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Dreams starting with the letter A

African wedding

A black be hive stuck to a toilet then extre large yello and black bee flew out of it

A black twisty tie coming out of my ski

A vla

A vla k

A person who died walking fast

A fallen tennis ball

Am sitting on a chair on top of water

A soldier holding me

A lot of hair

Angel with horn

Accepting communion but seems to be empty

A boy making rangoli

Adhd constpated baby

A woman hushing you

Attempt rape by father

Avoiding a friend who is flirting with me

Attending a church wedding dream meaning


A mad woman asking for zinc paper ina dream

Abusing god

A governor asparent visiting me

Airplane upside down floating in water

A dream of a your girl child being raped by an uncle


Avoiding arrows

Abandoned arcade restaurant

Arrow shape stars in the sky


A woman accused you of charming her

Animal in costume

A pregnant woman licking udara in the dream

A midget biting me

Ask in for money

Arabic word flying in sky seen in my dream

Attending a class with my husband

Attending a class

A zionist making incision on my body

Antique dealer

A cork chasing me

A tree growing out of a rock

Arcrylic nails with micro chips

A lady behind the door



A horse is eating the back of my hair

Avocados falling from the tree

Athletic stadium

Ark of covenant

Active shooter dream


Accusing someone of theft of a phone in a dream

Accusing someone else of theft in my dream

A boy born

A figured man chasing me in my backyard

Arch angel raphael dream

A sick wear white and blue clothes


A small box with ears of pigs

Asking your friend to drink alcohol

A loved one dying tragically

A scary alternate universe

Another dimension

A light form of jesus christ

A teacher beating me in a empty classroom

Advesary hospital penis turned into a cactus

Attending a wedding

A painting of a knight of some sort

A good friend broke up a relationship

Attending a rugby game

Attacking reindeer

About dead friend and her mother

After visarjan

About given a sanitary pad as gift in my dream by my boyfriend

A baby with a hoof

Asking for things to buy in another country

Australian currency

Abandoned play park


Armed forces



Apologies in dreams

A rapper died

Airplane parents psychic

A dog with lips

Army or military dreams

Army or military

A dead person cutting a tree in house meaning

Annointing oil on the floor and rubbed with 2 hands on the floor

Arguing with cousin sister

A boy licking my vagina means

A dog was trying to forcefully enter my house but i blocked the door as i just turned to my left i saw a black cat looking at me i chased it and it went

A woman vomiting snakes in a dream

Applying cream on the body

Accidentally killing dogs

Assigned an easier task compared to others

Akshick records


Appointed dreaming

A pregnant woman dream of touching another woman vulva

A fish wearing jewelry leading other fish wearing to me on shore

A lion and a snake fighting

A lion and a snake

A lion killed a big snake that bit him

A dream of a president giving you his number

A girl eating with guys in the dream means what

Angels descending up and down in my vision

A german monarchist

A headless cat

A dream where ur father bought cloths nd jewelry for mum

Argue with dead husband

Avoid mother

Avoiding mother

Apartment being demolished

A blue humanoid being

A friend comiited suicide in my dream

Adversarial man

A big car

Antelopes teo big ones and a baby at my house i end up carrying the baby antelope and the two disappeared from there the dog were chasing me wanting to eat that baby antelope bt l managed to save it

