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Dreams starting with the letter A

Adopting a dog

A lady was raped by his maternal uncle

A lady to be raped by his uncle

A dead person sharing drinks

Allah written in arabic

A live kachina doll looking for bosa

A insect biting my sheep

A cow with fish wings

A pregnant woman dreaming of hair fall from armpit and legs

A dream with a picture of a heart floating

An old metallic tank falling on me

A water tank falling on me

Axing conch shell dream meaning

Alpaca dying

A woman purpose to me

A girl purpose to me

A flamingo bit me harshly and i did not bleed

A snake fall on my back from the door roof

A man thrown in a river

Applying oil at the sick part of ur body

A dead person giving under wear to me

A person asking maize meal

A dead man calling you to give you milk mean

A dead person gives you a red rose what was that mean

A man named mathias placing something in my handss

A dream of a guy buying me lotion meaning


A dream if muck

A stranger

A person with a shining face

A pregnant woman dreams of hair falling in a dream

A pregnant woman in a funeral

Absolutely not sure what

A gift of silverware

About ring or horse

Ayyappa dress

Ayyappa swamy dress and some person on dream

Animal feces on sand

A woman i love

A friend getting visa means

Aghori blessing

Animal sacrifice of a dog

A feast but no plate

A woman is cutting her breast

An unknown daughter

Apocalypse plaque car destination zombie

Apocalypse plaque car

A silo falling on a 125 year old family farm

A silo falling

A man had 3 willies

All black fade eye demon

Attending a wedding at the pool side spiritual meaning

A girl sending her nudes in my dream

Accepting a torn tshirt

A blind old man

A dead person giving a gun

Aliens and wild animals

Aunts boobs

A gog suckling year thumb

A fox licked my stomach in my dreams

A black bird with the most beautiful shinning and white eyes

A person draws on my forehead

Asking the time

A dead person gave me yam in dream

Alot of ants

A woman compliments my ankles

A dead person wearing my clothes

Asking for the price of alcohol

Anyone paste a black colour on your face

Ancestor seen naked in dream meaning

A girl murdered two girls a women and her daughter

A girl murdered one women and one child

A dream when a computer does not load fully

An old man suck your virginia what does it mean

Am breaking a virgin

Adopting chinese girl

Ay young woman shaking a mad man

Affair with brother

Asked girlfriend

A dream by grandma that my brother and i were wearing yellow laces in a market place where she wanted to buy meat

Abusive parent

Astranged mother

A stranger mother

Ask if you can pray

A mountain of gold coins

A gnome turning me upside down

Accidentally cut myself with knife

Addressing envelope to deceased friend

A person walking through fire

A spirit in the basement

Air blowing into mouth

A mouse crawled into my pocket and i was scared to take it out

A nice crawled into my pocket and frightened me

A small brown paper bag with a white kitten carefully folded

A dead father holding a flashlight in my dream

A child drinks my gatorade

A child drinks my gatoraide

Annapurna devi

A non muslim converting to islam

A dead man given you wrapper in your dream

After we collided

After everything

Accused of pregnanting a woman in a dream


A food was given to me in a classroom found a mad man and gave the food to him meaning

A cat being chase by a cobra

Applying cream on my hair

A pregnant friend being chase by a white cow

Apne aap ko ubtan lagana

A taxi and your luggage

A car and a load

Asking to return for item

A clown choking me

A picture of the the holy bible


A little boy was flirting with me in a dream and not the first time i saw this boy in dream

Admire you for you

Angle defeat demon

Abantu abavunulile

Ancestors buying chairs

A girl shows you breast naked


Abundant papaya like fruit which i picked and they fell from my arms but their was much

A meaning of a dream selling eggs

A dream of selling eggs

Ackee pods

As we are in fire

Alive person dead

Apartments other broken doors and windows

Adult son

A yellow snake bites mi

A briwn dog giving you a blowjob

A baby crawling out of a suitcase


Angel leaving you

A green dragon flying towards a mountain in sunlight

Any plates dishes or lunch boxes

Asking children to bring their plates for serving food

Asking allah gor help


Albino jumping spider

Alligator injury


Alms is distributed and cooked

Anointed on the hands by oil

A guy forcefully to touch my breast

A woman with a man private part

Animals being killed

Attack by a evil snowman

A child being raped

Argument and collecting your money means why in dream

A grass thatched house in a dream

About health

A dream while digging a solid and hard house foundation

A teacher loudly yelled in frustration at a very high glass shattering frequency after other kids threw a bowl and everyone started crying

