging out with crush

Dead mother giving you water in a dream

Dream of losing cooking oil from a container through a hole

Daddy laughing

Dreaming digging diamond

Dead person given vegetables

Dream of going to boyfriend house and doing house chores

Dream about one mynah egg in a nest

Does does it mean seeing yourself making millet flour as porridge using mingling stick

Dream of my grandma who is alive in a casket full of oil

Dreams i was standing behind my ex while he was grilling and it looks like it was very cloudy and raining or cold

Dreamt newly unfinished building

Dream dry fish meaning

Dreaming dry fins

Dead father looking for a key

Dream of pouring mouth water on you spiritual meaning

Dad fingering mean

Dream uprooted a palm tree

Driving a truck

Dreaming about group chat massage

Death grandmother ask to help wear saree

Dreamt about my crush being shirtless

Dreaming of being chased by animals

Dreaming of a sturgeon

Dreaming of being a head girl in high school

Dreaming of a dead person on there birthday

Dream under bed dusty

Dream on the bed dusty

Dreaming about planting bougainvillea

Dreaming of a close friend and my daughter

Dreams of green box

Dream of plucking mango

Dog eating his leg

Dreaming of reed mat

Daughters ex boyfriend

Driving on top of sand

Dream about tortoise s in green grass

Dreaming of dead parent asking for you to be given an orange

Dreaming of rejecting money

Dughter raped

Dreaming about eating sausage rolls

Dreaming a small running alongside me and me chasing her away

Deleting emails

Dream about a husband having a son out of wedlock

Dirty spatula meaning in dream

Dream of cooking sweet potato

Dried cranberries

Deceased father going up riding a motorcycle

Dreaming of been pregnant

Dreaming of been pregnant and having stomach pain

Dreaming of drinking coconut water and eating it

Dream of saleing palm fruit

Dream of flipping a car

Dreaming about my friends hand with gold

Dream get on a bus full of people and find a seat in front near the driver

Dream of dead relative singing

Dream of finding lost clothes

Dream brother is naked

Dream someone is naked in the public

Dream of putting tilak on my forehead

Dog cat

Dream of wedding decoration place

Dreaming of shopping in the chiness

Dirty water at the beach

Deceased loved one holding door open

Desire fullfilled

Deep freezer

Dog sledding

Dog aled

Dead husband husband giving me a heart ring

Dog pulling my hair in dream

Delayed flights

Diging sweet potatos from garden

Dreaming of old iron buckets what does it mean

Dream of gold fabric

Dreaming of going for introduction ceremony

Dreaming of going for introduction cey

Dreaming of going for introduction rey

Dreaming of going for introduction crey

Dreaming of going for introduction cerey

Dream of withdrawing money from pos marchine

Dream of my ex boyfriend smiling with me

Dreaming about a cut rope around the neck of husband

Dreaming of someone who is i’ll healthy and happy in a dream

Dog protect me from snake

Dead person sewing in a dream meaning

Dream about a peach jacket

Dream about someone bathing naked

Dreaming of dark clouds over your house

Dreamt i had a quarrel with my sister over money

Dreaming of being given sanitary pads

Dream of a small 4 barrel gun pointed at me

Dead brother in law eating with me

Dream of sleeping with the president

Driving sanitation truck

Dreaming about red meat mixed with blood

Dreaming about blood meat

Dreaming with mutura

Dream about forgetting my daughter at school

Dream of drinking zobo juice

Dreaming of a woman with white hair give me a roll of paper money in a white envolope

Dreaming of new born baby

Dreaming of finishing highschool again

Demolished building

Digging up the grave of a buried body

Dream about cook jute leaf meaning

Dreaming about someone giving me mopane worm

Dream when you are shy i front of you girlfriend

Disappearing person who ends up dead

Dream of shelling a groundnut

Dreaming about cloths in runningbwater

Dreaming of burning used pads

Dream of dead hijra

Dream of unknown person he indicated to me that i am trouble maker as he saw bag of maize meal falling on floor

Dream of carried on a shoulder by a tall maln

Dream of having a pupple suitcase

Dreamt about sand full in the bathroom

Dream of eating sweetreeds


Dreaming about ur pastor daughter with you in bed

Dreaming about ur pastor daughter with you in bad

Dream of baby with two faces

Dreaming of a white lady talking together

Dreaming stabbing my naked dad

Double head frog and snake fighting

Double headed frog

Dreaming of rain pouring through the roof wetting my clothes

Dreaming if seeing someone impaled by a tree

Dreamt about my shoe fell in the toilet

Dreaming three big and two small trees and to cut one of them

Disaster while fishing

Daughter fell from the stairs

Daughter died

Dream about being stuck in a hole