Attacked by a dog

All white k8tchen stuff

A tree growing on a rock with only one root towards a stream

A tree growing in a rock with only one root

A dead person painting

African linen fabrics

Aghora coming home

Aghori cheasing

A girl writing something on my palm

A sky high house on stilts

A friend wear army uniform in a dream

A staff in my house seen in a vision

Angels killing people

About a moving gold c

Apple with worms

A girl kissing you

Already dead people and it was wrapped in uncover bags

Accidently clipped wings

Allah and muhammad written on sky with stars

Appaloosa horse stallion and indian boy

A planecrash into your work place and seeing someone dead

A planecrash into your workplace

Ants in sugar box

A women touching my beard

A small pot of curd


A male that have vagina in a dream

Accidentally kill a cat

A dead woman gave me green bananas

An old dead woman i know gave me green banana in a dream

Acquisition of stealing a baby

A friend sucking your breasts

A pet dog killing a snake

A politician buying me food

A thin woman smiling on dream

Already married ladies remarrying in the dream

About water

A dead person taking bath in the dream

Animals on my wall and tv

A stranger gift lot of incenses

A stranger giving lot of incenses

A cow eating black berries

Apple infested with worms

Asking hand in marriage

A dead frog coming out your vagina

A big purple blob

Ayate karema in dream

Awake during surgery

A cow with three head

A old friend

A sword in dream


A vow renewal

Am pregnant and i dream sell kola nut

A shaman at the door

A person upside down in side of a car

Angry kinnar in dream

Avoiding net




A women dreaming of another woman from other race giving her meat to eat

A women dreaming another woman from other race giving her meat to eat

A poisonous snake eating a huge rat

A whole in someone head

Attending phone call

A friend asking sanitary

A women wearing all black with long nails and black long hair

Amala and ewedu in the dream

Angel broke

A deceased relative asking for moringa leaves

Alternate reality scenario

A person is dead an i have a dream on there birthday

A door with no walls

A night dancer attacking me

An arched bridge in a dream also could represent a middle man a wise man or a ruler except if the bridge leads to a loathsome place or to a dead end

A woman wearing a mpangela cloth black and white

Arranging cars in a car park

A table nail to the ceiling

Accident with work car

Another person falling from the sky

A child receiving 2 new fingers

A live chicken frying on hot pan

Arm wrestling with my crush

Amber color

A house in the forest with a girl that you like

A arrow


Attacked by a cat

A nan saying hello

A friend giving a message

Afternoon dream

Angel spreading oil on my moms body

Ate my bf skin

Attempted killing of me with knife

Applying mehandi

Angry pastor

A woman dancing over me wearing just a skirt

Asking someone to fix your car in a dream


Amaphupho ngempepho emhlophe

A baby

Ancestral land selling

A vision about couple of moons in heaven

A guy trying to steal my girlfriend

Avoid eye contact from ex boyfriend

A kid prophesying to me

Angel flying toward me

Animal attacks and fires

A guy skinning animal parts

Accident with bicycle

Ancient roman building

Ascending playing cards in dream


Arguing about having another baby

Applying relaxer on hair

Arrested people

A wife donning clothes of husband

Arm rub

Asking a dead sibbling a question amd recieving something to put in your mouth from him