A hug frim my estranged daughter

Arabic written on sky

A mover

A wine bag

A dead person told me to go to missouri

A bad spirit was troubling me at the end i got to know that it wanted to do worship of lord jagannath

A tree with smiling face

Arriving to a restaurant in a lawnmower

Ancestor scolding me in my dream of breaking something

Animals driving cars

Aluminum scraps in sand

A girl piercing my feet painfully

A dog stalking me

Animals in vehicle

Animals in police car

Applying shea butter in your head in a dream

A hare comes and sits next to me


A choir singing amazing grace

A boy in a dress

A pig poops a maggot

A friend gifted me red tartan suit

A parda wearing woman is beating on your hands using stick

A large wave

A boy asking me to sew his clothing

A dead man in my dream offers me a job

A dead person i know licking my leg

A priest sending me water to drink


Asking someone to give you roasted meat and he refuse and you break


Attending transgender wedding in dream

Avout redwine

A cows and pigs eating my plant maize

A bottle full of small fish

A clearing at the top of the mountain

Another person giving birth

Animals chase me up a tree

Accepting gloves in a dream from a deceased husband

An iron catching alight


Altar money

Applying kukumam to thali chain in dream

Arranging party

A child name loretta

Attending temple kumbabisegam

A dream about black raspberries


A faded ring

A woman in a black swim suit

Ayat and karima

Auat and karima

Ayat karima in dream

Accidentally dropping phone in toilet multiple times

Amabutho ecula egida

Another person sees you surrounded by angels in a dream

A voice calling you name and it walk you up

A drum filled with water

A dream about a small boy being beheaded at a festival

A girl giving me her panty

Attacked by many crabs

Attacked by crabs

A lady holding my penis

Afraid to cross a beautiful huge river

Attending a fancy banquet with muhammed ali

Am pregnant and i dream of fetching firewood

A guy tying my shoe lace

A dream of feeling pity for someone who passed away

Appearance of brimstone in my family home

A baby monkey tried to harm me

A baby monkey tried to harm me but i close myself in a house for days

A white dove then it went on my hand after that there were huge white gates and i went in then some one welcomed me but that person had huge handsok but i had a dream and its really important like i saw a white dove then it went on my hand after that there were huge white gates and i went in then some one welcomed me but that person had huge handsok but i had a dream and its really important like i saw a white dove then it went on my hand after that there were huge white gates and i went in then some one welcomed me but that person had huge hands

Anaconda in dream

A stranger wiping his hand at the back of my shirt and i noticed it and told him he will have a bad experience

A bottle of cooking oil broke and the whole oil spilled

Asks light in a dream

A dam breaking


A baby in an ocean its white stones

Airplane on road

A golden statue lion

A woman bird

A dead person doing my hair what is the meaning

A prince want to mary me

A dead sister wearing yellow top and red skirt

A stag trying to mate with you

A and n

A woman kissing my breast

A woman kissing my breast and i’m a woman

An old woman kissing my breast

An old

Attending an imbecile wedding

A bull dog following and staying with me means what

A dry stream in a dream

A transgender wants to kill me

A lobster kidnapped me

A dream entering a kraal(isibaya)

