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Dreams starting with the letter B

Being ordained an apostle

Black bets

Boyfriend hating me physically

Black twisty tie coming out of my skin

Being throwed at in a dream

Both hands through a wall

Being in the wrong hotel room

Best friend sleeping with arich man but not in action

Bull entering a glass house

Bag on a tree

Bury self

Buying food from a restaurant and eating

Born a new daughter

Boyfriend running away with one shoe

Being crushed by logs

Brighting fish which is made up with the star in sky

Blankets whipped by water in a dream

Bad taste kn

Bent eyeglasses

Buying of cow skin

Buying corn in the dream

Buying corn

Bos memberi sebuah paket

Breaking a flower verse in my dream

Black teenage girl

Buying used purse

Buying used purses

Beads soaking up water

Boyfriend putting sindoor in dream

Breaking a cellos bow

Boyfriends shirt got tore

Bag the crown

Biblical meaning of road junction

Being flipped upside down

Brother went mad dream meaning

Being chased by someone

Being in fear of someone hurting you

Being chased by a dog in the bush

Being offered condolences

Big fat bass

Burning fingertip in warm water

Being an instrument

Blind old woman

Baby with webbed fingers


Boss opening door and giving key

Bulleyes in a dart

Blowing air of dead person

Baby in grid

Bird spitting fire

Blood girlfriend

Breast feeding in child

Breast feeding in monster

Baby bouncer dream

Being an arcade with your father

Backing baby

Being a demi god

Being covered with pure white cloth

Boyfriend resting his head on your lap

Boyfriend gives me old mother in law clothes

Broken match

Buyiny mealie meal in my dream

Building making

Best friend cutting my arms

Being in amsterdam

Big dog attact and bites a foal

Bullet symbolism

Bird killing snake

Bathing in a hole

Blind an sister in dream

Bonding with people in my dream meaning

Baby clawing

Boyfriend played me

Buying palm fruits in a market

Being chased by sangoma

Brushing bush

Big brown dogs

Brushing bush and road brushing

Back cat

Breaking teeth

Being on a stage

Being at a sports game during st patrick’s say and everyone is dressed like leprechauns

Borrowing sachet water in my dream

Burning sanitary pads

Black ship

Bagalamukhi maai dance in dream

Black lizard with white spots

Boyfriend holding hands at home

Being circumcised in a dream

Blind snake

Black wolf figure glowing yellow eyes

Brokem wooden ladle

Brick on fire

Blown off to the roof

Bites in face

Body guarding


Baby twins

Babytwins and one died

Black car disappeared with driver

Boyfriend has satanist

Birth to dead animal

Black eclipse moon

Banana with maggots inside

Bushes growing

Big smile

Being at ocean


Baphomet holding a candle

Being spanked

Baby walking in street alone

Baby with four legs

Baby girl with four legs means what

Beetroot in bag

Banana plantation

Being fed bone with no flesh

Bird eating mango

Big cats eating other animals

Blood sprinkled on face

Back massage in dream

Body srub in dream

Big green taro leafs

Baby tooth cavity

Been rode on a keke in dream

Being scrached by long nails

Burying the already dead and buried spiritual meaning

Big rainfall on the bus with family and my people


Bob saget

Baby dinosaur

Borrowed trench coat

Baby hippos

Breaking firewood with a panga knife for church activities

Blowing sangu

Buying akamu in a dream what is the meaning

Being taught how to pray in the dream

Buying red oil and groundnut oil

Blood stains inside cabbage what is the spiritual meaning of this dream

Baby falling from the back of mother

Boys not happy

Baby shopping box cold

Buying airtime for ex colleague

Bird swallowing his own egg

Buying gold jewellery

Buzzing in ear

Blue snake biting my butt

Break geode

Break geods

Blisters on my leg

Black seed

Being coronated

Being told to delete a video

Black mountain

Blue spiral in the sky causing mountain tops houses and people to get sucked up into it and dead people to come back to life

