Courage Dream Meanings

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Courage Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

To show courage in a dream means perseverance and having a strong will. It also represents offering supererogatory devotion to reach nearness to God Almighty. It also could mean one’s pursuit to be accepted by the people, eitherby defending them or by daringto face their enemy.

The same interpretation is given to daring.

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin
Courage in dreams involves turning to face your enemy or someone who threatens you, standing up for yourself or someone vulnerable or outwitting those who might want to harm you. How do your dreams display your courage? If you run in fear your dreams are urging you to discover your inner strength.

If you stand up for yourself your dreams are telling you about something you need to recognize about yourself in your daily life. The feeling of courage in dreams can play a special role in empowering you in daily life. With or without lucid dreaming techniques the more courage you start to show in your dreams the more courage you are likely to display in your waking life.

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung

50 dream interpretation about courage related.


To dream of a lion, signifies that a great force is driving you.

If you subdue the lion, you will be victorious in any engagement.

If it overpowers you, then you will be open to the successful attacks of enemies.

To see caged lions, denotes that your success depends upon your ability to cope with opposition.

To see a man controlling a lion in its cage, or out denotes success in business and great mental power. You will be favorably regarded by women.

To see young lions, denotes new enterprises, which will bring success if properly attended.

For a young woman to dream of young lions, denotes new and fascinating lovers.

For a woman to dream that she sees Daniel in the lions’ den, signifies that by her intellectual qualifications and personal magnetism she will win fortune and lovers to her highest desire.

To hear the roar of a lion, signifies unexpected advancement and preferment with women.

To see a lion’s head over you, showing his teeth by snarls, you are threatened with defeat in your upward rise to power.

To see a lion’s skin, denotes a rise to fortune and happiness.

To ride one, denotes courage and persistency in surmounting difficulties.

To dream you are defending your children from a lion with a pen-knife, foretells enemies will threaten to overpower you, and will well nigh succeed if you allow any artfulness to persuade you for a moment from duty and business obligations.... lion dream meaning


1. Seat of compassion and tolerance.

2. Opposite of intellect (head).

3. Truth, courage (lionheart).

4. Central part of a situation (as in “heart of the matter”).

5. Lack of tolerance. ... heart dream meaning


also see Weapon

1- The sword in dreams invariably suggests a weapon of power. Wc may have the ability to create power and use energy properly through our beliefs.

2- The sword symbolises justice and courage as well as strength.

For the image of a sword to appear in a dream indicates there is an element of the warrior in us, and that we are prepared to fight for our beliefs.

3- Spiritually the sword signifies the power of authority and protection. In dreams to be given a sword signifies that we have the protection of the sacred. We are able to make our own decisions.... sword dream meaning


(see Birds)

As the greeter of dawn, this was an alternative symbol of the sun in many cultures, especially that of Greece and Rome where many central gods were associated with solar imagery. Therefore, a cock crowing at dawn in a dream is a very fortunate sign of new beginnings and renewed hope.

The vigilance and courage necessary to experience a real awakening of mind or spirit.

In Japan, the cock represents a call to prayer. Perhaps this is a message to focus on spiritual matters for a while.

Buddhist: Passion and pride.... cock dream meaning


Symbol: The eagle is seen as the “king of the air”!

Vision: Dreaming about an eagle means that you are yearning— unconsciously—for freedom.

An eagle flying high in the sky: you have ambitious plans, and with courage and vision you will increase your independence.

The eagle catching prey: you feel physically inferior in the presence of a stronger person. Seeing an eagle in a cage: you are feeling restricted by friends or by your environment. Being attacked by an eagle: either you are in considerable danger or you are interfering with someone’s plans. Seeing an eagle land close to you: the impending death of a good friend.

If the eagle is sitting on top of your head, you can’t solve a current problem “in your head.”

Depth Psychology: The eagle is a symbol of freedom and always points to a tendency toward intellectual “flights of fancy.” If the eagle is flying high in the air: you want extraordinary intellectual powers; also far-reaching decisions are possible.

See Bird.... eagle dream meaning


For a man, a beard in a dream signifies wealth, honor and dignity.

If it is moderately long or well trimmed in the dream, it means earning respect, rising in rank, prosperity, beauty and sovereignty.

If only the sides of one’s beard are long and not the middle section in the dream, it means that one will work to save money for someone else.

If one’s beard is too long and lacks proper trimming in a dream, it means indebtedness, distress and suffering from depression.

If it becomes long to the extent of reaching the floor in the dream, it means death.

If one’s beard grows long and thick in a dream, it means longevity or increase in one’s wealth.