Adding kerosene inside beans

Agori performing black magic

A dream of seeing my padlock house cutter with a bolt cutter by thieves

Abdomen cut open by lover

Asking a dead person to repair a broken necklace

A man kissing your lips

Allah means


Ants in a cake

Aqua onyx blue

Aqua onyx

Army crawling

A black night bird bitting my right hand in y dream

Ablack night bird biting my right palm 3 times in my dream

A lady put seeds in my hand

A lady gave me seeds

Alligator blocking toilet

Attacked by the devil disguised as my boyfriend

A chimney falling of a roof and leaving a whole in the roof

A dream of a mother fingering a daughter


Argument with one

A woman

Ancient swords finding from bottom of water

All men are really tall

Abandoned on the road dream meaning


Alcohol in church

A ghost pregnant you

A dream of killing a mad woman

A man with a knife try to shave my head

Animal climbing tree

A dream where someone gave me a new wraper

Apni ma ko chandi ka payal pahnate hue

A nightmare about freya

Ass in dream

Apply self anema

A bird leaving its long tongue out and torturing me

A dream aboit sucking a nipple

A cat digging holes in the ground

Avoiding a flood

Asking for prayer for me and my newborn baby

Adult children lying

A man with long hair

A person holdind your hand

A person holding your hands when you are sick

Animals in trees

A man seat in the ocean

Aunt was mad at me

About doves and in the drapes corners of my house i was teaching them to poop

A woman eating fresh intestines

Animal inside another animal

Adult cut child hair

Are they not dead babies

A baby vomits sets of pens of different coloures

Artician water

A girl with a gun wanted to kill me and i jumped from a window

Angler fish

A person looking younger

Allah name people

A mad man touching my vagina in a dream


Actor will not provide financial support to children

Actor refuses to support children

A dream about uncooked rice and sugar what it means

A man and a woman carrying filled water pots on their head

A bus over turning with me in side unhurt



Animal urine

A man punching a woman

A fabric covered tent made of bent brances

Auto shop

A blood stained clothe of a dead person

A dream teaching geography

Am a boy in a dream i saw my sucking an unknown girl breast

Am boy in my dream i saw my self sucking an unknown girl breast in a dream

A dream of faces that cover the sky

Applying oil on the belly button

A dream about uncooked rice and sugar

Abusing a girl i know on a summer morning

Abusing woman sunmer morning

Abusing a woman i know

Alabaster box


Axe cutting limbs

A weak light source

Areca catechu

Achild giving me money

A relative tells you they’ll be traveling

Al aqsa war

Apples from the sky

A friend husband kissing you

A dream of seeing your spouse with another wife and family members chessing you away

Attractive women

Alien baby

Alien foetus

A dead person wearing a wedding dress

Asking for warm water

A newborn baby in yellow

Air walking

About being scolded or chastised

A dream of buying waakye

Accidentally kill goat

A boy pulling your cheeks

A boy pulling your cheek


Annoited oil poured on the floor

A mad man following us

A family moved in your basement

A big river and green grass

A dead woman asking for salt

A blue man

A lady touching me fish in dream

Advising someone

A dream of cooking posho mixed with silver fish

A woman to give you money in dream

A tree full of eggs

About drunk coca cola but not finish ed

Applying turmeric and kumkum to my frnd in dream means

A boy kid wearing white jacket

Aster wearing a black suit

Arriving at a place with two friends then a woman behind glass is whispering to another female about me before she walks off pushing a pram and then i run outside to her and confront her for her only to abuse me verbally