A man accompanying me in the rain


Abandoned car dream meanings

A mansion in a dream

About killings slags

Ancestoral calabash breaking in the dream


A girl washing bringing back washed and rinsing clothes

A jinn fell in love with me

A reverend father reported me to my parents

Accompanying a small unknown child to his classroom

Anus hole

Ati atihan in dream

Affair with older man

Ants coming out from the bag

Atta halwa

A known woman allowed me to touch her private part

Ashes but still hot w

Admiring a cloth in the dream

An ill loved one

A friend’s dying mother blessing in dreams

Abandon small animals

A dog getting abducted by a ufo

Ancestral land


A calm ocean

A word from god

A sword

A message sent by an angel

Arm loosing feeling

A call from a stranger

An widow women wearing a flower means

A snake entering a hole

Apple trees blossoming

Aircraft maintenance

Alhmadulilah recite

A tree coming through my bedroom window

A letter

A beautiful little white bird sits and pees on my hand

Acting in a mmovie

Angle numbers meaning

All male threesome

A dead man gave me kula nut in a dream and i ate

Accepting a green salwar

A picture of a clay cup

A prisoner dreams of a beheading

Apple and guava in dream

A strang man sucking my breast

Antique metal elephant

Avocado pear

A dead person eating sugarcane

A baby reciting quran

A goat tied with a rope and you are pulling in a dream

Ate feaces and vomited in a dream

A horse being shoed

Another man zipped your wife

A baby girl throwing up milk in your arms

A teacher flogging you in a dream means what

A teacher flogging you in a dream meaning

A friend video calling me and suddenly i got naked

Asking price for some things in the dream at market place mean

All family

A bag full of assorted clothes

Army leader

A deceased asking for flowers

Ackee and white rice

A person with a blue purfume bottle

A dream i correct coins under the ground with ashes

A lady pastor styling your hair

Albino child

A friend of mines we were sitting in the front she was sitting beside me she put her legs on my lap and start rubbing the tips of my fingers seat of a car

Abstract place

Allahs name written

A flying horse with wings

A person removing crust from my eye

Animals like big rats and eating it selves in my dream what it means and some animals after killed of some person they eating when i saw they finished to eating

A blood vessel bursting

About my two ex boyfriend

A pastor wearing me a silver necklace in my dream what does it mean

A child under a table

Ai oi

Anointing oil in a jar fell over and spilled the oil

A friend coming back from abroad

Apples in the fridge

A young red indian girl knelt beside me

Agriculture land with full of water

A group of people telling me to turn around while driving

All top teeth falling out

A bowl falling

A boy asking my name

Assisting birth

A snakes

At dream touching feet of elders

A woman pulling off her pant for me in my dream

Apply coal on skin

Applying coal on my body

A purchase not working out

A pregnant woman giving birth by the water

A father illtreats his wife and kids physically

Asking for forgiveness

A candle fall from hands

Animal eating another animal vilontly

Andrew naked

Allowing yourself to be pleasured

A woman is claping hands at a bird tht looks like a deamon

A child going blind

Aerial silks

A vision of zodiac capricorn


A guy gave me sesame seeds

A black snake trying to scare you twice and then it disappears

An old woman asked me for water to drink in a dream

A girl looking at u and bathing in dream meaning what

Albino ‘em


A girl calling me to the other side of a clear stream

A baby falling of a huge bottle

A guy was wearing a black and white suit in my dream

Acceptance speech

A light around cloced door

A key for my partner for him to give me a purple stone

Art of conquest

A light around cloced dooe

Allah name

Affair with an older woman


About your future daughter

A woman remove her pant and throw it to a man in a dream


Ancient messages

Al fattah

A black and white calf coming from a kraal running towards me in a dream

Accepting tigernuts from a deceased in dream


A b ch d

A man carrying me on his shoulder in a dream

A key cut

Amaphepha amhlophe

A head of a dog with my dead father

A couple of swans on a coin

A goat with 4 babies in dream islamic interpretation

Acne breast

A man dream of a little girl kissing him on the cheek

After rain storm

A man holding a bolo in a dream

A dogs leg in the dream


A dream about a large phone a large cell phone

A dead family nose bleeding

A dead family member nose bleeding

A bird throwing up

At night i dream snake and lion what do you mean

A dead saying they are cold

A friend in a white poilet uniform while your in black

Alloy in dream meaning

Answered prayer

A virgin male taking a bath in milky water

A dog loosing a leg

A horse head butting me

Aghori writing numbers wit blood

A serial killer fell in love with me

Avatar dream

Anointed by a queen



A dream about about a baby boy sucking me

A madman hitting another madman with stone in my way so i became afraid and took a different way

