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Dreams starting with the letter C

Crush using you

Casket fill with money got stolen

Cooked githeri in a dream meaning

Cow that horn color red or black

Can fly

Chased by a clown

Climbing mountain with girlfriend

Can’t open door lock

Cooking oil stain on clothes

Cats and wedding

Country dancing


Carrying a heavy object

Cat poop on the car

Cut under your foot

Crossing the bridge

Cruise over ocean

Custard apples

Chase by police

Child seeing ghost in dream

Crow pull cloths

Carrying kids

Chanting kali mantra in dreams

Cow numbers in lottery

Cat bites my testis

Covering up murder with my best friend

Crap dream symbols

Can’t find way home

Cat peeing in a bed

Cranberry vodka

Clock hands

Coughing out your heart

Cost of feathers

Comforting an angry person

Cant afford a hotel


Catching a bat

Carved name

Carved name in wood

Child bringing snake to my bed

Cooking meat with eggs

Cheppals reverse meaning

Carry kerosene

Crush pinned me against the wall

Chevron patterned hair colours

Children going wayward

Crushing food

Cat knock down by a car

Curly and bleached hair at the ends

Closing an estate

Crossword puzzles

Cow standing in a krall and staring at me in a dream

Clipped wing

Cleaning for company

Ceiling beam

Carrying cooked meat to my friend

Crabs and fishes in my dreams

Crabs and fishes

Carrying a grandchild in the dream

Carrying white grandchild in the dream

Collect bananas

Charging your phone

Cleaning the ceiling dream

Cooking pot of food falling to the floor

Coat of many colors

Combing a dead man hair in the dream

Chased and bitten by flamingo

Car vandalized

Continuing dreaming of valuable stones me finding the

Confession of love to a foreigner

Coconut tree top cut off

Cartel coming to kill my childhood friend

Cutting your earphones

Carrying a basket of kola

Caught talking

Church elder gifting you a laptop

Close green buds of lotus

Cow caught snake by mouth

Canvas photo

Cat entering the house through the window

Chick killing snake

Cleaning someone shoes

Cat head cut off

Cleaning others people shoes

Cleaning a feces in someone who is long dead

Chased by someone with a shovel

Cleaning an oven

Cold hand touch

Chanting hanuman chalisa in scary dreams

Cat sleeping on me

Childhood belongings buried in ant hill

Carrying baby boy

Can’t move or speak

Changed room

Chains padluck color gold

Clouds that make numbers

Clouds that make number

Cleaning somebody’s house

Crawling on the ceiling

Cow and calf

Car repair lights on dash

Child drinking gatorade

Cosmic space

Cooking vada in dream

Coworker emergency

Cut open to suck snake vemon out by a dead person

Climbing steep stairs to ship

Custard apple during pregnancy

Crush drop my phone in water

Cleaning church walls with water means what

Cutting the head of a baby

Cutting the back of a head of a newborn baby

Caramel and apple

Container filled with lentils

Copying from friend in an examination hall while she is holding lamp in daylight


Condo story dreams

Carabao rise from the sea

Condo floor dreams

Coriander mint

Crush giving me a letter

Chandan putting at forehead in dream

Christian dream given cake by paster

Conversing touching someone in your dreams

Child’s handprints

Catching fish in muddy

Clothing swap

Crying lamb

Cutting off a penis

Culprit in home

Crush mom and his sister

Cow bites

Chaotic job

Cracked face

Carrying a wheelbarrow of udara

Carrying of udara in a wheelbarrow

Carrying of idara in a wheelbarrow

Cutting padlock in a draem

Cutting hair of dead person

Cleaning my penis

Cleaning boyfriends house

Comes out of the vagina

Catching fish in a river

Cow dung on my hair

Cow dung on hair

Cutting my one leg

Cut screen

Complaining about someone to a pastor in deeam

Chasing demons

Casting demons

Cigarette inside my pocket

Collecting pebbles

Cpr to a dead relative

Climbing up a rope

Coffin in the boat floating in the sea

Crush appearing in dream looking at me then quickly going away

Cockroaches biting you in dream

Colleting snacks from some one in the dream

Cookie biscuit

Cooking nshima for others



Crush give me love letter

Crystals black and white

