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Dreams starting with the letter C

Carrying n old man

Crying because a child is leaving

Clot coming from virginia

Cooking pot stolen in dream

Children screaming and fighting

Chased by an alien

Copper pot

Coins in plastic bag

Chicken pocks

Cooking meat for your friends

Charging laptop in dream

Cooking cassava in dreams

Cutting little finger

Cleaning someone shoes

Carrying water in a silver on your head and it spilled

Cutting buffalo head seen in dream

Cat fighting

Champaka flower in deeam

Chanting hanuman chalisa in a scary dreams meaning

Cousin building a ahouse


Crow as pet

Card being taken

Clothes flowing in the river trying to take it out but i cant

Cancel own wedding

Clothes in a tree

Couple walking in a dusty wheather

Crying on wedding day

Calculation amount and money


Cow standing in kraal


Creepy black hands

Clutter room

Crush taking photos of you

Clothes covered in spiders

Clothes full of dpiders

Cleaning with my sister my ex boyfriend house full of dust

Cinema theatre

Combing out dredlocs

Crocodile mating with my dogs

Camel eat snake dream

Crocodile mating with my dogs they were so frightened

Crumble tooth

Celebration comes to stay

Climbing date tree on top of it

Cyst in leg burst open

Clitoris hardened

Complaining about something

Crow eating lizard

Covered in withe

Car look like plane

Car look like plain

Celebration of dead mom birthday

Crossing the street

Colorful chair

Cutting soap in a dream

Clothes fitting to small

Croacoch coming out from the virgina

Cleaning a bell hanging in sky

Collards green

Cheating o

Cave water with a hole

Cat pulling hair

Child rapef

Coffee stained cup

Cleaning finger millet grain dream

Coral snakes in dream

Crowded hiuse

Carrying big fresh beef of cow

Chanting shiva matram

Clothes blown away

Cold drink

Cleaning a carpet

Couch pillow

Car accident and sand

Crow killing tarantula

Crow killing taranlula

Carry a folder

Cartboard binder

Climb up the hill

Caressing her stomach

Caressing her abdomen


Cut clitoris

Cracked his knee

Clean pads seeing in dream


Curtains being hung by one person that was alive and one person that was dead

Crushed by rocks

Collard greens and onions


Cleaning vents


Car falling on my legs

Chewing chicken in a dream


Complimenting hair

Ckeaning the back in a dteam

Climbing stone


Celebrateion party

Crying heavily in my dreams with a dead man on my arms

Co wife pregnant yet they are not intimate

Celebrity murder

Climbing steep hill

Caught my ex with a man

Creepy guy in a realistic dog suit

Child pretending to be a dog and eating food off the ground

Cactus penis

Collecting bean sees

Car no breaks


Chasing for passport photos in adream

Cooking tripe in a dream meaning


Confusing places

Committing robbery

Crushed beer bottle

Colour red

Chewing stones

Cooking moinmoin in the dream


Cursing old woman


Ct scan


Calmness in a turbulent plane

Cancelling a party



Cobweb in mouth

Currency coins

Combif the teeth of […]

Combif the teeth of […]

Combif the teeth of […]

Combif the teeth of [… ]

Combif the teeth of [… ]

Combif the teeth of [… ]