If it reaches his belly in the dream, it means that he does not obey God’s commands.

If it grows longer than one’s grip in the dream, it means that one lives from the interest he earns from usury.

If the hair of one’s beard is black in the dream, it means prosperity and satisfaction in one’s life. Ifits color is greenish-black in the dream, it means extended wealth, power and rulership, unless if one is a tyrant, for the color of Pharaoh’s beard was greenish-black.

If the color of one’s beard yields to yellow in the dream, it means poverty and illness.

If its color is blondish in the dream, it means a scare.

If one grabs his own beard in the dream and ifits hair falls into his hand, and ifhe keeps holding to the hair, it means incurring financial losses then recovering them, unless one discards the hair in the dream. Pulling someone’s from his beard in the dream means inheriting him.

If one sees a young boy who has not reached the age of puberty having a beard in a dream, it means the child’s death. Ifthe child’s beard is just starting to grow in the dream, it means that he will grow to lead and command people.

If one’s beard is shallow and if it makes him look fatuous in a dream, it means payment of one’s debts or easing of his trouble or dispelling of his distress.

If one’s beard looks childish or completely immature in the dream, it means losing people’s respect. Ifthe color of one’s beard is gold in the dream, it means that he will lose some respect and perhaps half of his wealth. Seeing one-halfof one’s beard shaved in a dream means poverty. Ifan unknown young person shaves one’s beard in a dream, it means loss of dignity and injury caused by one’s enemy or competitor or someone who carries the same name.

If an old man shaves his beard in a dream, it means that he will lose his good reputation at the hand of a profiteer and an overpowering enemy. Ifone’s beard is cut off in a dream, it means financial losses valued at how far it is trimmed. Clipping what is longer than man’s grip of one’s beard in a dream means paying the due alms tax. Cutting off someone’s beard in a dream means swindling his inheritance.

A white beard in a dream means honor, dignity and good fame.

If one’s beard turns gray, leaving few black hairs in the dream, it means earning respect.

If all its hair becomes gray in the dream, it means poverty and loss of integrity. Seeing one’s wife having a beard in a dream means increase in one’s wealth or growth ofthe son’s business, or sickness of one’s wife, or it could mean that she will no longer be able to conceive children, though if she had a son, it means that he will control the entire family.

If a woman sees herself having a beard in a dream, it means losing her husband and if she is a widow, it means that she will marry a hard-working man who is compatible with her.

If a pregnant woman sees that in a dream, it means that she will beget a son, and ifshe has a quarrel with someone, it means that she will win the battle and stand for herself with dignity and courage. Plucking one’s facial hair or beard in a dream means wasting money.

If one’s beard and head is shaved in a dream, it means recovering from an illness, satisfying one’s debts or dispelling sorrow and distress. Having an extraordinarily long beard that one can spin and weave as a cloth, then sells it in his dream means that he will forge a testimony. Clipping one’s beard in a dream also means losing money. One’s beard in a dream also represents his job, business, clothing, gains and losses. Cutting off the hair of one’s beard with one’s own teeth in a dream means sufferings, distress and trouble. Swearingby the honor of one’s beard in a dream may denote either one’s truthfulness or lies, his stinginess or generosity. One’s beard in a dream also could represent his wife.

If a farmer finds the hair ofhis beard black in a dream, it means that he should start harvesting his crop.

A white beard could denote illness or frailty. Ifone’s beard in wakefulness is gray and he sees its color black in a dream, it means strength, determination, firmness, certainty, having great energy and exuberance. Ifone’s beard in his dream seems longer than the usual, it means being a spendthrift, wasting money, engaging in gambling and sportinggames, or suffering from depression, or beingtroubled by circumstances.

If a subversive and a sinful person sees himself having a beard in a dream, it means that he will repent of his sins.

If a misguided person sees himself having a beard in his dream, it means that he will receive guidance.

If a woman grows a beard in her dream, it means that she is trying to be a man, or it could mean insolence or engaging in wrongdoing.

If a child sees himself having a beard in a dream, it means longevity. Loving a beard and kissing it in a dream means lacking determination or will, regardless ifit is his own beard or ifit is someone else’s beard.

If a straw or anything sticks to one’s beard in a dream, it means hearing bad words. Shaving half of one’s beard in a dream means losing one’s source of income or loss of one’s dignity. Holding the beard of one’s uncle in a dream means unjustly inheriting him.

If a woman sees herself having a beard like a man in a dream, it means that she will never beget children, unless if she has a reddish beard as the natural color ofher hair. However, for a man, to have a reddish beard in a dream means trials and temptation and particularly if some gray hair is also mixed with it.