Cartoon character

Cartoon characterz

Climbing and sweeping the mountain dream

Corn cob

Children bringing clean empty plates

Clean dishes or plates

Clean tithes or plates

Crowd waving and smiling at me

Critical accident

Cracks in china

Crack in my body

Cracked china

Ceremony with no food

Collision car

Crossing a street

Cooking feces

Children lying to me

Child being injected with poision

Crossing water to pick black pear

Crushing leech in a dream


Crying for someone

Confronting my husbands mistriss

Chhatrapati shivaji maharaj

Carrying firewood in dream number

Child hit by bus

Child hit by hus

Counting outloud

Crew of movers

Cocunut cake dream

Crush is crying


Cooked rice with urine

Curly haired

Cats eating

Captain helping to cross the river

Calamansi fruits


Carrying a sack of a charcoal meaning

Chichiuah dog

Cow drink dog milk

Clock hands and numbers falling off the face

Chocking on a thumbtack

Chocking on a tack

Clawed under my underarm by a young lion

Card board sheet

Country turkey

Carrying a dead person

Childs torn slipper

Couple in the sky

Coming light

Car missing doors

Cocker blast

Cutting my dirty hair

Carrying yam on the head

Catching frog dream number

Cooking human leg with disgust

Cooking human meat with disgust

Chasing away form the house by your grandma with a cutlass

Child swept away by sea water

Clock made of gold

Cleaning dirty laptop

Catching white anits

Cow miscarriage in the dream

Clear drainage

Collect malt drink for myself in the dream

Child calling my wife name in a dream

Cooking for strange woman wedding food

Carrying axle

Car axel

Clean cutlery drawer

Clean cutlery dreamer

Cupboards and drawers full of books

Cows dying at watering hole

Cow dying at watering hole

Cutting people with panga means what in adream

Chasing escaped live stock

Car overtaking and crashing into another

Commanding rain to fall in dream meaning

Car price

Cutting walking stick direct from a plant

Climbing in the rice mill machine

Converted vegetables into insect

Caterpillar in my thighs

Carrying a baby on shoulder

Caring a wood on your head

Cats tail on fire

Caged chicken

Can’t hold on to anything with my hands

Catching life titus in a river

Chased by self

Cow protecting me from blue bull

Carrying plantain suckers


Cleaning a dirty bag in dream

Cooking a squaral

Cooking stick in a dream

Crossing a river in a dream

Crush handed piece paper

Can’t jump in out of a window

Convoy in dream

Can’t find my name on a list in my dream what it means

Crying because am not financially stable

Car going off road into a stream and quicksand

Carrying water in a bucket and climbing a story building means what

Cloth swept by water

Cake recipe

Cocoa seedlings in a dream

Cabenet just fall down

Cleaning dirt in the marketplace

Chase by machete

Cow regurgitate

Church robes

Caring ex husband

Chapati dream num

Child dedication invitation

Cat avis dream

Cat anis dream

Cleaning a water source

Cow jumps in my house

Car stolen car returned

Chaos in a dream

Chased with cutlass in dream

Climbing walking up

Chicken pieces

Crowds and loud noises

Counting material squares

Correction officer

Clothes small

Cloudy and lightning

Christ sword

Car with no engine


Compus in indonesia

Chaos and no law and order

Chasing of mother

Coffin falling off

Carrying ashes and head

Certificate burning

Carrying ashes on my head in a dream means

Can’t light a match in the dark

Cloud bust

Cv submition



Chapped lips on my boyfriend and his working in the dark

Cooking sadza in a dream

Carrying my dead mother

Cercamu c vase

Contaminated sink water

Contaminated wate

Crossing by the river with kids

Calk in gums


Cutting a guava tree

Chased in desert

Classed in a desert

Chased in a dessert

Closing my left eye in my dream

Child self ask questions

Coordinating a meeting

Car ignition wont turn off

Colleague being shot

Caring for a chick

Chicken with chicks

Cutting driver’s license

Child asks do you remember me

Cutting coconut in soap water

Cutting green sirouse

Cutting green serouse

Couple sitting couch

Crying babie calling my name

Crying baby calling my name

Cleaning animal waste in farm

Crocodile on top of bed

