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Dream Dictionary - A to Z

Dreams starting with the letter D

Dream of people wanting to hide in my home

Dream of people hiding in my home

Dream that i was looking at the stars

Dreaming someone trying to unlock my phone

Dreaming about the word benedict meaning

Dream germinate green maize

Dream of itching eyes

Dreaming of traditional grass mat

Deans father kissed my forehead

Dream seeing line my ancle

Dream about leche

Dreaming about your mom calling you ugly

Dream that a pastor pushing you away

Dreaming while naked

Dead people give an apple

Dream of a fruit tree cutting off

Dream of miracle leave

Dream cooked githeri in sufuria

Death with 3 men in black

Dream about football

Dead man enter house telling us to wake up

Dreaming someone is taking my gold jewlery

Dreaming about muffing a girl

Driving a horse drawn wagon in a dream what does it represent

Dreamt of dead father it was his birthday

Dreaming of dzib

Dropping money at the altar in a dream

Dream my boss calls to mi and tells mi to go get an envelope

Dreams of aki

Dreaming of a sangoma giving me muthi

Darkness and smoke inside the house

Driving license burning

Driving license burning in fire

Dreaming someone gives you a razorblade

Dream of being in separate rooms

Dreaming about my big sister dying

Dream about sister in law wear my cloth in my dream

Dreaming of a gifting ceremony

Dream about bumper harvest

Dream buying new handbags and shoes

Dreaming snotappl

Dream of my enemy build a wooden house in the back yard of my house

Dreaming snotapple

Dreaming wearing lemon green clothing

Dreaming a man sitting

Dreaming a man sitting on the bed in a room

Dreaming when every body is jubilating

Damaged graveyards with people

Dog inside a school bag in a bathroom meaning


Dreaming about your boyfriend standing at the rooftop

Dreaming of seeing muscurade

Discharge egg white from vigina

Dreaming of been with the president in his car

Dream cricket bit my hand

Dead person asking for medicine

Dream fighting with a cat

Dreaming of spider chasing you

Dreaming about attending my friends wedding

Dead person given me juicy oranges and i am eating them

Dancing ballet

Dreaming of politicians giving you money

Dream about foreign president in my country

Dead father urinating on you

Dreamt of coughing out hair

Double side arrow

Dreaming blood covenant with your ex


Dreaming of collecting gem stones

Dream of father building a story building

Dreaming eating pap and red meat

Dreaming of nad

Dream of roofing with the grass

Dreaming of shak

Dreaming of my ex boyfriend being in church together

Dreaming of sperms coming out of my vagina

Dreaming snake coming out of vagina

Dreaming of caravans

Dreaming of my late mom buying new males set of shoes and feet them

Dream meaning of seeing many shoe brushes

Dreaming about niece

Dream that you are picking smocked fish on the group with many people

Dog losing his right eye

Dreaming of strawberries

Dead person going to hajj

Dreaming of kids disappearing suddenly

Daughter falling down from stairs to ground

Dream of dead person offering a ride

Dream of given someone wrapper

Dreaming my son falling into a pit latrine

Dead spouse want me to get his wallet in car

Dreaming of a white dress touched with gold

Dream of sloths sleeping

Dressing and blowing

Do rag

Dream of being in a meeting where the king was talking about future development

Driving school but almost hitting people

Dreaming about doormat


Dream meaning of sharing meat

Dead mother having younger lover

Dream about carrying a child

Dream about carl

Dream about carlyi

Dream about carrying a baby girl

Dream of writing on the ground

Documents made of gold instead of paper

Dream of being imparted by prophet

Deceased grandmother wearing gloves listening to loud music

Dream meaning of seeing airplane wheels

Dad counting coins

Dry garden

Dead mother in law dreams

Dog chased by eagle

Dad asking for a massage

Dream of a pay phone

Dream of seeing your girlfriend and your younger brother in a love relationship

Dream of having your sim card after the phone destroyed

Dreaming of impepho in water