Clothe line breaks while hanging clothes

Caught picking nose


Cooked greengrams

Cracked watch glas

Cruise ship stow away

Cow eating vegetables in my house

Cheeks with teeth

Circumcised baby

Crush’s best friend

Carrying vienna in a plastic

Child birth

Cooking and eating goat meat



Crying without tears

Cuzen dreaming about my wife

Cleaning teeth tartar


Child wearing wet clothes

Clicking picture of god in dream

Chase and trying to kill me

Conversation with someone who died

Concave field

Cutting black thread

Consulting healer

Crying in the dark room

Cooking at cemetery

Called out to minister

Camel caring some one

Cooking ugali in a dream

Covered red birds escaping

Car hit the dog

Car seat

Children broken statues

Car underwater

Coins with blood

Clothes both genders floating

Competition to death

Clot of blood coming out of my vagina

Civil war


Choosing to life for someone is dream

Child bringing wedding invitation

Counting caladium blooms and family members

Cow and horse fighting in the dream

Chinese old man with stick

Catching flying ants for fishing in dream

Catching flying ants in dream

Child buys locket with grandmas money for remembrance

Cut wires

Cel roti


Closed door with a light around it

Children in cemetery spiritual meaning

Carrying a bag of intuition

Christmas lantern

Cell phone in fire

Consent ejaculation

Crying in front of kaba

Cutting capsicum in dream

Clock goea backwards but time goea forward

Child drawing water from borehole

Certain death

Clogged toilet with jewlery

Crawling through vents

Clothes in a car

Coriander plant

Cooking oha soup

Crucifix flowing in ocean

Cutting of nail by others

Cat organs

Chinese in side my house


Coffin in a boat

Cooking sadza in a dream meaning

Carrying man’s severed head

Coming 2nd place


Choking on wedding ring

Couldnt speak or scream

Circle when i raised it up turns very bright

Co kle

Cup falling from my hand

Cow and horse fighting

Crying skeleton baby back to life

Charging my phone in a dream

Cat sucking breath away

Climbing into a manhole

C v

Coffee grains

Chasing until i go through a door

Can’t understand what my husband is saying

Chemistry exam

Cow head botting

Cattle leaving a kraal

Corn burning inside

Chakra colores meaning

Crush giving you a sachet of coffee

Clipped wings

Cricket bite

Checking phone

Chased by a chimp

Crossing a void

Car bonnet

Cooking untensil baster

Cement horse carriage

Cooking with palm oil and it stained my hands

Cooking with red oil

Carry up stairs

Calling dead people names in a dream

Cougar about to attack my dog

Cleaning of idols

Crocheting a cardigan

Cutting banana tree

Crystal knife broken in three places

Child naming ceremony

Crush taller

Complaining dream

Cross and john

Chopped parrot

Catching grasshoppers in dream

Cutting husband hair

Changing from human to animal

Changing from human to slug

Cutting dogs throats

Crawling on a ceiling


Cut big toe

Collapse of temple in dream

Chased in the dark

Cut donkeys head on altar

Creepy smiling man

Classmate gets stabbed

Casting out demons

Cleaning floor on knees

Carrying a bucket of water to the ocean

Change clothes or look

Crush is little brother

Crush changing clothes

Clothes too small for children

Chamber pot with urine

Children buried alive

Child buried alive

Child with a hand on the head

Collapsing ceiling leaving a hole

Celestial bodys

Cutting buffalo

Can’t see face in mirror

Closed gate dreams


Cutting off feet

Cut up bell peppers

Cyclops shadow glowing

Cart stolen while shopping

Chikoo dream

Coffee machine not functioning correctly

Cleaning out a shed to give away items

Cut in back of head



Cats that look very creep but someone you tell you that they are fishes and you look closer and find out they are fishes