Broken glass in anus

Burnt out cars

Being in a mafia

Black goo and eyes

Black room with a light

Brahmi tree

Brahmi yree

Bison skull

Beatles in the ears

Being ejaculated on by force

Being lost in the dark

Bad dog

Broken brakes

Bear claw

Biting point finger

Bitten lips

Black pills

Boyfriend engaging you

Boyfriend giving me money

Black person

Breaking and entering

Blank scripture


Buying sunglasses in pink lenses

Black elastic bands

Black dog urinating

Building house foundation

Baby girl bleeding in a dream


Black and white cat

Broken egg with chick inside

Being chased and flog by masquerade

Building books in my dream

Boat and the sea and sitting in a shipping container full of water

Beta symbol

Boats and the sea

Big toe in water

Broken glass coming out the vagina

Beer bottle number of teer in dream

Baby pampers

Baby nose is running

Broken glass angel

Black spot sore lips

Biting you crush

Buying cooking stick

Boyfriend sees girlfriend applying cream on her body in his dream

Buying big and yummy star apple fruits

Big and yummy star apple

Bronze frame

Borrowing slippers

Bought food for a mad person in dream

Becoming a milkman dream meaning

Bank black card

Burst water pipes

Bird turning to child

Bad audor

Brother wearing black ring

Bags of charcoal

Before going to exam i wanted to eat banana

Buying a white car and driving it

Buying black shoes and in dream

Bell bottoms

Buying eggs and bread

Brinjal seeds in the dream meaning

Brick in river

Blue oceans


Bigfoot and forest fires

Bathing by the roadside

Bull horns

Bar in downtown lawrenceville

Buying a new jiko

Breaking a snail in the dream

Building blowing up

Brother being gay

Babygirl walking like a animal in dream

Bruise on both knees

Bellybutton large on little boy


Bird in my vehicle

Breastfeeding a baby in a dream

Blurred vision in dream

Blank white paper

Baby missing limbs

Blowing dust dirt in face

Blue and white cake

Biblical meaning of having surgical operation

Burning maopane worms

Burning worms

Burning worms on my room

Buying pure water sachet in d dream meaning

Basalisk tide pool

Birds taking fish

Bedridden patient walking

Bird shower

Blue humanoid being

Blonde sick horse

Beating ex girlfriend

Big bindi on fire head

Being suck by a mad man

Bathing on the grave

Being shoot by an army

Baby tiger and baby leopard playing

Bucket full of money

Banana leave

Being desired by men

Brown and black cream

Being treated like a princess

Being aroused

Bite of chocrocah

Burnt plates

Blessings in dream given by great people

Being born from a cow

Bending plant

Being helped

Bathing in old water

Boyfriend dressed as fireman

Being dressed inappropriatly

Balderdash board game



Being watched in your dream

Bird marriage

Buy black shoes and bag in dream

Broken coffee filter

Beating someone with a bat

Bloody bleeding hole in abdomen

Boil in the back of a single girl


Baby born with 6 toes

Black eyed children on a dream

Bricks and water

Blood water pot

Blood in a pot

Being denied entry into a building

Boyfriend sleeping on different bed

Blowing out green nasal mucus

Binding a demon

Boyfriend in bed with daughter

Banging head on wall

Black and yellow snake in kitchen sink

Black big toes

Biting your nails

Banana leaf fan

Bruised fingers

Breaking up with boyfriend

Blue house sliding down green hill

Borrowed momthers turkey vaster and she wanted it back

Birds with broken wings

Being given cowry in a drea

Burning jackolantern

Been give groundnut a dream by young girl

Burning animals in an oven

Bathing in the pond

Bees laying eggs in hand

Bathing with salt

Black bird sea

Bringing flowers to the vigin mary

Beating your daughter with broom

Big person become small

Buying ankara in the dream

Bird turned into mouse

Big bum

Burning of the church uniform collar and the conner of the blanket

Black small finger

Baby sleeping next to my grandmother

Boyfriend paying my dowry

Big headboard

Big white headboard


Bestfriend has 3 legs

Brother beaten up in the dream by someone

Baby robot dancing

Being offered a basket full of red pepper

Bowl of shine coin


Beening a class monitor

Bible soaked water and torn whiles preaching

Bhasma in dreams

Brother hurting me

Baby cow with placenta

Blue ocean painting

Boat below small fountain

Biting toes

Birth to 2 month baby

Boyfriend gives traditional dress in dream

Being in love with a friend

Black scotch tape

Been chase by snake in a dream