(Also see Face; Scissors; Shaving; Twisting a rope)... beard dream meaning


Male sex organ. Lighting a candle, a birth; prayer.

If lit amid darkness: finding understanding or courage amid doubts, fears, depression. Candle burning out: awareness of death. Occasionally measure of how much time we have left in life. Idioms: burn the candle at both ends; not fit to hold a candle. ... candle dream meaning


(see Animals, Cat, Lion)

In India, an emblem of divine wrath being unleashed.

China: The Lord of Animals, who embodies the attributes of authority, courage, passion, adventure, and prowess. Similar symbolism exists in Japan where the tiger represents heroic energy and self-regulation.

Riding a tiger: Confronting dangerous elemental powers that might get quickly out of control without constant monitoring.

Learning patience and the value of silence in achieving your goals. Tigers are slow, meticulous, and silent hunters.... tiger dream meaning


(see Birds, Feathers, Flying, Wings)

In the Middle Ages, quails were characterized as having amorous personalities, and were given the symbolism of erotic energy.

Courage and victory in battle. In Rome, these were fighting birds.

In a cage, the quail came to represent the embodied soul that seeks freedom.

Transmuting any poisons that threaten your physical, mental, or spiritual health. Aristotle believed that quails could safely eat toxins like hemlock that normally killed humans.

Unexpected blessing.

The ancient Hebrews received quails as a miraculous feast (Ex. 16:11-12).

Among Hindus, the quail symbolizes spring and the returning sun. Similarly in Russia, this was an emblem of the dawn, a time of hope and new beginnings (see Time).... quail dream meaning


Vision: Standing in front of a fence: with great skill you will overcome obstacles in your path. Climbing over a fence: now it will be a cinch to solve your problem. Getting hurt in the process of climbing: you will achieve your goal—with, alas, a few scratches—but once you have arrived, you’ll be surprised how different things are from what you expected.

See Barrier, Wall.

Depth Psychology: A fence can mean protection or an obstacle.

If the fence is blocking your path, have courage and jump over it. Is a fence surrounding your property (house, garden)? Or is the fence a metaphor for the limitations imposed on you from the outside? Take a good look at the rest of the dream symbols!... fence dream meaning


This warns the dreamer to keep a cool head and act with all courage, as an emergency is at hand which will test his nerve.... bravery dream meaning


For a woman to dream of seeing a cap, she will be invited to take part in some festivity.

For a girl to dream that she sees her sweetheart with a cap on, denotes that she will be bashful and shy in his presence.

To see a prisoner’s cap, denotes that your courage is failing you in time of danger.

To see a miner’s cap, you will inherit a substantial competency. ... cap dream meaning


1. Doubts about self.

2. Reverse: immense courage.

3. Anxieties about tasks and projects. ... fear dream meaning


1. Powerful sexuality.

2. If riding a stallion, one feels imbued with its attributes of strength, courage and sexual power. ... stallion dream meaning

Palm Of The Hand

(Hand) In a dream, the palm of one’s hand represents one’s fitness in wakefulness. Clapping one’s hands in a dream could either mean joy and happiness, or it could mean nothing in wakefulness. Carrying a glove in one’s hand in a dream means ceasing the course of wrongdoing. Slapping one’s own face with both hands means sorrow, sadness, or calamities. Hitting the top of one’s hand into the palm of the other hand means separation. In a dream, the palm of one’s hand also represents one’s strength.

To stretch open one’s palm in a dream signifies wealth and prosperity. Holding a tight fist in a dream implies poverty, or tight living conditions. Ifone sees hair growing in the palm of his hand in a dream, it means depression, distress and debts. Growing hair on top of one’s hand in a dream indicates one’s strength or virility. Seeing one’s hand hanging down from the skies in a dream denotes one’s connections with the ruler or people in authority.

A stretched hand from the skies in a dream also could mean profits and blessings for a hunter, a builder and a real estate professional. In a dream, the palm of one’s hand also represents his world. It also may mean ceasing a certain course of action.

If one finds himself afraid, then sees the palm of a hand holding out before him in a dream, it means that his fears will be dispelled.

A large and a stretched palm in a dream means prosperity and generosity. Aclose fist in a dream means stinginess.

A nice looking palm of one’s hand also signifies abstaining from evil, or failing to pay charity.

The palm of one’s hand in a dream also represents one’s prayers and supplications, comfort, seeking the comfort of others, or receiving benefits from others.