Dreamt of a man called mathias placing something in my hands

Dream about offering saree to godess

Dating cousin

Dead mom apologizes

Dreaming give mad man food

Dream about bhasma in forehead

Dream a woman was sucking my breasts what does it mean

Dream that a woman was sucking my breath what does it mean

Dating someone im not dating

Dream about receiving money

Dream about eating white pure breakfast meal with green vegetable

Dream of sowllen river

Dream of ice lilly’s

Deceased brother finding a job

Dream of a girl child lying on top of my back

Dreaming of someone intentionally bumping your shoulder

Dreams of waist bead cut

Doing ruqyah to someone

Drinking wine in garden

Distorted mall

Dream about the game

Dream of buying bayleaf and rosemary

Dreamt that a guy gave me a big smoke tuna fish and i was was very excited

Dreamt that a guy gave me a big smoke tuna fish

Dreaming about ovalution mucus

Dream of sitting jcb atop

Dreaming durty sea water

Daughter falls from grand canyon

Dreaming of eating afang soup in a dream

Dream of seeing my general over of my church in my dreams

Dream of being injected

Dream of being injected in the neck

Dead family member giving a ring

Dreaming eating peanuts

Dream eating vetkoek

Daughter foot ants

Dream of huge gigantic things and we are small

Dreaming that i was acting

Ďreams about people going to pay dowry for a friend

Dreaming of wearing a green opal

Dreaming making a wooden bed

Dreaming of eating rain ice

Dream about a sister travelling

Dreaming of traditionally grinding sorghum

Dreaming being helped to carry load

Dream of lecturing students in your previous university with some of your previous lecturers taking record

Daughter marrying rich guy

Dream furniture factory

Dreaming fighting with an ancestor

Dreaming of pan fatcakes

Drem of gold necklace

Dream of a native chicken that run into fire and narrowly escaped again

Dream of someone giving me necklace gold

Dreaming your brother entering the house at the back not using the main front gate

Dreaming of killing my ex husband new girlfriend

Defecating small seeds

Dream meaning of being in my husband village

Drying wet floor in dream mean

Drying wet floor in dream

Dream about a bag of cooking oils

Dream of mother in red dress

Dream of silvercoin money

Dreaming a politician from another country visiting you

Dreaming dried vegetables

Dream of my husband paying dowery

Delphinium seed

Dream holding a cup with clean water and algae on top

Dreaming about fixing gaps with plastic

Dreaming about insane man

Dreamt of sucking breast

Dreams of eating girl vagina

Diving in water

Dancing naked in front of grand daughter

Direction to be picked up by a vehicle

Dream of direction to get on a vehicle

Direction from caller

Dream of crying in front of teacher

Dream boyfriend blow whistle at me

Dead bodies floating in the sea

Dream about ganpati visarjan

Dreaming about applying turmeric to my feet

Dream of cutting plantain leave

Dreamt of a piano

Dreamt that young student came to where i live to steal flour

Doors being unhinged

Dreaming about being paid lobola negotiations

Dream interpret logo the meaning of the symbols of hair selling seen in a dream

Dream about wet bible

Dream meaning of oha leave

Dream of limes

Daughter losing her virginity

Dream of a tree with lots of limes and you picked one

Digging a soil to make a hole with two other friends and one betrayed and left

Dream covering the hole with water in it

Dream my mother who died wipes my dried tears

Dreaming of seeing someone wearing traditional

Dreaming my two dead sisters in torn clothes but they were happy

Dreaming of deseased mother eating chocolate

Deseased mothers eating chocolate

Dream interpretation about pastor caot being burned

Dead people gained fat

Dream about rondavel flooring with clear plastic

Dad is my teacher

Dreamed i receive my boyfriend sperm with my hand

Dream about having apples and guava in a bag

Deceased give me the number 24

Dreaming catapilars

Dry grass tied used as fence

Dead mother mute but giving me money and walking with me i am aware in the dream that she is visiting me from another realm