Birds nest

Boyfriend fingering me

Bathing with my husband with his another wife and kids

Boyfriend giving me yam

Buying fruit

Bones taola

Biting little finger

Biting pinky

Bearded man

Breathing into others

Being bitten by dogs

Back yard destroyed

Being chased by boyfriend

Bitten by my dead

Blue fore

Being kissed on the cheek by my sister

Black out

Black stones removed from foot

Brother offering gum

Buying robb in dream

Bread wrapped around a baby boy


Baby toy of krishna

Babar toy of krishna

Baby with 3legs

Being in the water

Becoming a demon

Bleadinf gums

Bathing in the bucket with warm water

Bus conductor giving coins as a change in a dream

Blue slugs

Being told you are a seer in a dream

Being given seeds wrapped in a white ruled paper

Being given seeds wrapped in a paper

Being told to plant trees by a dead oerson

Being attacked by street kids

Being in a big shop

Become potato chip crumbs

Betol nut derm number

Braai meats and fire

Being chase

Buying janamaz

Boiled maggi means

Burnt cloth while ironing

Birds seeking shelter in a storm

Baking a cows head


Baking cow

Been brought down from heaven

Bury at door


Bad pet

Being trapped in a mirror box



Biting ears

Bee in the eer

Bridge overflow and has taking my belongings away

Bridge overflow and has taken my belongings away

Boyfriend dates my friend

Beautiful well laid bed in red colours in a dream

Baby in water

Black jack stuck on a uniform

Being flogged in class

Befriended a wolf

Befriending a wolf

Bugs in ear

Black bears

Baby getting hit by rock in the head

Baby boy waving

Broken loop on jeans


Big hang nail

Bleeding in forehead

Bleeding in the did

Black peacock

Birth certificate

Business owners house

Big gem stone

Bug living in my toe

Black dog with snake

Barney the dinosaur

Being drove with a celebrity in a rolls royce

Breast turns green

Baber intentionally trims my beard and mustache

Baby boy coming out a water wave

Boyfriend chats on me with my enemy

Bump on my penis

Bathing with water that bathed dead person

Brass vessels filed with water

Baby on my lap

Broken isphandla

Building being demolished

Breaking groundnut in the dream

Bird ornaments

Black stone exploding

Boyfriend badmouthing me

Bathing blood and water

Buying shoes and handbags

Buttons of the coat falling down

Bandicoot dream

Bug on dig

Being given a land with camouflage fence and a loaded shotgun meaning

Buying wakye in the dream what is the meaning

Ball of light spinning around a tornado

Boyfriend wit wife n son in a dream

Brother and sister in water with snakes

Baby statu

Biblical meaning of chapati

Beheaded father

Boyfriend commits suicide

Blurry vision dark cold room spinning and ex touching my arm

Blue anthorium in a dream

Baby girl with silver hair and eyes

Beating a trash cleaner


Bra under man’s arm


Beer bottle explosion

Bugs in apple

Bright clear ocean

Box with computer in it

Baby talking

Biblical meaning for the number 10

Buying potash

Blood fingerprint

Brick on brakes of car

Bus full people with distorted faces

Black exercise clothes

Brown blanket on your head

Brown blanket on head

Burning watch

Book pen give you to sign with your wife means

Bank card signature

Being trapped driving through stampede of horses

Baby pampers dream

Bad air

Baby taking a bath in the toilet

Boy and girl

Black hole in my lift palm

Bride on top of a mountain

Baby in vacant house

Blood flowing from feet

Brother having vagina

Big snakes chasing me

Been chased in your childhood home by a man you don’t know


Black jack plant seed falling from my body

Blood on my room floor

Baby boy eating lot of red colour food

Blue memeide tail

Blood stained bible

Bathing with olive oil in dream

Breathibg starts to get heavy

Boyfriend being tortured before my murder

Burning gods photo in dream meaning

Black shopping bag

Brown baby sheep

Bull mating

Buying the house of my childhood friend

Belpatra leaf

Black box hitting car

Baby spit on me

Bowl in an attic

Burning in a plane crash

Burning cord

Breaking a virgin girl

Black bangles


Being magical

Being friends with ghosts

Black snake two tails

Butcher human body

Being attacked by arrows in my back

Black snakes

Being awake and seeing someone suck your soul out

Bathing with leaves

Blind and mute in dream


Brush teeth

Black dog approaching my front door

Babies switched boy became a girl

Bag of cherries

Babies triplets

Bowl of many apples

Burying crates of eggs