African tribal men

Agidi in dream

Arranging horns

Ants flying


A blueberry tree in the midst of fire

A pyramid between two full moons

A pyramid between two moons

A dead featherless chicken

A white unicorn

A boy pee on me

Adult daughter bathing

Attacked by secret group

A physically sick being healthy in dream

A physically sick person being well in dream

A friend washing your dresses in a dream

Alot of fish in a river

Alot of fish in a dam

A deceased person gifted a wrist watch in your dream

Angel descending from the sky fully armored

At a funeral of someone and seeing raw meat to be prepare

Attending wedding with former high school mates

A dark colored hand being pointed

Army dog

A girl ask me to marry her in my dream

A man with a woman in same clothes and car driving

A snake passed through my leg real life

An antique wooden button with no holes

A doll is talking to my mom

Anointing bottle

Asking to signature and amount 10

A pundit touching my feet

Ashes of dead person

Abortion pill

A person of like character

A man with cleft palate

Angel holding baby

A babygirl

A battle

A fight

A big robot

A spiritual woman with golden hair talking to me

An american artist pour beer drink on my head

A bear eating a lamb

Always seen fish in dreams


Apple trea

A prohibited polythene bag with mandazi

A basket full of dry fish

A mirror

A quill

Angel pendant


Ayyappa god with tiger

A choir sang on a stage

A friend from abroad came visiting

Asking to make dua

Apologize to my sister in dream

A green bottle of soft drink got broken after opening it

Angry spirit in your home

Allah hu akbar written on a building

Already dead person again died in dream

A dreams no dinner plates

A dream with no dinner plates

Addams family foot tapping

A girl kissing penis in a dream means what

A 21 years old ex girlfriend that i still love her today

A 21 years old ex girlfriend

A whale falling from the sky

Attacted by elephant

Alien symbol

Asking honey

Animals trying to attack me when i’m pregnant

Asking husband where is the baby

A turtle and a snake

A friend holding a pink gloves

A man with mic on left and hot drink on the right meams

A country in western europe

A stranger was giving me money and my sister told me to reject it

Above bermuda triangle flights acrooss it

Ankle bone

A girl comes with red bindi and wearing a nose jewel on both the sides

About praising god


A blue dog bite in a dream

Animal attacks someone

A ball floating on a river

A cardboard box with 5 piece of fried chicken and some green

A lady said they took a spill off me through my stomach

A man handcuff with chains on his feet and a stick in his hand and wolves around the car and girl with him mother is crying and not wanting to get into the car but is pulled in and a black and white hen appear and wolves around her and then i wake up

Arm detached

About a sagittarius man who i love very deeply i dream that he came to see me at my apartment and the number i saw in the dream was 60 i saw on the apartment door

Abandoned books

A man beating on chest with hand

A feating on chest

A person standing behind someone and clasping their waist with bothhands

A goat sucking my breasts in dream means wat

Animal with a blue collar

Ancient hooded monk

A ancient hooded monk following me by my side

A tall building

Aman dream wife clothes

A woman leading me in a direction

Animal sucking your vagina

A bird stole my kfc

Airplane captain female

Armpit lump

A single lady to dream of wearing face cap

Artwork of horse

A husband follows you around

A dead person putting their finger over my lips

Arameric alphabet in dream

A young cow

Army helicopter

Ants bitting

Ants bitting but not normal ants

A mother law placed a firewood load on her daughter inlaws head and sent her out

Attacked with knife saw injured hummingbird

A woman made an a book

A woman read in a book

Angry remnant

A lion chasing you in your dream

Almost car jacked got away

Al haram mosque

Amputated turtle head moving dream meaning

A crying monk and comforting him


Anxious catching a ship to safety

Agnes in a dream

Ants and snakes

About seeing yourself bigger infront of yourself

A lady


Au pair

Avoid jugment


A miracle plant

Are snakes a symbol of health

Are crescent moons good luck

Assisted dying

Already married cousin negotiations again on her marriage

A hand with the index finger pointing at me in a dream

A person claiming to be god

A person impersonating god

A falling dream

A mad woman trying to kiss me in a dream

Ayyappa swamy maala dress in dream

A servant wearing royal wear that is red and gold

Asoebi dress

Asoebi cloth

A pastor asking coins from me

A dream of having an affair with your brother interpretation

Ancestor asking for food

Arguments dreams

Aunt search for her jewelries and money


Asking for money from smaller brother because he wasted it

About to kill a springbok


A dream of something inside my head and i am dieing

Accident a family member

A sore on my bum

Attraction to young man


About seeing a for rent sign

A wolf about to attack

A woman talking to me in the dream

A woman takes me to his house

A kid threw a lit firework and it hit me in the head burned my hair

A dream of being with your new boyfriend in unfinished house


A dog was sitting on a snake

A cat eating a turtle


A party for me where n

A lady gave me 2 key holders for my kitchen

A snake with white lines on the side of what can be said the neck

A snake with colours dark blue with white lines on the side of what can be said the neck

Arcade machines claw machine

Agent secret


Awaking from a dream when daughter says mom

Awaking from a dream when

Anointed on the head with oil by a prophet

Army death

A nun she write speak my name

A nun the she write speak my name

A stranger comitting suicide

Another person doing my work

A dream about someone falling in a pit latrine

Accident while driving

Am a woman dreamt i had a penis

Arathi to goddess image and having white color food with some bajji

Attacked by blind folded demonic entity

April 23

A loved one dying

A loved one passing away

Apples and oranges

A black snake licking my face

A wrecking ball busted through the wall of my room

A plane flying low without wings

A dream when mum was trying to kill me

A man sicking woman breast on his dream means what

A man sitting in the middle of the street

A man obsessed with a woman

A spider web hanging on top of me in a dream

An office

A dark hallway

A dark hosptial

A lot of rope in my body and i fell in a high place til death with green color clothes showing