Dead father buys me new shoes

Dream with bluebonnets

Dog crying in dream

Dreaming ofxyour sister using muthi on you

Dream of ordained as a bishop but wearing yellow t shirt

Dream of swimming naked

Dreaming about partner moving abroad

Dream of not having transport money to go work

Dreaming about frying meat with my boyfriend child and i never seen that child

Dead calve

Dream about behaviour changes of self

Dream about animals on a farm following me

Dream means trash removed from my ear

Dreaming of being under water

Dreaming of being given a laptop

Dream of someone being half dressed

Dog licking my vagina

Dad wearing blue clothes

Duty in nursery full of babies

Deaseased brother

Dizzy in dream

Dreaming about seeing a women buttocks

Dreaming about seeing women buttocks

Dream of receiving garriy from someone i know

Dreams in pastel

Delivered pregnant animal in dream

Deliver animal in dream means

Delivering pregnant antelope in dream

Dad brings me stuff


Dream of some one braiding my hair

Dream bathing wit a woman

Dream wearing white bead with blue stripe

Dreaming about your good child being disrespectful towards you

Dream about chameleon mating

Dark energy coming in my body and asking for food and celebratiom

Dreaming about a dead person put a ring in your finger

Dancing buffaloes

Dreaming of black snake

Driving a car with no seats

Deep dark water well hole diving demons

Deep dark water well diving demons

Decorating pink laced dress

Drinking water in a dream

Dreaming grannies

Dreaming seeing grannies

Dreaming of my former soccer coach with his head injured by clay pot

Dreaming clinic

Dream of removing plaster

Dream of stealing a umbrella from a holy place

Dreaming of my late my mother seating on the chair being quiet just looking at me

Dreaming of winning a gold medal

Dreaming of your boy friend paying lobola for yourself

Dreaming digging a garden with husband

Dreaming of tomatoes

Dream of cashew nuts as a pregnant woman

Dirty phone cover

Dream interpretation of going to the swamp

Dream about a dead father marrying his daughter

Dreaming my brother being arrested by police

Dream of removing my big toenail

Dreaming fixing water tap

Dreaming of someone burning lion by mistake

Dreaming if petrol light going on

Dreaming the dead with sores

Dream of changing beautiful cover for my phone

Diamond earring with my mother

Dead no arms no legs

Dreaming walking on the edge of a tall building on top scared as if your going to fall but you succeed

Dreaming walking on the age of a tall building on top scared as if your going to fall but you succeed

Dead husband jail cell and dirty cloths need to wash

Dream of washing clothes

Dream about two herds of cattle moving and one with elephant

Dreaming famous act giving me paper money

Dreaming celebrate giving me money

Dreaming celebrate

Dreams talking to vice president

Dee white livers

Dream your given food

Dreaming of a box of crocus flowers

Dream of buying a pen pencil eraser and shapern means

Dreamt of carrying old mat out of the house

Drinking liquor with dead oldest brothrr

Dream about weeding the roads what could be the meaning

Dreamt of mat

Dead person took hus to umrah with him

Dreaming of my dead boss

Dreams for cooking mogodu and porage on a fire in some house and there were so many people there meaning

Dreams for cooking mogodu and por

Dream about following the pastor wearing a white

Dream about following the pastor wearing white

Dreaming of having a house

Dreaming of my brother surprise homecoming

Drinking water from dead wemon

Dogs top mouth falling off

Dreaming about giving money to buddhist monk

Dead person giving me their house keys

Dreaming about leaking

Dream about house lic

Dreaming having patches corn and groudnut mixed

Dreamt of a big white mat

Dressed in white suit

Dreaming about an ex fighting wit current girlfriend

Dream about cold hands stands for a sunny outlook in life you are preparing yourself for growth and change

Dream of bird fly low bit my toe

Dream abt been poured water by mad woman

Dark hand coming towards my face

Dead father in motorboat

Dream with gold rings and other gold inside the old coffin

Dream climbing a hill in a car

Dreamt of nephew going to prison for life

Dimension circle

Driving a car with obstacles up

Deceased mom coma no oxygen

Dreamt of my husband suking my vigina meaning

Dead mom giving clothes

Dead love ones face on a spider

Dead father on a motorboat

Dream of rice then get up to see rice

Dreaming of giving you office file writing letter

Dreaming of naked woman biblical meaning

Dream of piano being stolen

Driving up hill

Dream about a random person

Dreaming of chaos using a machete with a friend

Dreaming of denzel washington



Dreamt of my female enemy on a wheelchair

Destroying the dog cage

Dreaming cleaning the house destroying the cage

Dream of ex boyfriend dating sister

Dreaming of an ex and all the dream is in blue

Dead wakes up

Dreaming of peeling flash beans

D meaning of buying palm kernel for ur mum in dream means

Doing experiments on humans

Demon in the basement

Drug abuse

Dream future

Dead person gives coffee powder and i am bringing it with giving money

Dreaming of having twins

Deceased father awaits son at the airport dream meaning

Dream elk and bear

Decapitated german shepherd

Dream about a snake and a green crocodile at a wedding meaning

Dreaming of shoes fall in river

Drowning clothes but picked them too

Deceased loved one handed me a kid

Dreaming my boyfriend doing peee in my dream

Dogs barking

Dreaming my boyfriend pee

Dream about plate of white sadza at a river meaning

Dreaming having boils on my thigh there were two having liquid or water inside not paining