Bird in orange

Broke ornaments

Bleeding penis

Broken award

Black ant eating pieces of bread in the dream

Being given fifty maura note in a dream

Bird in the gate

Bired in the cage

Buying fatcook and start eating in the dream

Bent index finger

Bent index finer

Bird pecking me

Brother fall in aholl

Burning land

Blind naked woman

Broken hand bands


Biting off someone’s index finger

Buying of moimoi in dream

Brother hit by a train

Being slapped by a mad person

Blood in bag

Being chased by a man wearing mask

Black gram

Bus card

Blood pouring from a glass

Bat in my cats ear

Broken birthday cake

Black suites

Bread and honey

Being naked and seeing a deceased loved one

Business studies teacher

Black and gold king cobra snake

Bitten by snake in dreams and blood comes out

Birth of your child

Blue skin

Bath in front of many boys


Black burning belt

Biten by black greenish tortoise lizard on pinky finger

Big foot coming up from deep sea

Black mat

Black doormat

Bawl plants

Broken olive oil

Broken angel wings

Black blobs

Being peeped by someone

Blending fruits together with a fish

Baptized in a river wearing white doek

Big statue of sai baba

Big hand with stars pointing

Back bone in the body

Boyfriend sleeping with my cousin

Being followed in a car

Blue gift

Bringing inverted t shirt for hanging

Building a double storey

Buying electronics in the dream meaning

Being slowly pulled away from danger

Body building conpetition

Blood stone dream meanings

Barking jackal

Being humiliated in a dream

Big shell coming out from mouth

Becoming toys

Brother get haircut

Bathing with rice water

Baby talking you

Bed cloth and dates

Bed cloth

Bal gopal taking form of kid in dream

Beating sekere in the dream

Black roses

Boyfriend cheated

Baby delivery having both genitals

Black and white striped snake

Big deiper

Bitter kola in dream

Bags of meal meal

Black hair man with blue eyes

Black bug fling in your mouth

Blood in face

Blood in vagina

Being pregnant with whales

Be head

Being detained with handcuffs in the airport

Being in market in dream

Blind in one eye

Big pet snake

Bag of weed

Blue teapot

Bellybutton pain

Burning plastic bags

Burning plastic bugs

Boarding school

Bath with anointing oil in the dream meaning

Beaten will a broom on my feet

Being chased by a blind person

Buying marriage aseobi

Brick path

Big red x

Baby clothes in a basket

Bit by a cockroach

Blood clots coming out of vigina

Being lost in an unknown place

Box full of gifts

Bear with horns

Bear with two horns

Bear with h2 horns

Bear with 2 horns

Bird in a cupboard

Blue purfume bottle

Bear with borns

Bag of marijuana

Beeping sound in dream

Ball of fire

Black hair animals




Broken ruby stone

Bitteryam in dream

Broken shopping charts

Baby snakes coming out of a wall

Brother in law dying

Being proposed to by a lesbian

Black fingertips

Boyfriend bathing with muthi meaning

Biblical meaning about dreaming about a ring

Brown snake touched in my bear feet and went

Big henna cone

Black bear w cubs

Bones with meat on ut

Buying a new clothe to mourn the dead dream meaning

Black gram in dream

Battle field

Bad presence touching my ankle

Big bull

Black bodie

Bathing a dead mother in the dream mean what

Being touched in my private

Broken wings chicken

Buying new slippers

Buying kola nut

Butterfly in spiderweb

Beards falling out and leaving a small portion in a nice shape

Bite mark

Bottom of feet black

Body in red river

Being kidnap

Breaking of bottle of amounting oil

Boilers cattle head

Black bull snakes and large garter snakes

Bread stick


Birthing animal

Birthing animal leg

Burning sheep seeing its skin

Bltrying to be rape but i killed hom

Black and blue cloak wore by many woman


Bee in the vagina


Being killed

Boy buying a girl a shoe

Birth to piglets

Bitten bu unknown creature

Bluejay rainbow

Baby burned scalp

Birds nes

Blouse off shoulder

Becoming a treasurer

Birth dead pet

Blouse white

Black bear cubs

Black tropical fish

Being swarmed by ladybugs

Buried clothes

Boyfriend gets someone pregnant

Boyfriend gets his friend pregnant

Bird prey

Boyfriend cheating with sister

Broken stairs then falling building

Being assaulted by bad people

Breast being kissed on

Black bee in the back of my head

Breast lumps

Blue apple in a dream

Brother giving me a roll of quarters

Black white shade peacocks in an unknown house and i want to take a feather at last i found one feather