A marmot

A man walking with clothes dishelved

A floating glowing circle talks to you and your dream

A floating glowing circle

A loved one who has passed to catch a train

Attacked by mexican

A dog chasing and biting me

Anointed on the forehead with a oil

At a train station with someone that has passed on

Applying alata on feet

Athletic shoes


A dead man giving you meat

Am in a textile and am in the lift in that lights are flickering and after getting out of the lift one small girl is standing and screaming in a loud voice at me

A dead relative asking can she do my hair

About an ol relationship

A cowboy chasing a cow

A dead grand father i know touching my private part and looking me in the eyes

A grand father i know touching my private part and looking me in the eyes

Animal bones stuck inside a tree

A talking crow helps me out

A dead person sitting at entrance of house with kids

As a wife your father law gives you medicine in a dream what does it mean

Algae waterfall

A demon whispers into my ear

A car wanted to hit my right hip

A car wanted to hip my right hip

A gift from my deceased brother

A dream where a bee is following me and i close my eyes because i don’t know if it will hurt me or not

A widow devi wearing white saree with a jhola

A girl crashing a blue car into an antenna

A dream about a snake coming out of your body

A snake

Adopted sibling

A lighthouse ornament

A disease gaskin me to cut her hair

Arabic writing on forehead

An empty open wardrobe

A container with full of urone

Assembling something indistinguishable

Attack by lion

Accidental leg cut off under water

Attacking by aggressive lion

A sheep coming on a dog and kissing

A sheep coming on a dog and kissin

A mother bird and baby bird

Asked to be their girlfriend

Asp snakes

A gigantic black and white owl flying overhead

Alligator underwater trying to get me


Ashes on body parts

Answer a question in quiz

Answering a wiestion in a quiz


Angry people in a church

Airplane flying upside down

Aman stuck in a woman virgina

Almond in dream during pregnancy

An accident and loosing leg


A person reading quran to me

A friend refusing to help me

A dream of someone giving me a bunch of matooke

A young man being molested by two people

A lady cutting hair with a razor blade

A small boy throwing corn at me

Ace of heart card

Asian woman saying i am sorry

All lines of palm were injured

A bullet hole in a glass window

Argue between land lord and tenant

A door was opened by a small chinese man

Animals with human eyes

An old acquaintance bedridden

A man of god pouring oil in my hand and spite on it

A bus with a pregnant woman and husband

A pregnant who is expecting twins girls

All my organs leaving my body

All my organs leaving my nody

Authority given to close the mouth if demons

A man selling kenkey in a dream mean

Accepted into nursing school and they told me to pay registration fee

An old lady fetching firewood for me and carrying it on my head

A black and white dream where a guy is chasing me

A black and white dream where a gut is chasing me

Atting fiest of salvacion saint in a dream

Affair with married man

Amman idol

A stack of bagged potatoes in a warehouse

A woman dreaming of a popped rib


An ill person beating me

Asking dead mother for money

Amanzi ngebhakede

A raven cawing

A dream to have discovered a cut limb of a mouse at the bottom of a glass of water drank

A dream discovering a remain of dead

Another man pursuing same woman

Achild spilling curry on you

A crush from a year ago

A spotted leopard

A group of boys spilling their sperms on my face i was so insecure that time

A dog with worm hole comes in your gallery and there is worm everywhere

Awards bus

A bull chasing me in a dream

A cow vomiting while running

A dream been together with your boyfriend wife

A woman is breastfeeding a cow and monkey

A relative is packing boxes

Atomic war

A man in my dreams

A group of men and nd my dad


Alice liddell

Agora blessing in dream

Aaw quran burning

A girl showed me here vagina in a dream

A scar or a hole in head

A car or hole in head

A scar in head


A box bitten by mice

A glass of blood

Aeroplane crash no death

An elephant linking my feet

A big house corridor

A car with passengers was driving through a house carefully not breaking anything then saw 2 people that had left the country and turned and went back out the house then was hanging washing and lots of animals were all around and then one of the dogs was eating ribs of another animal so went looking for what had been killed and it was an ostrich but not sure what killed it as there was a lot of animals around and lots of goats