Dead person giving you books in a dream

Dead father meeting current boyfriend

Dream of a half by bottle of beer as a gift

Dream as a makhoti in a home

Dreaming about your whole family crying

Dead friend alive in dream being shouted at

Dreaming about recovered property

Dreamed of dead father by my bed

Dreaming about a madman entered your house

Dream of water tank falling

Digging late sister grave

Dreaming of a child throwing stones at you

Dream removing thorns from the sole of the shoe

Dream mopping church stairs

Dream of bleeding while physically pregnant

Dream of bleeding while pregnant physically

Dream spades predicted to lucky numbers

Dog urinating on me while my dead brother holds it

Dream of licking honey offered

Dream about dog trying bite

Dream about barking dog

Dream about dog barking

Dream about dog

Dream about making bamboo chang house

Dream about height chang house lucky number

Dream about height chang ghar

Dream about making chang house lucky number

Dream of pastor shooting me

Dream about making renovating chang house

Dream about making height chang house

Dream about making chang house

Dream about making chang ghar house

Dorcas in my dream

Dream about making house

Doing something for a dead person

Dreams bout losing virginity

Dreaming when someone work for a dead person

Dream about mira

Dead daughter running away in dream

Dog ejaculated on my shirt

Dreamed that a snake had me blocked in

Dream carrying bundle of firewood

Dream meaning yellow banana

Doing ganpati visarjan in dream

Dream about me waking up to have a shower

Dream of eating uncooked animal heart

Dream of swollen fingers

Dream avout number half

Durga idol visarjan and everyone celebrating

Dream interpretation of someone put finger in your bum

Dreaming when my brother is in love with my girlfriend

Dead dad saying it is near you are next

Dreaming of eating cassava and beans

Dream removing weeds

Dreamingwiththenamejoelinthe bible

Dream about cattle

Driving alorry

Dreaming when catching fish with bare hands in mady area

Dreaming when catching fish

Deceased loved one wearing grey in your dream

Dreaming with your own dead body that died years ago

Dream of digging gutter

Dreaming of father wash away by river

Dreaming of a restaurant

Dead person is short

Dream about bills

Dreamt about pinnacle

Dreaming of been giving newborn twins

Dreaming being told to bath with ten cents


Dating my enem

Dreaming shembe ladies wearing their attire

Dreaming a person wearing a red wedding dress

Dreaming of water with a big skeleton and on top of it being a grandpa and boy

Dream about efo riro and eba but not eating it what is that mean

Dead posters

Dreaming of a house inside cementery

Death and seeing a river

Deceased mom urinating in a dream

Devil and portal

Dream about your car being stolen

Demonic nun

Dream you and your dead grandmother going fishing

Dream that somebody is selling a toilet

Dream of a staircase with red carpet

Dreaming that boyfriend and ex boyfriend are in the same bed as me

Dream of red kola nuts

Dream uncle children

Dreaming of eating flour and jaggery in dream

Dead mom getting off a bus

Dream seeing a girl rubbing boyfriend private parts

Dreamed of someone else’s success

Dream holding 2 pangas

Dream holding a panga

Dead person having romance

Dream about being accompanied by someone you love

Dreamt about being in a licking house as its rains heavily

Dead brother holding knife

Dead friend high five

Dryed breast milk

Deep space drifting for eternity

Dream about giving food to a man person

Dreamt of white camphor cream

Dreaming of man’s second marraige

Dog falling into a well and drowning

Dreamt of having a nightmare and then telling my friend to hug her to make it go away