Burnt fried eggs

Blue and yellow room

Blue and yellow romm

Being around dangerous dogs

Body worms

Black teetar

Being given roundnuts and eggs

Begging for dress

Boyfriend cheats with sister

Blood placed on a silk cotton tree

Blood coming out of my penis

Buying shoe and bag meaning

Buy black cloth

Buy black tshirt

Boyfriend naked in bed with my sister

Beast reduction

Baby toucan bird

Broken glass pot lid in a dream

Brown spots on shoulders

Bird hatching

Buying heena attar in dream

Boyfriend with cross eyed girl

Bath with onion and soap in a dream

Bush mango for cooking

Bird filing deerm number

Bottle of brandy on a corpse christian meaning

Bottle of brandy on a corpse

Banana farm

Baby clothes

Being breastfed by ones dead mother in a dream

Bathing using feces as soap

Black horse with red eye



Baby’s feet fall off

Bigfoot chasing me in my dream

Brother killed mom

Brother law

Broke shoulder bone

Broken hanger line of clothes

Baby falling from the sky and onto my couch

Blowing into my mouth

Blister on head

Broken water ride

Being given old iron sheet

Burnt money next to water

Been chased by a big dog

Black goat with ram’s horns

Biting someones tongue in a dream

Body language

Beating a horror game

Being chased and stalked

Breaking a drinking glass

Buying shear butter oil

Black saree

Bird with two blue eyes

Buying a cello

Boyfriend being loyal

Bumping into a scary etson

Being loyal to me

Beating with cane dream

Beating someone with cane in dream

Broken glassing leg

Basket full of blood

Blackened ring finger

Baby to heavy

Buying a bag of meale meal meaile

Blind black dog biting me


Black muthi

Baby inside box

Black and white beats

Breath exhale

Being abused

Burning paper and sticks

Buying attachment

Blessings from ancestors

Black and red

Bull having fire in forehead

Burning of clothes

Baby and mother deer seen in dream

Baby in dream

Broken light bulb

Blowing in the ear

Broken ball

Ball non sphere

Blowing black snot from nose

Bathing in a school bathroom and young boy come in to play football n but saw me

Buyinging tricycle

Barnola drip

Burnt shed

Bald monkey

Being given incence in a dream

Being given an incence in a dresm

Breaking eye glasses

Bride death before wedding means

Being able to communicate with animals

Bramins in dream

Being around presidents cars

Black wisdom tooth

Baby daddy and his 2 baby mamas

Baboon dream sleep in bed

Boyfriend chasing me

Boiling sky

Burying someone alive

Burying somone slivr

Becoming a auricular singer

Bear back

Bear bitting neck

Being in a dirty prison

Baby boy selping my bed

Buying butter

Bright coloured mountains

Broken pendant

Bull bit my hand

Bilimbi fruit

Bitten by a mad woman in the hand

Break a clay pot

Blood mixed with rice

Bags of ground provision

Bone jewelry

Betel fruit

Breaking firewood

Black widow spiders running i’m scared

Brother becoming mad in a dream

Bees under my toe nails

Black stone circled me

Being trapped and burnt by a sparkler

Burning tortoise

Bleeding armpit



Broken troopy award

Broken troopy

Big ben clock sound

Bird stealing eggs

Bleeding from virgina

Buying a farm land

Buying kontomire in a dream