Cloth stolen off drying line

Crazy person dying

Catching live crawfish in a small body of water

Cat gift

Carring firewood on your shoulder in dream

Cream colored snake

Chicken with plugged feather

Calming dream

Carrying heavyweight but it turns out to be less heavy

Carrying a heavy object but it feels lighter

Child laying with you

Cooking gas stolen

Cable list


Cashew plantation

Carrying a heavy object but it turnsout to be much more less heavy


Cotton on spot of were blood is taken

Can’t stand up

Cross wood

Cloud form like an angel

Cutting down oleander

Camp with your crush

Comb teeth broken

Coins in my pillow

Cow skin band

Cold lasagna dream

Calcium carbonate

Color gold and copper

Car rental sliding off cliff

Cow sound in dream

Condom under a mattress

Chicken frying

Cow inside

Charging elephany

Color in dream

Compete for money

Con artist

Coffee grounds

Coconut cake

Child singing to me

Christmas beetle

Chana dal near me

Children at school

Cat in home

Crowd ready to take flight in dream

Christmas lights fire

Carring a palm nuts

Caring a palm nuts on my head

Cyclops with one eye snakelike

Chased by a lion

Children graveyard put candles

City of wood

Corpse if a dead oerson

Corpse of a dead person

Carrying a bag of rice on my head in dream

Credit cards stolen

Curly hair

Cow horn

Cooking pot missing

Crossing the rivee

Conflict with stranger

Chomo trying to find me people trapped in areas

Championship boxing match



Coughing bubbles

Church and starch

Cabin in the wilderness

Cat jumping from car window

Cocker spaniel

Changing socks

Cow giving birth calf

Clothes floating

Chatting with president

Chasing me for my kidney and killing my dog

Climbing broken house

Creeping jenny

Color white

Cut leaf from a tree

Cardboard fruit crate

Cut hand of deceased father

Crying in my dreams

Car leaking petrol

Cion stuck in throat

Cebu pacific

Clone girlfriend

Crossing a busy street but being held back

C in my friend drunk getin in a man car in my dream

Climbing a fence

Conference room with toilets

Carly simon

Climbing over barbed wire fence

Chocolates from fanny

Cable fire

Child asking for socks

Carrying my dead body

Church altar

Crucifix burning my hand

Chased by drug user

Cut off the male buffalo head what is the meaning of in my dream

Choose t shit

Cleaning of spider web in a dream islam

Conference in a huge rocky building with big stone tables

Clothes peg

Cought before fainting by someone

Carrying a bag of charcoal



Cutting my whole body

Croches in a dream

Cow old poop and water

Coriander seeds

Child hospital

Cat falling from window

Crackling phone call

Crocodile taking cat

Cuddling with partner

Cutting dead body

Covered face

Chase to get uniform

Can’t find a toilet

Cease fire dream meaning

Carabao in river

Carabao resting in swamp

Cant find my dead husband

Chef clothes

Cutting someone neck

Crack eggs

Cutting own flesh

Cutting away some part of intestine

Cover quran

Chocolate godly weapon

Creeper on a tree


Collecting money from the ocean bed

Chaotic destruction

Cat and cardinal bird in same dream

Colorful flowers in a cemetery

Child cemetery

Carabao in dream

Car buried in dirt

Climbing ramp

Cutting someone finger

Cruise ship speeding thru big waves

Cycle teer number

Chewing tree gum


Child committed suicide

Cutting nails by dead person

Cooking porridge on firewood

Crush’s dad didn’t approve of me

Carrying water home

Church for white people and few black people

Colours and

Cat dolls as decor in dreams

Cow suckling both sheep and calfs

Chicken scratching

Clear water and flowerz

Cake with icing

Cough syrup dream meaning

Car moving in circles

Catching flowers from the sky

Catching inswa and frying

Cat eating raw egg in the dream

Counselling teacher

Child abductions

Charcoal burning fire sparks

Clint eastwood as a friend

Cestern in a house


Carrying away one of my slippers by water

Carrying away one my slippers by water and i didn’t see it

Chairing a meeting of officers

Chameleon in trees

Cannot find my daughters house

Carrying white agidi

Cow crash

Climbing up a hill in mud