Dreaming of a pot of a soup burning in a stove

Drowning because something was pulling me down

Dream meaning of ogbono tree

Driving demons

Dream of an old man touch my feet

Dream on ex boyfriend

Drinking bad water from a glass

Dreaming of have a feast with my ex boyfriend

Deceased person with beautiful skin

Deceased mother wearing very short dress

Dream of someone riding bicycle away from you

Dream of a dog having period in your pantin your pant

Dove bird dead

Dreaming of bathing with a open door

Donkey licking hand

Dead person at his friend funeral wearing black suit

Disrespectful adult daughter

Dream meaning i wrap myself with a native mat

Dreaming of the president swimming in a river

Dreaming of sta soft

Driving the governor

Dreaming when people stealing my clothes and sold them

Dream marrying my nephew

Dog giving you a blowjob

Dead brother gives me money

Dog with scabies dream

Deceased grandmother in red dress

Dead person bite

Dreaming interacting with old people

Dream of woman giving me talisman to me

Drinking water with frogs in it

Dream of fowl

Dream of cock

Dream of rooter

Dreaming of selling a bale of clothes then a person you know steals from you

Dreaming someone as a rasta after they ñass

Dream of eating sukuma and beef with prophet

Dog foot prints in mud or poo

Dreaming of dead father giving me sweet food

Dream meaning of a chicken in a cracked egg

Drinking a lot of water

Drinking water but being stopped

Dreaming of a former deputy president of a country

Dreaming 3 silver stars

Dream of spoon in a pot

Digging out of the ground

Dream see a un sailing big ship

Deceased relative behind a door

Dreaming of poop allover the ground in the bush

Director school

Dreaming of my step son giving a step mother money

Dreaming of eating flour and jaggery

Dream of imbecile

Dreaming my brother visited me abroad

Dream of eating uncooked noodles with your brother i

Dream of green young mahangu in the field

Dreams of someone throwing fish at me

Dream of crossing a river by the help of your partner

Deceased gave me green pepper

Dead person cutting my hair in a dream

Dream on the beach

Deceased asking for tea

Digging holes and water start coming

Daughter hungry

Dreaming of saint george

Dream of soil in bed room

Dreaming of someone borrowing my broom

Dreaming of giving person clothes pegs

Dreaming the president talking on the pphone asking me to see him at is house

Dad hanging with a decease

Dirty vagina

Dreaming wine glasses on a tray

Dream that my sister in law bought me a dress

Dream that my sister in law gift me a dress

Dreaming about planting sweet potatoes

Dreaming about school or class

Dreaming about someone’s name written in sand

Dream of mum playing rugby

Dream of someone winning a competition

Decease mother in law gave me grey sheets in a dream

Dreaming of a friend telling you something about your wife or husband

Dreaming of a friend telling you something about your husband or wife

Dreaming of a friend telling you something about your partner

Dream of feet bieng tickled laughing out load

Dream of child hit by bus

Dream of guarding the president

Dreams about praying in a grave

Dream of sharing boiled eggs


Dream of sledding on wet ground

Dreaming about a storm

Dreaming taking lots of keys

Dreaming of all animals in the same kraal

Dreams starting with the letter b

Dreaming of saving a new born baby from drowning in the sea

Dreaming about washing my hands and water becomes fat on my hands

Dream about someone removing sindoor from my forehead

Dreaming while walking with someone holding a sugarcane and a bible

Dreaming seeing my lame friend walk

Dreaming about my spouse walking naked in front of the family

Dream of wedding

Dreams singing foundation judge my girlfriend

Date 22

Dreaming carrying two usb flash

Dream of sweating

Dreaming a blue fish multiplying into many fishes and then eating the first one

Dream with a dead person who gave me his password

Dead person looking for a job

Dream of beef falling into river

Dad hunted

Dreaming of giving away your sister in your dream

Dream about ex husband strangling me

Dreaming watering green plant of maize

Dream about snack moving in your abdomen and feel it moving in the stomach

Dream about a house

Driving a lawnmower

Dreaming about my daughter being rape

Dreaming about my daughter being rape in dream

Dreaming about my

Dreaming of being a roman soldier

Dead hippopotamus

Dream about seeing a long last friend

Dead body and finding a child

Dreams that my brother was taken away