Breaking some one jaw

Buying things for my boyfriend

Both day and night

Blind man was running after me to marry me

Burning a goat

Breaking string of instruments

Blue egg under nest

Being held by someone from behind

Bus driver

Bald tires

Breast full milk and baby refuse to suck it

Being bitten by a mad woman

Being stuck high on a pole

Boyfriend cracking my k ucles

Boyfriend cheated on me with a hickey on his neck

Boyfriend waiting outside the house and house was messy

Boyfriend lied and had hickeys on neck

Being bitten by mother

Bugs coming out of my vagina

Brain washing

Biblical meaning of picking of fruits in a dream

Bruised ear

Buying a baby

Baltic sea

Black hair on a woman

Blue floating bowl

Burger king

Broccoli boobs

Boyfriends work colleague

Bamboo stirs meaning

Bulletproof door

Blood on toilet paper

Bright stars in the desert

Bumble bee

Boat tipping

Being in a fire

Bag melting on stove

Buring spiders moving torwards each other then are put out by old friend and then one remained on my finger dead

Buying pap

Birthday party at work

Blue clothing on dead brother

Begging for food

Building society for the better

Brown apple

Being best friends with beast

Blessed in hand

Blessed by hand

Blue ganeshji

Black knot in hand

Buying wrap pap in the dream

Bear attacking sheep

Binding a bible dream

Bleeding plant

Banana dream meaning

Being attacked by dog

Burning cross

Burning scar


Barren plains or houses and feeling great feelings of dread

Blacket stolen

Bloody tampon on the toilet

Breaking sorrel plant in dream

Bleeding with teeth falling out

Broken eye goddess

Book of daniel appearing to you in a dream

Boat ride

Being a little chinese girl

Blck kitten

Bus fare

Blue and white striped

Blue and with with a bird

Being rushed at

Babys empty pram

Black spots on face

Building house with boyfriend

Burnt boiled eggs

Burned thrash

Bugs falling from a light

Biting someones finger

Burnt soup

Boyfriend introducing girlfriend to friends

Big buttocks

Bottles and sauce

Brown gunge coming from your eyes

Branch in the chest

Bus in the dream


Big crowd


Blading man

Burning my husband clothes

Black mouth

Black dog chasing and about to attack

Baby getting sucked in by a pool filter

Burning peacock feather

Busy plaza


Basement floor

Brahmin eating food in dream

Black fire


Baby and formula


Bittermelon seen in dream

Blood clots coming from vagina

Bath with girlfriend

Being posessed for days

Black and white thread


Being harmed by momo

Being chased by momo

Building house near cemetery

Blood oat with a boyfriend


Boy and girl fighting

Blue suite

Bambara nut in my dream

Being givan a car

Bird wearing jewellery

Black face after make up

Black goat with red eyes

Building exploded

Boyfriend wearing a condom in my dream

Buying a grave

Buying chapati dream meaning

Bites by a cockroach

Brand names

Butterfly inside a moon

Being feed to another human after murdered


Breastfeeding a monkey

Blue and white knitted dress

Black tounge kissing

Being in high place and seeing helicopter

Buying tamales

Baby sleeping on the moon

Broken little toe

Bull horn attack and injured

Break beak of crow

Bream beak of crow

Bread rolls