Collecting apples and guavas in dream

Child throwing boulder at window

Continuing dream holiday

Continuing dream

Children turn to stone

Cracking palm nuts in a dream


Chased by black bear

Condoms full of semen

Changing seat in backseat of car

Coconut and avocado

Cashmere goats

Cooking sadza

Cooking clothes

Chasing chicken away in refuse dumb

Celebrating diwali

Calling allah in a dream for help

Car battery being stolen

Coyote bite

Climbing up a slippery staircase

Coming through the front door with papers in hand

Church knocket down

Cow playing with me

Chasing a bird


Cookies handed to you in a dream


Clef note

Carrying two bricks in a dream

Carrying someone on your back

Cutting finger

Church men wearing black and white suites

Cow swimming happily in river

Carmel dinosaur


Charcoal on hands


Cutting off rattle of rattlesnake

Close relatives biding goodbye to me

Climbing and falling dream

Charlie chaplain

Collecting phane

Chased through a grave yard

Chased through a cemetary

Cherry taste

Chubby mexican woman

Climbing staircase with candle in the dark

Chi chi


Cant find clothes or get ready for a meeting

Clothes old dustbin

Coming down from a plum tree

Clearing an athletics track

Clearing a track

Cancelling a contract

Cover with wrapper in a dream after being naked

Coin on blind eye

Chicken broken wing

Coat hook

Crazy brother

Chin dream

Chickens uncooked

Climing up a steep mountain to reach atemple

Cutting white towel

Cutting up white towel

Cutting a towel and leather for cooking

Catching someone

Cobra and rubbing the inside of its mouth

Carrying tubers of cassava on my head

Chased by a bus

Cloudy beach

Catching edible termites in the dream

Carrying a person and then throwing them

Child death by hitting in a bus and override by another bus

Chicken bones

Croton lizard with 10 eyes

Chief minister handshake in dreams

Climbing a hil

Changing black colour chair to white colour chair means what

Clean white room

Crocodile with ex boyfriend

Cow entering inside my home

Calling live person by dead person name

Couple images in sky

Coconut water drinking in dream

Cooking collar greens

Calling for help and an ambulance

Coins butterflies and birds

Crossing a running river full of water by swimming

Cutting a sist open on breasts

Car cashing driving of the cliff

Car falling off building

Changing faces and crying about it

Coming out ovary follicles

Changing faces a several times

Climbing through window

Carrying your husband in a dream

Carting pastor onmy ba k

Cant hear shouting in dreams meaning

Closed in toilet

Cave and water fall dream

Cleaning gutter

Chanting radha radha


Counting money in a dream

Children swept away fast flowing river and jumping to rescue them

Cat eat squirrel

Cat above door way

Cultist attack

Cooking porridge in a dream and it leaks

Cleaning god statue

Cleaning god and statue

Cannonball tree flower



Cross the sea

Circle bed



Confessing to murder

Calling out fatima

Climbing a ladder and floating down a muddy river with somebody you don’t know

Command dogs

Carrying oil

Childten with my ex

Chased by thugs

Custad apple dream during pregnancy what gender

Choose another guy over you

Clotges in a black plasti

Car pile up

Car show

Chase by tiger and bear

Changing the ghilaaf of kaaba

Camel meat

Choped my deceased father

Catching a ball in a goalpost

Chased by an obsses person

Calling out mom

Climbing over people

Chasging rabit

Children passing exams

Crowded swimming pool

Cut off hand

Cut left ear


Chico tree

Crush wearing green

Clock descending the skies

Clock in the skies

Commiting suicide

Cooked food and children

Climbing a cliff and reaching on a plane


Corn field burning

Cut in my stomach and a mass came out

Chicken parts

Chicken belly

Cat in the hat

Changing the leather of a wrist watch

Clouds and they turn into a mermaid

Cuts without blood on your hands

Cracked moon

Crab lice on the body

Crab lice getting on your body

Cadette dreams

Calling your name

Child demon

Collecting back my old dress from a friend

Chickens without feathers

Cats chasing chickens

Cowry meaning

Collecting maggi cube in the dream mean