Dream you are being chased by a fox

Dreaming of your father being crazy

Dreaming of eating porridge and milk into the red bowl

Dreaming about eating bread with coke with my friend

Dreaming someone hurting me with a panga

Dream of house expansions

Delivery boy

Dreaming about winning money

Dead person building a room for me

Dream of a dead relative biting my hand

Dream of getting spiritual cleance

Dead father red motor

Daughter attacked in apartment

Dreaming of washing face with urine

Dreaming of washing face with urinw

Dream my picture was lost and start searching for it

Dog riding bicycle

Dream of sucking a woman breast

Dog on chest

Dead king couple in dream

Dream of st vincent ferrer novena

Dog ripping sofa

Driving over speed humps

Dog poop don’t pick it up

Dream girl changing into boy

Dream of helping your dead blind father by holding his hand

Dream counting money with a dead friend

Dreaming child call you mom

Dream someone texted me faith

Def rain

Def naked people

Darkness and flying raven

Dream of fake postar

Drying up

Deceased true live braided my hair

Dream neighbor crippled in legs

Dream of a tibetan mastiff dogs

Dream of a person gift honey

Dream someone giving you foreign currency

Dream of clothes falling in toilet

Dreams of murderous purple demon turns sky purple

Dream of being together with ex

Dream of giving shoes to dead sister

Dreams of making marhewu

Dreaming of hole in cousin belly

Dream eating smoke catfish with bread

Dreaming being in club with my boyfriend

Dream dead mom dating a young man

Double head of baby meaning

Dreaming about given a specific date and month

Dream see a girl puts their hand down my thraot

Dream big snake sleeping beside me

Dream being asked about tithing

Dream of temple

Dream of having panchami

Dream of having panchamitra

Dream of woman dress

Dream meaning of gold earrings inside the lime green water

Dream meaning of gold earrings inside the lime water

Dreaming of cloth

Dream number for frog

Dreaming of traveling to lagos

Dreaming of traving to lagos

Doing ganesh visarjan

Dreaming of sneaky link

Dreaming walking in shawars rain

Dream about eating marura oil mean

Dreaming about my son in law fighting with y daughter in law

Dream of quenching a burning house

Deformed rabbits

Dreaming of colorful hair on people

Dreaming welcoming my prophetess shaking hands with a hug but i was eating pap

Dream of my sister death

Dreaming welcoming my prophetess with a hug but i was eating pap

Dream meaning of collecting cooked rice and beans from a dead woman

Dream about giving award to a friend

Dream meaning of electrical cable catch fire

Dream number white leives

Dream of building my own house

Dressing room full of clothes

Drying clothes and rushing removing whiles raining

Dad telling he’s waiting for you

Dream of mistakenly eating baby’s poop

Dream about receiving bag of riped udara

Dream of a lady telling you to be her prayer partner

Dreaming about seeing a hip of slippers under the bed of a boyfriend’s bed

Dreaming removing a snail on a bag of medicines

Dream about rice chaff

Dreaming of a snake with horns

Dreaming of a sick person sleeping in my bedroom

Dreaming of recovering the church money which was stolen from u

Dream about cooking moinmoin for people

Dreams of two beers bottles

Dead person gifting soap

Dreaming yourself running faster than cars

Dreaming of cars

Dream of applying sandalwood paste on face meaning

Dead husband fixing fence with my father

Dead snake and apple

Dreaming with a person vomiting black birds

Dream about given a red card

Dreaming newly born kitten

Dream of watch

Dreaming of mama cat give birth

Dreaming of multiple pupils in one eye

Dream of putting aloe vera gel on my hair

Dream of president wearing my hurt

Dreaming being in the highest rank person

Dead grandma giving a papaya fruit

Dream about car crashed with cattle

Drowning in moss

Digging the grave of you late brother in the dream

Dreaming of insects get out from stomach

Dream of celebrating a past family birthday

Dead friend bleeding from one eye

Dreamt about turkey berry meaning

Dreams of the dock

Ditching class

Dream about my son travel alone

Dreaming of marrying mom

Dreaming of the independence monument

Dream traveling from village to town

Dreaming of holding hands and praying

Demarcating house plan

Dreaming manyamane

Dream dead relative writing a letter

Dead person talking to u

Dream of a dead person

Dreamed being in farm with my brother helping each other

Dead person plaiting your hair

Dream of dead mom decorating a room