Airport exam

Air port

April 27

A love relationship tales on an added dimensión

A guy classmate confessed that he loves you

Alif lam mime in dream

Abandoned in a car

A loved one borrowed your cellphone

Animal 2 heads

Admitted to nursing collage

Animal cry

Archangel ananiel

A man forcing a tongue kiss

A girl i know putting her hand in my vagina

Anxiety when dreaming of huge sumo wrestlers fighting and i am small

Angel of death chasing me

Attending same school woth spouse


A girl i fought with the kept touching my hand

Angry boy child who hates your dead ex tells him he hates him

A boy in my class

Allah name in sky

Art store

Arguing with my husband

Afraid of crossing river

Afraid of crossing a river dream

A lady want to pray for me in dream

A woman want to pray for me in a dream

Animal killed other animals

Attack by an aggressive carabao

Applying alta in feet

A growing sapling

A husband dreamt that his wife is pooping in her plate

Animal droppings

Ants in you

Airplane crash

A crow stole my wallet but then i went after it and took it back

A crowd infront of you

Arana in dreams

A wedding turning into a funeral

A tiger licked my face

Animals gathered around a tree

A pastor conducting deliverance for me

Ancestors fight with family members

Angel wearing black clothing mesning

A celebrity holding a broken spear asking you why you broke his spear


Angel with a briefcae

Angel with a briefcase

A green tiger

Abu bakr

Army general

A group of childrens a person could not control them

Assassins dream meaning


Above ground pools

Animal communitcating


African print robe

Anointing pour on the ground in a dream


Auto pilot

Abandon church

A little red and white snake

A dream of wildlife

Arrow constantly hitting heart

Appointed as deputy minister of home affairs in my dream

Anointing my father in laws feet with oil

A sister having a period

Amacider nogologo

A black person following me to school

Arm hold

Arm in arm

Always born a sleepers not to give it out

A man cross in train

Arrow dream meanings

A man chasing me with a knife

A lot of small car accidents

Abandon wife reunion in dream

Artificial sun

A flying fighter jet

Attacked by a horse

Asking my boyfriend to pick up rocks

Aalim giving pages of quran



A demon pulling my tongue out

A cat eating your food in your dream

A small girl fell in gutter with water but was floating

A rabbit on a bus

A woman in an arcade playing videogames

Above water

Animals mating

A bird ate a mouse

Ark of the covenant

Applying aloe vera plant on my body

A naked woman eating food

A deceased mother bleeding

A man tell me there is some one waiting for you then a pretty woman come to me in a dream laying down on whit sheets in a white gown what does this mean

