The meaning of the symbols of dreami, going, university seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of dreami, going and university mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Dreami Going University


Desire to return to school to educate oneself. ... university dream meaning

Exam / Test (university)

Difficulty at work. Passing a test points to ambition; failing a test points to inferiority complexes. Also, a symbol of differentiation and self- testing. According to Freud and Adler, memories of childhood misdeeds and punishment that are never forgotten. Today in psychoanalysis, the test is more indicative of life struggles.

One of the most common dreams is failing an exam. In the dream one is not prepared for the exam. In a variation, one is onstage and doesn’t know the lines. Both situations refer to a fear of failing in public.

The dreamer should examine his self-esteem. In the exam situation, usually the subject—or question one doesn’t know how to answer—gives an indication of the field in which one feels insecure. Onstage, the play or scene is sometimes a key to the field of fear.... exam / test (university) dream meaning

College / University

Whether or not you attended university or college, in dreams they often symbolize the hunger for knowledge. A dream about graduating suggests a sense of independence and success, and the beginning of a new phase in your life; it can, however, also indicate how you feel about your progress. Are you the one receiving the honors or are you watching from the back row?... college / university dream meaning