Drink wine with the dead

Died in a car accident

Dream about used clothing

Driving children in the a car in the dream

Dreamt of spitting out little baby spidrs that accidently got in my mouth

Dreaming of cloves with bay leaf

Dead bird stuck in hair

Dreamed cutting timber has medicine giving to some one

Dream of walking in the entourage of former vice president

Dream of throwing golden arrows to another native american

Dreamed an eagle dropped me a huge white feather after i prayed

Dead person throwing water

Dreamt i married my husband and my deceased father was present

Dream about husband sleeping in a bed

Dreaming of blowing my nose with green mucas coming out

Dream of unruly teenagers

Dreaming of a family member been attack with a machete

Dream about woman wearing trousers

Dream about someone who has the same face as mine

Dreaming of date

Dream eating piling

Dream of a dead celebrity

Dreaming of stars

Deceased loved ones showing calendar in dreams

Driving a car and leaving money in it

Dead person telling you to clean your house

Double six when you throw dice

Dream of your partner and you at beach

Dreaming of seeing your daed father

Dreaming about dead historical person romantically with you

Dog chasing me

Dream of being with a family brother talking with you

Dream of being with an uncle

Dreaming of church and mosque

Driving i to

Driving into a strem

Dead friend holding a big knife in a dream

Dream of giving potash

Dreaming about a gray cow

Dreaming about a guy and his family

Dream a child gave me money

Dreaming of a crowd

Dreaming of three crosses

Dreaming of three crossea

Dream about giving garri

Dream eating sugerbeans with mielie pap

Dream about giving coins and pepper

Dream of a hickey given to me

Dream about eating cooked pumpkin leaves

Driving car with wooden seat

Dream of throwing coins in water

Dreaming of being disgraced in class

Dreaming seeing ur self given intelligence by a prophetess

Dreaming of getting engaged under water

Dreaming eating chicken and a dead person come and take a piece from my chicken

Dreams about voice horsnes

Dreamnt of seeing maggot in pants

Dreaming of mojito and a lady starring at me

Dreaming of mojito

Dead mom eating apples on way to appointment

Dreams about bean plants dying

Dead people digging graves

Dream of marbles balls falling from the sky

Dry fish selling in markets in dream meaning

Dreaming about getting married but that ring i afraid with it

Dreating holding red meat in bowl

Demolishing a house

Dream seeing my dead brother giving me blank white paper

Dream of chicken being laid on your head

Dream of rice

Dreaming winning to be president of american

Dreaming winning to be president

Dreaming v

Dream about being raped by a brother

Died grandfather giving cross

Digging up a silver key from the dirt

Dead mother give me wite gown

Decayed jackfruit

Dreaming about ofw mom going home

Dog steal food from my plate

Dreaming about a opening the door for a herse meaning

Dreaming of 3 ace numbers being pulledl out

Dreamiming of water covering the earth

Dirty surrounding and kids



Dream of chicken pieces

Dreams of shoes in shoe box

Double mothers

Dreaming of stabbing my brother who is deceased

Dream of picking coins from river banks

Dream of stabbing my brother

Dream about picking coins from a river bank

Dreams catching puntch rat

Dreaming being called by tokoloshe

Dream of share ankara

Deceased husband giving a new ring

Dreaming of eggs

Dreaming of a dead person being dirty

Dark figure taking my soul with its hand

Dream of flowers and birds

Dreaming of my ex

Dreaming of my dead mother bringing me flowers

Dirty compound means

Double dream means


Dream of your enemys son

Dreaming about vitiligo in the genital area

Dreaming of seeing your daughter under a palm tree

Damaged on edged of chapstick meaning

Dream of driving a car

Dream of ship full of rice

Dream of friends mother being ill

Dream of bag of money in truck and stack was given to me

Dream meaning of picking fruit pomelo

Dead father is naked

Dreaming of buying new hijab in the dream


Dreamt that iwas paddle boarding in sea of oil

Drinking rice wine

Dream about exhumation

Dream with someone washing my legs

Dream of meeting the vice president and get favored by her

Dreaming with a tree full of pilipili hoho

Dreaming about matooke

Dreaming of poops

Dreaming eating indeginous fruit

Dreamt i saw a little boy trapped in a toilet and i was trying to pull him out

Dog with 5 legs

Dreaming of my creature oc

Dream meaning of drinking nail polish remover