The palm of one’s hand in a dream also represents a year, ways of life, money, leadership, a son, courage and desisting from evildoing.

(See Desisting from evildoing)... palm of the hand dream meaning


Yourself; Disappointment is around you. Others; An acquaintance will not come through with a promise.

A dream of contrary, you will recognize your difficulties and find the courage to overcome them. Unconscious/subconscious patterns are surfacing that require dealing with. Do not let fear stop you from repattering these demons within. ... afraid dream meaning


The support that brings everything back into order. Honesty and civil courage.

See Stairs, Tower, Skyscraper / High-Rise.... spine dream meaning


1- Traditionally to dream of death indicated the possibility of a birth or a change in circumstances in one’s own life or that of people around. Because in the past death held great fear, it also represented calamity, in the sense that nothing would ever be the same again. It was something that had to be experienced and endured rather than understood. In these present times, as peoples’ attitudes change, death in a dream indicates a challenge we must confront. We need to adjust our approach to life and to accept that there can be a new beginning if we have courage.

2- On an intellectual level we are becoming conscious of potentials we may have missed or not expressed fully and because of this we are no longer able to make use of them. We need to be sensitive to our ability to resurrect these talents.

A change of awareness is taking place, and we may be going through some ‘rite of passage’ such as puberty to adulthood, maturity to old age and so on.

3- The unseen aspect of life; omniscience, spiritual rebirth; resurrection and reintegration.... death dream meaning


also see Labyrinth

1- A maze often represents a confusion of ideas and feelings. There are conflicting urges and opinions and we often discover that in attempting to find our way through the maze we have learnt something about our own courage, our own ability to meet problems. Often there is the apparently irrational fear and doubt that arises from not being able to find our wav in and out of the maze.

This can allow us to release feelings of self-doubt and fear.

2- Psychologically; the maze may- represent the variety of opinions and authoritative beliefs that we come up against in our ordinary, everyday world. We may be trying to find our own way through this mass of detail and we picture it in a dream as actually trying to find our way through a maze.

3- The path to the Divine.

The feminine.

The way to the feminine is a strange route, and all the roads that lead there are winding, but the end result has worthy consequences.... maze dream meaning


also see Abyss

1- Many people talk about the pit of despair and of feeling trapped within a situation.

A pit in a dream makes us more conscious of this particular feeling. We may be in a situation which we cannot get out of, or may find that if we are not careful we will put ourselves in such a situation.

If we are digging the pit in the dream, we have to be conscious of the fact that we may be creating the situation ourselves.

If others are digging the pit, we may feel we have no control over our circumstances and that doom and disaster are inevitable.

2- Rescuing others from a pit. particularly if they arc members of our own family, suggests that we have information which may be of use to them to enable them to overcome their problems. Pushing someone into a pit indicates that we arc trying to suppress a part of our personality.

To be conscious that the pit is bottomless signifies that we do not have the resources to recover a previous situation.

3- The pit, like the abyss (see Abyss), represents the Void and possibly death - not necessarily a physical death, but more a death of the old self. We have no choice but to go forward, knowing that we may fail, but also that if we do succeed our lives will change for the better.

To face the pit requires extreme courage.... pit dream meaning


1- To dream of plunging into something is to recognise that we are facing uncertainty. VVe are going into something unknown something that we have perhaps not done before and are taking a risk. That risk will very often take us into our emotional depths and we will learn new things about ourselves of which we will then be able to make use.

2- When facing uncertainty in waking life we very often need reassurance that we have both the courage and the daring to go ahead with a particular activity. Very often, to dream of plunging is to recognise that we do have the ability to go forward.

To dream of a plunger as in something that clears a blockage usually indicates that we need to use some force to enable us to deal with difficulty. Frequently, this can be because we have internalised a problem we have either worked too hard and don’t have the energy to move the difficulty away from us or we have created a problem for ourselves in that we have not acted appropriately.

3- Spiritual risk pushes us into a situation where we must lake the plunge.... plunge dream meaning


1- Being rescued in dreams is a powerful image, since it leaves us indebted to our rescuer. Rescuing someone else often suggests that we wish to have a relationship with that person.

The knight rescuing the maiden signifies the idea of the untouched feminine being rescued from her own passion.

2- When we have put others in danger in dreams, we are required to rescue them. We are then able to show a degree of nobility and courage which engenders a feel-good factor and allows us to have power.

3- Spiritual rescue is generally acccptcd as relinquishment for iost souls’, whether they are this side of the veil or not.... rescue dream meaning


also see Animals

1- Historically, a wax seal confirmed authority and power. It was also a symbol of identity.