A man gave musical instruments

A woman watering to plants in dream meaning

Avoiding a bomb blast dream

A crow carrying a rabbit

A girl with 6 fingers in my dream

A girl with 6 fingers in my drean

A girl whom i know i was putting my hand on her head and feeling peace

Asking deaf people for directions

Ants inside my vagina

Animals skin dream

A man giving a woman his hat in dream

A bunch coriander leaves

A dream about fish eggs

Abdominal muscle 6 packs meaning

A person that passed never talks to you in your dream

A mad man driving you around

A wife flirting with other man



A red lizard turning into a white snake

A yellowish bird



A boy touch my hair while i was sleeping

Accuse of impregnating a women

Appearing of buddha statue from a sea

Aggressive child

Angry pastor conselling you in a dream

Aunt once removes

A growth of horn on nose

Angel in the cage

Ashy forehead

About jovial dolpin of my dead wife

Applaying black grease on the body

A dream of my mom selling children clothes

Aso ti ko bata won mu

Alive shrimp

Annatto fruits in dreams

African salad meaning in dream

A person who is dead

A bull headed creature with a bloody body

A young girl holding hand of a male

Applying heena on widow hand

A tooth turning into a skull

Ants crawling on my penis

A kids lied about their age

A lady wearing yellow saree with lamp in her hand

A dead manmaid

A lion eating lion calves

A unopened gum bar reappeared

Army tanks

A bird landed on my head it attacked me untill i feel unconscious

Alligator eating cat

Animal face human body

A snake had just ate something and digestion

A snake had just eaten something

Animal licking my face

A stranger thas acts just like me

A river and so many eggs

A train in a galaxy

Afang leaf

Animals fighting

Animals living ngbin avcar

All my family in a room being protected by my brother walter

A hand touching the hair

Angry dog

Asking for pads

Aperson caring your hair

Ant in the full sugar jar

A little girl nose bleeding

A wife marriedanother woman

A weak wife is dominated by a lesbian fcriend

A lesbian frien seducing a married woman

Abeing bitten by the dog on the belly button in a dream

Abeing bitten by the dog on the bell button in a dream

Asking for my hand in marriage

Angles or goddess

A girl kissing my ear and be liking it

Attempted abduction

Adobe brick tower

Angel girl

A blue fireplace

A child’s rocking chair in front of a fireplace

Arabic written sky

A woman kissing a man tenderly on the lips

A man kissing a woman on the lips tenderly

A changing face


A miyamotto on a horse chasing me on a field

A guy begging me to be with him

Attack on school

An office building with its foundation on the river

Almost to the top of a steep hill

Apply gee on roti in dream mean

A pastor give me a six stone in a dream

An office building being built on the river

A snake eat my friend

Ask on a date

As a teacher i went late to school and could not evaluate my students

Asking direction he say turn left

Attending a wedding with my deceased parenst

A death person gave me a lifejacket in a dream


A monster turns you to stone

Above a college stadium

A dream for appointment letter

An 40 leg crawling in vagina

A black colt with white hearts in her coat walking with a cow

A man i dont know carry me and lick my private part

Asking to marry

Arms giving in wedding

A dead person touching breast

Animal birth human

Alight from a bad bus

Awoman head turns to an animal

A child syanding on a highway


A full moon with a pyramid sign inside

Allah name pendant

A woman pouring castor oil into my mouth

A goldfish eating smaller fishes in a dream

A goldfish eating smaller fishes

A dream of a cowry inside calabash

Art for first apartment

Alligators laying on the river banks

Apples in pregnancy

Ayyappan irumudi

A man brought a male goat to mate me

Amafinyila ephuma amakhaleni

Adult becoming a baby and sitting on mothers laps

A young lady sitting with older women

A young lady sitting with older women in the dream

Am dreeming my family buy the car

Am dreeming my mae

A cat hitting your penis


A tiny firl in a chair

A girl that i took home and presented to my mom and she did the chores

A snake kiss my fingers

A dream within a dream

A friend crying for forgiveness

A ball getting bigger and bigger

A girl touch my stomach i seen her face

Admitting when you’re wrong

A ball becoming bigger and chasing after you

A little boy screaming mommy

Airplane toy

A love one eating out my intestines from my belly button

Army soldiors

Asking money

Aura glowing pregnant

Archangel michael

A boy shorter than me in my dream

A boy shorter thane in my dream

A beautiful bird eating food between your teeth

A beautiful bird eating food from your teeth

A mad man pouring water on someone

A fly

A celebrity giving me flowers

Abandoned waffle house

A dead person asking me for purple clothes

A husband selling provision

Awaken from dead

A book

A relative give you raw cassava and you eat it

A man sucked my right boob

Axe over head

Ayo olopon