Camphor lit on tongue

Camphor on tongue

Ceramic house

Carrying prasad from home to temple

Cleaning kid potty

Ceramic cat

Carijn child on scholders

Cloth in bag

Car flood

Clouds melted in the sky

Calamansi lime


Cat crawling on ceiling

Coins stolen

Cassava farm

Cassava farm in dream

Catheter with urine

Crazy person

Canter car

Carring a mattress on my head

Car moving with door open

Carrying a bag of grains in a dreams

Carrying a rice in my dream

Cleaning water on the floor


Carrying a very beautiful baby

Co wife pregnant

Child possible daught


Cutting my own toes off

Chanting hanuman chalisa

Cat and baby

Carrying away my slippers by water

Conjoint twins in cow

Cat eye

Chased by white carabao

Charging a cellphone

Charging a phone

Car falling from sky

Car falling from dky

Cyber bully

Computer store

Cutting a collar off of a shirt

Child molester


Chasing an enemy

Computer chip

Combif the teeth of […]

Combif the teeth of […]

Combif the teeth of […]

Combif the teeth of […]

Combif the teeth of […]

Clicking moon pictures in dream

Crack in clay bowl

Chicken in a dream mean

Crown heart

Can’t find your car

Child with snake coiling around them

Crystals were shooting lights out of ground

Cow giving birth


Cats in my room

Cutting up a ruler and painting the sections

Chanting lord jai shree ram in dream

Child bleeding

Car and clothes stolen

Chases by hyena

Crops digging dreams meaning

Cut not bleeding

Catching prawns

Conkers front a tree

Cream bun dream ang lucky number

Changing a nappy

Crush stalking


Cleaning my father grave in my dream

Choosing ace card from a man

Car door lock with padlock

Cattle eating maize field

Chased by kraal

Cat smelling you


Cooked meat in container

Cleaning my dead parents house

Chesed by an evil woman in dream

Coverd water pot

Charcoal in mouth

Crystal vas


Cutting my neck by myself

Cauliflower in ear

Curdled milk dream

Child becoming disabled

Child calling out to me

Cow tribe

Chopping spinach

Coconut wine dream interpretation

Coconut wine dream inter

Crying baby animal

Choir robes

Cat bitting you


Ceramic birds

Colorful brick floors dream meaning



Caught cheating

Cast iron fry pay

Child in car seat

Crying to allah

Coins inside eyes

Child being hurt by pool

Can’t wake spouse in earthquake

Can’t wake spouse

Can’t wake up spouse

Clothes naked woman

Coconut with it husk unremove

Changed clothes

Closed large safety deposit box

Cat catching a fish

Colored waters

Cards moringa

Child dreaming about snake

Cleaning bathroom

Chappals on pond

Chicken coop

Carrying sick cousin in my arm

Carrying sick grandma in your arms in dream

Cousin eating salmon

Carrying a smelly water on your head



Climbing a rope

Climbing cord

Climbing a chord

Cow having balley burnd

Cow burn from stomach

Chanting om namah shivaya

Caterpillar in house

Clouds partially blood

Clouds mixed with blood

Cow robbed

Cheating on my partner

Cooking meal

Cooking mill

Colorful clouds

Chase with a knife

Color red

Cleaning her wicks in ghe oil lamp

Chase by boulder

Cherry blossom leaves

Crush pranking you

Crow biting

Clams dead

Cemetery insde beach and clear sea seeing face of mother mary under the sea

Caught smoking

Child finding a safe house

Cutting someone’s hand or led

Children throwing stones at me

Cold feet

Cement truck wreck

Clothes inside of a drain with dirty water

Coqui the vtuber

Cow killing you

Child drawing


Cooking with bay leaves

Child is sick unable to speak

Coffin flowers

Crystal heart

Cleaning idol in dream meaning

Chased by dead

Chanting durga kavach


Curling iron burning hair

Cow earing beans plant in dreams

Chacoal grill

Candle with nunber 11


Cattle after passing green fields became dry

Cattle running through the green field and then the field became dry

Catching bush animal

Clothes fall into a well


Camouflage bird

Chicken meat

Cooking and burning meat

Christian dream interpretation of licking udara

Christian dream interpretation of licking usama

Change nappies and was the baby

Collecting coins from a hole in a river but when done getting all the coins the water disappears