A theatre with girls dancing

Ask the deer to get in the boat

Ash trays


A spoon turning into the number six


Annointing oil turns into blood when it touches forehead

A king wanted too marry me

A king too marry me

A group of librarians

A group of libraians

Aby boy born alive but assumed dead and has a deformed hand

Angel giving me a baby

A snake turning into a frog

A woman giving a boy coconut in a dream meaning

After eating with a golden spoon i took it with me

Animals under water

Applying turmeric and kumkum to face

After math of storm shows muddy road with logs

A person taking you and showing you your future

A lady wearing white coming to your house to tell you news

A python swallowing my sister

Auction jeep without wheels

Aging backwards

A foreigner with 3 male kids

Acquaintance asked out a dude while smirking at me but he flirts with me instead

Acquaintance asked out a dude while smirking

An acquaintance asked out a dude but the dude was flirting with me

A specific ticket number 55b

A guy kissing my chicks near the lips

A white man giving me gifts everyday

Anoiting oneself with butter

Attending a parade

Airplane in the water

Angry talking baby

A lizard on ones hand

A red liquid razor

A ship being crashed into another ship

Atomic device

Accidentally shot mom

Adult son as a baby smiling

Asking for salt

A man was asking me to go to him for circumcision

A picture of someone who died long time ago falls down and the frame breaks

A pastor giving you a gift in your dream

Attacked by a walrus

A cutting box

A snake seeing feathers

Animal giving birth in dream

A light protal

Animal eating people but not me

Airplane is leaving without you

A decease person kill his brother

A crow was asking for water but it suddenly changed into a man

Abandoned mine

A set of red birds wings laying on the ground of green grass

Angel statue tunnel lion

A man wearing a mustard colour suit

Asking a dead person to fix your hair

A bird fell out of a tree in front of me and died

A well full of water

A dead sister giving you something to drink

Adult son holding several red balloons

A friend expelling a bird from his throat

A steam a sibling in dream

A relative in a storm dream

Atomic bomb dropping

A child holding a milipede in a dream

A green converble car with a whlitemm

A free

Attacked in the forrest by bears

A watery discharge from the vagina

Art paintings

A string of hair

A murderer

A lady giving glass bangles with blose piece in dream meaning

Another partner

A kid getting kidnapped

A angry horse chasing me

A dream of someone holding your hands to cross a river

About someone who lost weight

A green an orange fruits

A green an orange

A dream of a blood stain on my white top

A woman canned my daughter in the dream

A strange child coming back to life

Asking for mosque

A train ticket machine that was pumping

Accused of pregnanting someone in dream

A monster is in the form of human at the doorstep trying to kill me i was trying to find a place to hide

A monster at my doorstep trying to enter in the form of human

A friend eating yam

A dead person cleaning his bedroom

An old man tried to rape me but i fought him

About your mom stealing food from your plate and eating it

A mad person is bitied human flesh of family

A man winking at women

An old man giving me burger to eat

About a sibling who is very much alive

A puppy jaw locked onto another puppy

A man asked me the significance of my son in laws name

A bunch of puppies drowned underwater but one was a lie i was able to breathe underwater water

Accused of impregrating a woman

Accused of integrating a woman

A little baby praying for me in the dream

A puppy lock jaw on another puppy submerged underwater and then i pulled them out of the water together

All black eyes

Abandoned rooms

A cousin opens my mail

A dead person showing me their hair

A lady with three hands

A person asking question

Achille heel

A monument of cowboy from toy story looking at me

A woman wearing a white head covering

Abandoned theme park

Abandoned circus

Attacked by a leopard

Angel fish being caught

Animal chasing me

A black person upset with

A mad person giving you food in a dream

Acting in a play

Abel come in dream

An akes

A poor man house thats clean

A black and white color goat eating tiles on the wall in a room

A dream that my ex girlfriend is pregnant means

A crown of twigs

A child wearing a fine wreath on head


A hand holding something g emitting light upward

A husband wearing wife dress in a dream

A hand holding a shell

A hand holding a shell emitting light

A traditional man told me to burn my traditional meds

A sad stepson

Arm deodorant

A boy calls me hot

Aggressive towards younger sister

A priest trying to kill me

A dog with its mouth in between its forehead

A death person is talking about ashes

Anger aghori

A meteor falling from the sky

An albino alligator was brought home to me as a pet and i was terrified but nobody else cared