A president holding a staff promising me financial support

A mad woman give me my lost money

A lion almost eating me then licking me instead

A dead person pooping

Avoiding a kiss of someone with cold sore lips

Ancestor wearing green clothes


A girl giving me a wet peek

A girl kissing me on my jaws my crush

A snake with large fangs tried to bite me

An money truck falling onto the house with no injuries

A dead pastor gave me money for his family

A family member with a cloning of themselves

Aliens telling me they watch out for me

A giant spacecraft visits me

Adult children who are young

At home

A chess board and all the pieces wrapped in saran wrap

A friend kissing you boob

Arguing with dead wife

Arguing arguing with dead wife

Anti christ


Amla in dream

Alien eating

A horse being torn apart

A lot of silverware

A man in a hole

Amasonja in the dream

A dream of your old school

A friend manipulating me in an evil one in dream meaning

Ayyappa mala in dream

A lady dreaming of circumcision of boys

A girl borrowing shoes in a dream

A very dream of wearing nude lipstick

A classmate stealing icecream from a kid

A bull attacking people

A pair of shoes carried by flood in the dream

A child sucking my penis

Armpit darkening

Another man kissing my spouse

Abandond house

A baby was eaten by own family members

Ancestors awakening in dream

A woman leading asar prayer in dream


Amarillo jumping

Assembled car

Apere oluwa

A healer wash your hands

Applying coral lipstick to my granddaughter

A small wooden house by the sea

A piece of gold in a river you take it and move on

Angels blowing trumpets

A thief stealing a laptop at work

Asking someone to cover your child with a cloth in a dream

A parrot and couple pigeon flu and seat

A baby boy putting head inside a whole

Art critic

A chameleon sucking my blood

A deaf person get out of prison

Attacked by a chameleon

A bolw been turned upside down


A man sitting in the car and my boyfriend sitting on top of the car

A mad man physically touches me

A smoke turn into a person

A walk with someone

Afraid of crossing the river

A baby girl

Attempt to slice my stomach

Assistant in school fees

Application of letter to dream association

A person with horse holves

A sign warning to look down

A man is trying to find a woman and do her harm

After spraying from eyes

A dream i get farted by a girl on my face

A mother fingering her daughter

Attacked knife

A baby falling from my back

Appointed into the authority in the dream

Attack by invisible entity

A woman wear man trouser

A bed of flowers trying to bite you

Aurora boreal is

A celebrity naked

A man sucking my finger

Aak flower

Aaj tree flower

A meaning of dreaming a green sink

A boat getting caught in a whirlpool

Animal made of fire

Arkansas open

A party celebration

A spirit in a rage squealing n throwing things at me

A snake enters in my private penis

A snake enters in my private part

A shallow slope

Accident pooping

A muslim man in a long white dress kneel down doing prayer

A love relationship takes on a added dimension

Aboriginal song

A vulture eating a fish

Assisting to fetch water in a dream

Asking about how much is my salary


A man asking for cold water from a woman

Amputated left foot in a bag

A man singing among the choir but not a member of the choir

Adult calling me mommy in a dream

As a man l had a dream touching a large penis of a familiar man l know

A death pointing at you to come

Algae eating

A death person pointing his fingers to call you

A death person calling with his fingers

A death person fingers

A woman being circumcised signify in a dream

Aqua butylene glycol glycerin betaine sodium hyaluronate (2 510 ppm) hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid (5 ppm) sodium acetylated hyaluronate (0 5 ppm) camellia japonica leaf extract beta glucan 1 2 hexanediol boswellia serrata resin extract disodium edta allantoin panthenol ethylhexylglycerin


A muslim butchered a young muslim girl

Alligator water

A eagle eating

All solitaires stolen

Africa black boy being chased by a hurd of elephants

Accepting gift from your enemy

A woman trying to entice my man being naked

Astral projection of my mother entered my body

Ancestors were trying to send a message and my mother entered me to find out the message

Angels eyes hypnotizing things

A frame

Attending harvard



A man in silver suit walking towards me

Animal skinned

Applying anointing oil on your face in a dream meaning

Alligator in a dirty pool

Animal burns

Amafinyila aphuma enkomen

A deceased handing a set of keys

A person giving you traditional drink


Alighting from a bus

Alta in dream

A girl kissing me

A divorced girl dreamt herself being prostitute

A snake bowing his head to me

A mad man begging you in the dream

An unknown woman sat in sky

Aluminum foil

Attacked by an animal

Am dreaming my dead husband talking to me he will take revenge to his enemy

A pile of clothing in a big track

Animals turning into people

A dead person tied up

A group of dogs chased me and i tried to protect my self from it but one of it bitted me