Corn in water

Cows attacking

Cows attack

Clieitoe removed

Choosing who to die you or someone else

Cats neck snapped


Chickens with bulging eyes

Changing clothes in front of people

Clearing bushes dream meaning

Clearing bushes dream

Cat sucking on my finger

Children in basket

Crack in a concreat street

Chased by bulls

Chased through the woods by white thing

Commotions in the dream


Contaminated clothing

Cutting plantain leaf

Child dream being chased by mad man

Crush facetiming me

Cat attack

Cream soap

Cow bitten by snake

Conjoined cow

Crusade dream at home

Cold wet greenhouse


Crying in your dream by remembering someone dead

Collected my seat and exchange it

Chopping and then we started planning to cook

Cooking groundnut soup


Cheesecake with berries

Crocodile in water

Crystal skull

Carrying a water filled suitcase

Crushed crowd party

Cow skin

Carring clay pot on head in a dream

Childhood clothes drem

Carrrying fanta in dream

Colorful tall house

Crossing a river in a cemetery in a dream

Chickpea plant

Chickpea farm and plant

Chana farm with new chickpea fruits

Cleaning offals

Cyberg arms

Curd falling down in dream

Couple in camouflage

Chasing dog

Child hit by school bus

Clogged bathroom sink

Corn cracker



Crush taking care of you

Comparing wrapper

Candy wrapper

Cat paws bleeding

Clean up oil

Clamping off a hill carefully

Climbing a mountain in my dreams

Cheetahs hanging from trees

Cat eating liver of sleeping women in dream

Cat was eating my liver and i was alive

Chickens digging seeds in a garden

Changing pads in a dream

Car side swiped

Chewing liver and heart

Climbing up a tree over water

Colorful rice

Changing pad

Cutting hand on glass

Chanting hare krishna in dream

Clothes washed away in river then finding them

Cutting someone’s hair off in revenge

Copy cat

Cattle eating green mieles

Creation of the world

Carrying calabash in dreams

Cartoon general helping breathe through hair

Cartoon woman turns to bombing general

Catfish sucking roof of mouth

Color of plate

Cow failing from a mountain

Crocodiles in dream not attact

Cooking palm oil in the dream

Crashed van

Cement truck with load of furry animals

Cat eating brain

Chocho growing in bream

Cold monkey

Crosing running water on a bike and the bike rider disappearing


Calabash with wine meaning what spiritual

Calabash with wine meaning please

Child’s room

Cowboy riding a horse

Cat stealing fish from my house

Crossing a river with your father in dream meaning



Chugging beer

Covered neck

Cross section of a tree


Clothes stolen

Chinese letters



Crossing a stream stepping on stones

Carry heavy objects

Cancelling a birthday party

Clearing farm land with my friends

Carrying a child in the dream always

Catching black snake


Celebrity cheating

Car headlight being stolen

Color black

Cane corso

Cutting legs of family members

Cellphone got exchanged


Chimp hitting my head

Coffee powder

Code dream

Car driving without control

Cooking sheep head

Cutting me

Catching live animal not dangerous

Custard apple in dreams

Crocheting your own hair

Cattle in the kraal

Car back bumper crashed n dropped off

Crossing a gate

Cat getting murdered by a duck

Condensed milk

Childhood home escape

Cooking gas exploding outside your home without hurting no one

Child running towards me

Crude oil dream meaning

Colon cleaning

Colin cleaning

Cut tongue


Coughing fleshy tissue mass


Colour crimson on traditional costume dancing

Carrying newborn baby down mountain

Carrying baby down mountain

Current boyfriend and his ex girlfriend

Combing grandmother long hair

Can’t get clothes on