Cherry dream meaning

Coconut meaning in a dream

Cut of bird feet

Clean and healthy

Construction and

Child falling in well dream meaning

Climbing stairs in a pool

Cleaning dust from arms

Cooking food from inside toilet

Car just fails to start after dropping someone

Crow bite on toe thumb and almost killing a crow with toe thumb

Carrying dead grandmother upstairs

Crow bite on toe thumb

Colored rice

Car being stuck in tar

Coffin floating in a river

Child swept away by floods

Card 7 of spades

Chick nest

Clumsy spilling things

Crashing a car

Cutting your husbands leg

Climbing hills with family members

Caremel apples with bugs

Crab and snake

Coughing thick black hair

Chadan application on face

Crocodile being eaten by dogs

Crocodile dying

Chasing elephant

Combing locks out

Credit cards stollen need to put a hold on them

Cumming in me

Cleaning locker

Child being suffocated

Collecting macadamia in a dream

Constantly sleeping with my uncle in a dream

Car on esacalator

Chopping forrest

Cutting forrest

Church alcohol

Cat chasing away snake

Cleaning clothes for my late grand father

Cobra dnake

Colorful place


Champaign bottle

Church looking like a shrine

Cracking and eating palm nuts

Canyon river dam

Catching an escaped bird

Cooking for my ex wife

Cows eating dry maize

Cooking milk fish

Cheque giving to someone

Child without head

Crushed by trash compactor

Chanting durga chalisa in dreams

Chicken pox to my daughter in dream

Crystal ball from your childhood

Celebrity in yellow car

Climbing spiral staircase

Climbing steps on escalotor

Climed a huge rock

Chikoo fruit in dream during pregnancy

Clear flood water

Carcass and friend being killed

Cotton like wool dirt under my bed

Cutting a dog

Chain being broken

Cow’s intestines

Chased by albinos

Colorful tube slide

Catching grasscutter in a dream

Ceo dream

Cross river with low tide and after crossing back over the tide became higher and there was a storm

Creek with a stream of water

Cola tree

Caged horses

Clear plastic bread rapping

Carabao dream

Cooking egusi pudding

Carved lotus



Covering plume in the ground

Car stupid working

Crush hurting my relatives

Cooked black beans

Chased by lion or cow

Chuka ulasi

Catch a rabbit

Churner in dream meaning

Calabash number

Child falling down drain

Calling allah for help and save you

Cutting daughters head off

Crumbling houses except one stand

Clothes bought by boyfriend colourful but not for me

Car sales

Crashing of a plane

Cooking pot roast with carrots and potatoes

Can’t catch breathe

Car trailer

Chicken pox on my child

Chasing car with leg

Crowd panicking

Catching a lot of fish using a spear

Coworker gifts you a flashlight

Cho cho picking

Cho chi

Cheap fuel price

Climbing hill with ex

Captaining a football team

Captaining a big club

Chasing me to rape and kill one of them

Catching two crabs

Climbing to moon and moon was golden in colour clicking that photo

Coming out of my sisters boyfriends house with strangers and i see a big red circle in the sky

Calf in dreams playing

Cow calf playing

Cow n self swimming in flood water

Cow n self swimming in flood waters


Cream on face

Crowd in the church

Car covered with mud

Carbon paper

Cooking red plantain and beans in an occasion

Clothes swept away in a river

Cook cow lungs

Crumb cake

Child in mirror behind me

Coins being tossed at me

Car with no windshield

Cancelled class

Carry a naked woman in your dream

Climbing down a ladder

Cut necklace from my neck

Cutting tree down

Carved penis fall off from the throat

Chadar chadna in drea

Cooked clams

Carry money in dengarous place mean dream

Cracking brazil nut

Couple frog

Caught a bubble in a dream

Catching bubbles

Carried two skeletons up a mountain to a tree

Chicken flying away

Cattle eating green maize in the field

Clothes hairs

Clothes and hair

Crested penguin

Crab pinch both feet

Carrying fruits in dream

Can i drink kallistia when pregnant

Chased by my fart

Condom in pocket

Can’t get up

Children catch frogs and give me but i can not holds it it pumping it self then i let it go

Children catch frogs and give me but i can bit keep it lobg ob my habd vecaus it full of air