A little boy and praying for me in my dreams

Altar in your sitting room


Asking for my money to be returned

Attacked by hippos

Apply sheabutter in a dream

Asking for sanitary pad

A gathering of people cooking

A child being sodomized

A pin pierced through finger

A christian lady wearing hijab

Always being left to find my way home alone

Attacking people in a dream

A friend in an old room with potholes

Angel shape cloud

Apply coconut oil on the body

Attractive old woman with white hair

A ugly chick with teeth


Aghori comes with me in my house

A green snake

Arguing and pushing dead husband away

Ability to rise and float

A dead family member rolled into a carpet dreams

A deputy president wants to date me

Attacked by money

Ascending a mountain to the

Ascending in the skies

Ants on my leg

A hessian cloth cover


A big bird carrying man away


Auto rickshaw

Ants in purse


A dead person prayering for someone

African velvet tamarind

A hijra loves me

Armpit licking

A mad man hug me in my dream

Angry durgamma bitted me in dream

Assassins attacking me

Abandoning a beloved dog

Apartment window

A black door being pierced from light

Angel dressed in green

A guy bought waist bead for me in the dream

A ghost gaids me to safety


American boat

A thief stole all of the fuel out of my car that i had just filled the night before

A meerkat tride to kill me

A winning hand of spades


A slashed farm nothing in it

A hand forced itself into my butt hole


Assaulted on a bridge

A madman trying to eat from you

A friend giving me pepper chili

A dream arguing with ur uncle and mom

A woman gave me an olive oil

A wiman gave me an olive oil

A dead person chasing

A room with no windows

Afraid of crossing a river

A ball

After termites bute i see how bad the damage on my body

Apologizing after kissing in a dream

Angel protecting me in his arms

Alighting from a bus in my dream

Ababy sitting on the floor

A baby sitting down at the feet of a man

About late husband sick in my dream

A duck of somthing like duck crying around my bad

Among us

A cut on my left hand

Appreciation dream

A unknown old man called me to work in his mansion in a dream

Attend function

Am i the holy ghost

A pattern telling you is over in my is over

A pattern filling in well with refuse in a dream

Alien parasite

Angel in dky

A wounded woman at her back

A fear

A field and a horseman roman running right though me

An evil goat looking guy with one eye and his whole face being black trying to

An evil goat looking guy with one eye and his whole face being black trying to hurt me

Army bag of tools

A man carried me on his shoulder

Angry carb

Angry carbs

A dog snatched my watch and gave it to a boy what does that mean



Applying kuhl surma to the eye dream

An acquaintance of mine saw a hospital dream about me

Alligator pepper

Anointing by a penitent father in a dream


At the funnel

Areca tree

Animals coming out of body

A transparent strobing object during the brocess of wakin and have poralisis

A dead family member pushing you down stairs

A dead family never pushing you down stairs

Applying for a job

A bleeding komodo dragon

A mad person hug someone in her dream

A couch is sucking me in and i cant scream

A dream to have a a hurt foot which has many cracks on its skin

A car

Asking god a question

A baby choking

A choking baby

A dread relative being blind

A random old man kissed and hugged me and i didn’t like it

Alan becker



Angel of death

A woman with hooves

A friend necked dream

An unmarried man sees his marriage bride unknown bride not present many people people who have passed away in real

An unmarried man sees his marriage bride unknown and not present many people people who have passed away in real people having own fun


A tennis racquet with one string

Ash in mouth

Aloo paratha

A friend hiding from me meaning

A friend hiding if she me

A friend running away from me

A man dressing vry fine in the dream

And fry dog

Arm around waist

Ababy walking in my dream

Advsnced car technology

Applying kajal

Areca plates

A girl child sitting opposite to me on her father lap

Arabic letter non written in sky

A police dog sniffing me

About to be eaten by pigs

A snake crawling across your legs

A baby appearance changing

A woman in green sari in dream

Antique possessed by female ghost


A achool drink leaking with a hole in it

A chinese little girl talking to u

A scholarship to china

A mad woman biting somebody dream

Ask to pay $7

A fading blue light

A hot burning coal furnace

A brown hen

A blue marker

Aso oke

About serena

A single horned goat

A man dreams of being promoted to the outer court

A school friend helping you

Alcholoc drink

A closet

Amputed male organ

A woman playing with my penis