Dreaming 9f drinking nail polish remover

Dream about downtown and trains

Dream of keeping money in a locker

Devil and angel

Drinking water mixed with faeces

Dream of a lioness sneaking to in the house

Dream about oil and gold meaning

Dreaming of a seminary school always

Dream of a man woman handing her baby to you

Dream of children bathing in front of the door

Dream about people mad at me in church

Dead parents asking me to come with them

Dog killed my dog

Dream yourself naked

Dream of wife while soaking wet in rain

Dreaming about wife wet while raining

Driving a president in a dream

Dream about driving the president

Defecating at the roadside

Dream about seeing some one peeling matooke for you

Drugs with ex

Dream of washing dead husband clothes

Dream about puri

Dream someone throwing food in the toilet

Dream about someone giving you r200 note money

Dreaming of someone giving you r200 note

Dream of receiving gift and money from the first lady

Dreaming with so many moons in the sky

Digging up charm and praying

Dream of removing a used pad to put a fresh one

Dream of people fetching water from your tap

Dream about being anorexic

Drinking charcoal with coka cola

Dreaming about tsambarafuta

Dreaming padlock what is the lucky number

Dreaming of the eucharist

Dream of making a jesus portrait

Dreaming of a mad man is in love with you

Dreaming of someone who is you

Dreaming about the king giving me yellowish paper money

Dead waiting

Dream abt brown reedmat by the river meaning

Dreaming about my mother moping around the house

Deadly father wear torn clothes in dream

Dressing dead grandmother in dream

Drinking and driving with a dead person

Deamon busting out of someone

Dreaming of stabbing someone that is robbing you

Drowing in green water

Dream of picking calamansi

Dream meaning of writing in a dream

Dreaming walking with president and his escorts

Disapearing bed

Dreams of a stranger dodging himself from falling boulders from hill

Dreaming my dead husband wants to do fore play

Dreaming about meerkat attacking me and wanting to kill me

Dreaming of running at petra

Dreaming of traditional healer

Dream of visiting someone in the hospital

Dreaming of live dinosaur

Dreaming of traditional healer busy helping people

Dreaming about adding by a water body

Dead person saying they didn’t die

Duck and cobra

Dream of pastor

Driving around redwood trees

Dream meaning of a orange tree and oranges falling on your head

Driving around giant trees

Dreaming of moringa

Dead brother trying to bite me in chest

Dreaming writing an exam and being invigilated by the teacher i know

Dream of dead mother is bleeding

Dreaming of washing my late father

Dog dove

Dreaming of being given jewelry

Dreaming about a boyfriend visiting me in my parents house

Dreaming about dove and it baby inside the nest and i catch it

Dead person performing hajj

Deceased person performing hajj

Dreaming mother is ill

Dreaming of two brothers fighting

Dreaming of a group of mermaide swimming

Dreaming of yourself wearing a shwal

Death grandmother feeding food to dog in dream

Dirt in food

Dirty in side food in the dream

Dreaming your husband harshly calling your sur name

Died parents eat with

Dreaming of a bus driving up the hill and going back down

Dreaming my late sister to be lobola by white guy

Dreaming of a dead person giving me lottery numbers

Dream meaning of someone stretching handing to reach you

Dream of blowing green boogers

Dreaming of getting medication from tradional doctor

Dreaming of your son circumcision


Dreaming ex wife naked

Dreaming of your wife looking at you

Driving into a cornfeild

Dreaming of your baby mama get you with another girl

Dead person returning wearing orange suit

Dreaming when they are sucking breast

Dream meaning farting through virgina

Dream of stealing from church

Dead person having diarrhoea

Dream of selling tobacco

Dream about pimento seeds

Dreaming promising you money

Dreaming my boyfriend sister at my home

Dream of kissing a dead person

Dreaming of someone else success

Dream dress like mad man

Drinking water in golden jar

Dead sister wearing yellow top and red skirt

Dream i found my lost ring

Dreams about lesbian

Dream about a bed

Dreaming of sleeping outside a school

Dream of being in the white house

Dreaming of oysters on ice

Dead family giving slippers and i wear it

Dreaming of torn slippers what does it means

Dream about lamp legs cooking

Dream meaning of sweeping the market

Dreaming of holding torn slippers

Dreaming of holding tong slippers