Cannibal dwarfs

Covering with blanket while asleep ke

Carp fish

Chewing foreskin

Cooking beef and turnip

Cash shortfall dream


Car mays




Cartel violent dream meaning

Chickens wings cut off

Covers body

Craking neck

Cleaning ex wife house

Cousin having a stroke in a dream

Crying dog

Creases on palm of hand

Christmas book

Cutring your enemy hair

Cattail fruit

Cunning blood onto me

Crying in front of krishna

Carrying chapati in your basket

Color emerald green

Cuddling fictional character

Cow bleeding from head

Crystal ball in clouds

Chin chin dream

Calling someone thief in dream

Cut of his penis

Carry heavy blanket with green colour

College bunk

Cancelled crusade in my dream

Churning butter milk and find butter dollop in hand

Cleaning white sheeps

Cooking pots of different size shiny silver new

Cleaning of leftover food in dream

Cousins engagement dream

Cows eating green maize field


Creepy smile face

Caught in wire

Cooking dried fish in a dream

Crawling on stomach

Control buttons

Crocodile shedding skin

Cotton dryerball

Cooking chicken

Collecting phone in the dream

Chased at work


Carrying a lame boy in a dream

Climbing ladder

Carrying mandazi with your lover taking it to another ladyit to another man

Children fighting me in my dreams

Carrying green polythene bag

Carrying a prohibited polythene bag with a mandazi with your lover taking it to another woman

Carrying mandazi with prohibited carrier bag with your love and taking it to another woman

Cow vomiting

Car filled with people and having fun

Climbing steps on the wall

Child attack by lion

Cutting grass with

Calm winds

Cracked spectacles

Catching a bush fowl alive with bare hands in a dream

Colorful butiki in a dream

Cooking in a pot set upside down

Carrying my husband on back in dream

Catching fish from inside soil in a dream means

Crying over a dead friend and a wake up immediately

Crush kissing ankle

Climbing stairs and finding coins with a little boy

Caught cheating with a friend i have feelings for

Creepy doll walking down your hallway

Cavalier dog

Cobra coin

Cobra and coin

Chunky baby formula

Cuddling a deer

Cat jump on my neck from rooftop

Carrying grasses

Cat jump on my neck from somewhere high

Curling plant

Coming out from the bush

Crazy person chasing ang throwing stones on you


Canoe on land

Church with burglar bars


Cmodo dragon

Calling out someone who talks badly about you

Chickens gizard

Crows flying backwards

Compact disks

Chanting dreams

Cutting earlobe

Calling dead peoples name

Cleaning a ex house got paid

Cinder blocks going out drivers window and passenger window

Can’t find door

Cowpeas in a dream

Cutting sugar cane in my dreams

Cupid shooting with several arrows

Clothes tear on rhe doad

Cooking while naked

Caged animals


Coverd head

Covered head in a dream

Coverd heas

Catching a bird

Catching a colored bird

Cover head

Carrying red plam oil a dream

Cashing a bush goat and the baby

Coconut rotten in dream

Coconut falling on head

Could not speak

Child failing in exam

Coconut fire

Child fell

Cant find photographs

Crying on a song in a dream

Clot milk in dream

Cat eating a cat

Cows eating vegetables in a dream

Crowbar stabbed

Cry about a person who dead in the dream

Carp fish moving away


Cow mooing loudly in my face

Cold hand strangled my neck

Clearing spider web in a dream

Can’t call someone

Crystals in hair


Covered in blocks of snow

Chased by a shadow

Chased by a shadaw

Carrying firewood on the head

Children in a cemetery

Calling for your mum an you feel like your chocking

Cars driving wrong way

Consensual gang bang in front of ex

Cream color dress

Cheating ex

Crush dad

Coffin n wedding

Cut trees

Cleaning grandmother house with aunt

Chinese female in red

Cinese red

Chinese woman

Cleaning a deceased grandma house with my auntie

Cracket feet

Calling a women name agnes

Cow killed by bull


Crazy eyes

Car rolling into the sea

Clean water in river

Catching a rabit

Cracking my knuckles

Cutting my dead son hair

Coffin full of biryani

Children throwing stones at you but you catch them

Cow with bleeding nose

Chanting om jayanti mangala kali mantra

Clearing out table

Child penis fall down

Camel giving birth

Child getting rape

Carrying a kist and bring it inside the house

Cooking food for my crush

Coming back to home country from abroad

Carrying green mealies what luck number is that

Carrying green mealies

Clothes swept away by the dangerous river

Call cuckolds dream to creams the wife amazingly videos scenes redeem for his an inadequate little thing