Anything in triplicate

Arrow aims west

Arrows point west

African chewing gum

Anima animus

A car turns into a bicycle

A car turning into a bicycle

Ants in hair

All my shoes were ragged i had none to wear

Attack by men

Animal art

A silver and onyx ring

A snake trying to bite me thru glass then comes inside n we lose it

Ants eating raw meat

A woman on a bus naked

And back to initiacomingtion school

Alemonmeaning in ideam

Alien child

A dream of an ex giving you money notes

About crying in front of others but nobody cares

A ghost seen choking older sibling and then choking you

Attending child dedication in my dream

Airport no flights word apex showing

Airport no flights apex

A couple wearing similar clothes

A women gave me a little ugly girl in my dreams

About going for labourer work

A poor friend has been tricked by someone

A lady dancing with a mad man in her dream

A dead person building a house

A madman gave me a gift the dream

Amad man getting into your house

Animals hirbernation

A mad boy buying food stuff to you in the dream

A mad boy buying food stuff and giving you in dream

A bag fall in a hole of water

Always dreaming about my ex lover

Asking my daughter to help someone with her pen in my dream

Air being sucked out

Always having something you have to do

Asking for credit cards for phone

After helping the bridesmaids to dress up they left me for the wedding yet am also part of the bridesmaids what does it mean

Agite napkins receiving

A butterfly flying into a cage

A mother standing over thee while conjuring voodoo

A monster was trying to control my mind

Am with aguide on three roads directing me where to go in adream meaning


A pastor wearing green garment

Army officer in dream

Attac by mol

Attaché by mol

Almost run off road



Artificial sugar

Aeroplane erratic flight

A man sucking the breast of a strange woman in the dream what is the meaning

Amputating my dogs legs

Asking for flowers in a dream

A dream of giving water to a pregnant geat

Always afraid to cross river in my dream


Accidentally cut on my hand in dream

A black snake trying to bite me

A cown in a green corn fam

An elephant in woods with a skull on it

A dream of picking achi seed

A lawyer giving you grocery

A dead husband kissing you on the lips

Apply lotions on ur recently decided love

A daughter playing when there is a tortoise and a snake hidden

A child playing when there is a tortoise and a snake

A man tattooed penis

Amla tree with lot of amlas

A person sewing you gold and you pick them

A person named lament

A cup fall off my hand in the dream

A hellcat was in my prison cell

A hellcat was in my cell

A hell was in my cell

A electric fence

Apple bitten that has a worm


A dead person giving leaf in a dream


Attacked by coyotes

Avocado tree with giant ripe avocados

A parade

A leader falling to sin

Artificial flowers

Apostles dream means

Applying soap nut extract to head in dream meaning

A weird creature with horns on his nose and back killing people that i care about while going on an adventure

A dream falling walls of glasses not breaking

A girl smoking cigarettes

A child rolling down a hill

A cartoon bear dancing making you laugh

A hole in the roof with a light

A hole in the roof


Almost killed by person in elevator

Ayat e karima

Actualy i had a feeling of dating a girl at sch this girl turned a monster killing boys in dream

Alive in my deeam

An ex lover who died joyful

A dead person being dead again in a dream

A dead person being dead again in a dram

A dead person being dead again in a draam

A baby feaces

A pastor trying to kill me

A pastor want to kill me

A cow being cut his both legs what does it mean

Amber white

A young man riding in a boat

Angry man looking for bags of money

All the tooth

A dream of a guy showing another guy his penis

A monk wearing white garments

A dream of head master

A burro

A lady given my husband a blow job in my dream

A servant of god gave me a letter and he sign

A man without head guiding

A deceased uncle come to me in my dream

Anger marriage

A friend doing my exam

An adult playing child games topless meaning spiritually

An adult playing child games topless

A dream about eating kontomire

Air being sucked out a room i am in

A dead person singing

Angels attacking my family

A storm

Angel of death taking your soul

About me and a girl in the beach


A crowded place of worship

A bald almost non human looking screaming man

As an elderly person dreaming about getting ready for the first day of school

Aliens attacking