Child died


Cashew dream

Child climbing out window

Chopping firewood

Chop and gather firewood sit around fire brother starts conversation with me i get up and go to bed

Crops growing inside the classroom


Cutting down reed

Cutting down a river reed plants

Chess prices moving

Car skid parking

Child lost in a crowd and tension


Crush drunk

Cover nacked

Catch monitor lizard with your hand

Carrying jerrycan filled with water

Cuddling neck cougar

Crying for allah

Crush giving gift

Coffee actually being dirty water

Conductor in orchestra

Cat dog snake

Carring and meating albino children

Cow and lord shanmuga in dream

Clothes blown by wind

Cooking plating fish

Cooking in my bedroom

Collecting my cellphone

Cave swimming

Cooked roti

Crush nakes

Court dream

Chating hare krishna mantra in dream

Child falling off a boat means

Crack mirror in your dream

Crowd no recognition


Cat hissing and fire


Corner room dark figure

Ceiling falling in

Cleaning dirt under my nails using needle

Carrying baby on my back in a dream meaning

Cut down all your parents plants

Catching a bus

Calotropis in a dream

Chasing a mad man in the dream

Catching live animal in the dream

Cant penetrates

Cutting off some ones tongue

Cleaning of mucus

Constant death

Cleaning of god comes indream

Carrying dead body

Cutting off my own head

Cooking chapati at a funeral

Cows drinking water n bathing

Chopping someone arms off with an ax

Cutting of okro in a dream

Carrying woman on hip

Carrying woman thru knee deep rushing water

Crabs coming out of your scrotum

Collecting looted money

Children sliding down a roof

Carrying an earthware in a dream

Cut in right hand

Changing your room

Cliff dream scared to calm

Chicken and hens

Clay pot falling between my legs

Clay pot accidentally falls and break in my feet and break dream

Caged tiger loose

Cages tiger

Clay pot accidentally falls in my feet and break dream

Climbed on a chandelier and fell to the ground with it

Climbed on a chandelier and fell to

Cow tripe

Can i help you

Cutting your arms down

Crush telling me they like me but it was a prank

Chocho tree meaning

Corn in head

Conbing my hair in a mirror and it thick and beautiful

Child losing limbs

Cracked wall of a building

Closing the shop door in my dreams

Closing the shop door

Child throw stone on you mean

Cant escape

Conversation with a boy

Curtains with holes

Collecting new fabrics from my grandmother in the dream means

Collecting new fabrics for my grandma in dream means

Coat and rack

Cutting dog tail

Cutting dog taile

Centapede stinging me

Chewing cola nut in a dream

Cold feet of someone

Climbing over a fence

Coffin that has water

Coffins with water

Children murdered for food

Cleaning a filthy handbag

Collecting pearls and natural crystal stones in dream


Chasing and caught a white cock

Chasing and caught a white cook

Chosen among others in the dream for a particular purpose

Change in mind line in palm

Crow dreams

Cutting head off a horse

Creature attack trying to kill

Creature attack i

Cooking peper

Carrying peel cassava on my head and back baby while climbing hill

Colored rivers in the sky

Carpet ruined

Child and snake

Cleaning the floor using a lot of bubble water

Can’t write email address

Clouds attack

Child acting like an adult

Change clothes

Cat eats another

Covering a grave in a dream

Crocodile tail

Children attending church service

Coconut crab

Cannon ball

Cult recruitment

Covering body in red win

Chicken flushed down the toilet

Clock running fast

Choppy turquoise ocean water

Car repossession

Chicken flowing through water

Curry leaves


Colorful swim pants

Correcting me

Cooking beans in dream what does it mean


Catching lots of frogs

Caught lots of frogs

Caning my sister

Cooking ugali and your husband is complaining

Cutting my stomach and exposing my intestine and asking help from people i love

Cockroaches infested my box and shoes

Cutting bitter leaf

Colorful sheets meaning

Collecting glass cups

Cooking by the roadside

Cooking from the ground surface

Cooking stones

Catching frog in the dream

Catching a wild bird and its eggs

Cobra falling from tree to the water in dream

Cobra falling from tree to the water

Coal train

Cat escaping

Crying nd begging for forgiveness in a dream

Catching a chinese dough



Crashed boat on land

Crude oil smell

Could not light diya

Coffin with number 19

Coffin with number 10

Cut bag strap

Carry rice parents

Calling into water

Clear ziplock bag

Clean vagina

Climbing stairs with baba on my baby on my back

Cutting my testicle open

Cream coloured feathers

Cream coured feathers

Cursing someone to be barren in a dream

Covering nakedness

Child swept by waves

Changing house

Chant of fortified dreams

Ceiling dream

Child commuting sue side

Crush sister saying he likes you

Collected macadamia nuts in the dream is what

Collecting macadamia nut from dream

Clothes in grave

Chased by ball head

Chewing and spiting out needs

Collecting of heads of people

Clamp placed onto parchment

Cutting a tree branch

Coals mouth

Cutting beef

Chase by dead person

Carrying my deceased sister alive on my lap discussing

Carrying my deceased sister alive on my lap discussion

Catching frogs

Cooking samosa

Cash is a suitcase

Circular room


Collecting water from bolewhole

Cut head in dream

Collecting cucumber from river

Christmas tree angel topper floating

Cobra snake looking at me

Crystal bridge

Cleaning flight in dream

Cursed objects

Counting of chickens

Circle smoke on top of my head awake

Constantly being caught

Crowd trying to break in and jump me

Covered in gum

Collecting coins in river

Can’t hear someone

Cat biting my nipples

Cat biting my nipplea

Cat biting my nipplez

Cutting off my late fathers finger nails

Cooking food for a friend

Car parl

Country store

Crush grabs my belly

Cruise with men and friend

Cold gust of wind lifted me up into the sky

Cold gust of wind lifts you off the ground

Clean slate

Circle of lights

Cousin came to me in fours four of them at one time

Chick fil a

Clothes carrird by flood

Clothes carried away by flood

Cleaning dirts from head

Crab claws

Crab claw on ex lover penis

Carnival in my backyard

Child wearing no clothes

Caught on hooks

Church scarettead

Cooking cassava

Clothes being washed away by clean water then later recover them

Cock feather in legs in dream

Catching a mouse

Clitoris very swollen

Communion cup

Cow wearing red clothes

Conjoined twin

Cheating with a married woman and also countless of others and after fighting off a homeless

Child and fire

Cow water

Can’t write a phone number in a dream

Can’t open my eyes in my dream

Cows without horns

Cats frying

Cursed sound in dream

Climbing a mountain while being in ship

Changing royal sit in the dream

Coins inside ashes

Coffin and casket

Crucide meaning

Climbing ladder with a friend

Clay model people

Catch a puffer fish

Chased in corn field

Coming out peacoxk in vagina

Cow and calf statue

Cutting own tounge

Chasing by a cat

Carrying water in the head with a jerrican together with prenancy

Cutting folded paper w a paper cutter

Cock dreams


Carabao biting a snake

Cow peas buying

Child boyfriend

Collecting money on the reef

Cooking that become charcoal ash

Collecting money in the sea

Courting two people

Colorful wall paintings front of church

Cluttered baby toys

Clear deep water

Cold water to drink

Crumbling bones

Crying in front of deceased person

Cat bird

Cat birtd

Cheating on boyfriend

Cobra snake

Cut dead old english sheep digs tangled hair

Cock fighting for his eggs

Clear sea beach

Command liberar

Cryptic symbol on wall

Cake on floor

Custard apple boy or girl


Called by a nightdancer while with little siblings going at the well at night

Children being murdered

Cleaning my angcle clothes

Child harming siblings

Crush being taller than me

Chased lion

Carrying people in an urvan

Climbing cashew tree with ripes and unripe nuts

Cursh at my birthday

Chasing and trying to kill who your ex is with now

Cow changing into a swami in water

Clean the house from garbage in a dream meaning

Collecting packs of maggie