Nowadays in dreams, it is much more likely to signify legality or correct moral action. In dreams, the possession of a seal gives us the authority to take responsibility for our own actions.

2- When we dream of legal documents, to become aware of the seal can indicate that a conclusion has been reached which is both binding and secret.

To be breaking a seal indicates that we arc possibly breaking a confidence or someone’s trust in us. It has also been suggested that a man breaking a seal in a woman’s dream suggests that she will lose her virginity or purity at some level.

3- Spiritually a seal suggests hidden knowledge. Not all esoteric and occult information is available to everyone. Such information is only entrusted to someone who has the courage to break the seal.... seal dream meaning


1- In previous times to dream of a trunk was supposed to foretell a long journey. Nowadays, as people tend to travel light, it is much more likely to represent a repository for old things and hence signify old out-dated ideas.

2- We have the ability to store all sorts of rubbish both physically and mentally. When a trunk appears in a dream it is time to ‘open the box and have the courage to sort out what is there. Often, when one is ready to do this but docs not do so, the image of the trunk will appear over and over again.

To find a jewel in a trunk indicates the good that can be found in doing a personal spring-clean.

3- Dreaming of a trunk indicates that spiritually we need to explore our hidden depths to get the best out of ourselves.... trunk dream meaning


1- The unknown in dreams is that which has been hidden from us, or that which we have deliberately made secret. This may be the ‘occult’ that is, knowledge which is only available to initiates. It may also be information that we do not normally need, except in times of stress.

2- When we are conscious of the unknown in dreams, we should try to decide whether it is threatening or whether it is something we need to know and understand.

It is the way we handle the information rather than the information itself which is important.

3- The hidden or the Occult remains both unknown and unknowable unless we have the courage to face it. This we can often do in dreams.... unknown dream meaning


Symbol: The dagger is a phallic symbol or one of Aggression.

It is also a sign of your own weakness and hope that you will find strength and courage.

Vision: Seeing a dagger: you will soon “conquer” your rivals. Defending yourself with a dagger: suddenly you will be able to put an end to a certain matter. Being wounded by a dagger: means sad news. Seeing a dagger stuck in the ground: a warning that you are in danger. Seeing a dagger covered with blood: you have bitter enemies.

Depth Psychology: The dagger is a symbol of physical, mental, or emotional power. It can also mean impending destruction.

If the dagger is pointing at someone else: you are unconsciously aggressive.... dagger dream meaning


Symbol: The globe is the symbol of the ideal universe and non- material completeness.

Vision: The globe is a symbol of the unpredictability of “Lady Luck.” Avoid risky projects or dangerous games—it is the best way to prevent bad luck. Holding a globe in your hand: good opportunities ahead.

If the globe is falling to the ground: once lucrative projects are turning sour. Looking at a globe made of glass: you are still ambivalent, but a decision can’t be put off any longer.

If the globe is made of iron: you will face every challenge and conflict with great courage.

See Ball, Bowling Pin, Circle.

Depth Psychology: The globe is a warning: beware, Lady Luck is fickle.... globe dream meaning


Vision: Seeing a dark street: many difficulties lie ahead, but they can be overcome with courage. Walking on a road that stretches far into the distance: life may be tough, but patience and perseverance will get you through. Walking on a winding road: check first to see if you are on the right path.

A deserted street: you must accomplish the task ahead of you on your own.

See Path, Road.

Depth Psychology: The street is a symbol of the direction, fate, and goals of your life.

The rest of the symbols will tell you if you are on the right road and if you will continue to grow. This dream symbol is important, because it makes you aware of options and possibilities.... street dream meaning


To dream of eating Oysters is a sign that you have hard work in front of you, and that you will need courage if you are to succeed. But in love affairs, it promises happiness if you are patient.... oysters dream meaning


Dreams of a stomach signify your personal needs, hunger and gut instincts. This dream is showing you that you have the courage and the guts to follow your intuition. This dream also reflects how well you are assimilating or stomaching a new situation or perhaps digesting a new relationship. This dream is asking you to contemplate what you are truly hungry for.

See Abdomen.... stomach dream meaning


Material aspects: Dreaming of being famous, or of achieving fame within a chosen field, signifies that we ourselves need to recognize and give ourselves credit for our own abilities. In waking life we may be relatively shy, but in dreams we can often achieve things we would not believe we were capable of. Often such a dream gives us the courage to attempt what seems impossible.... fame dream meaning

Hero / Heroine

The hero is the spiritual archetype who shows courage in adversity and determination in the carrying out of his duties. He was initially a defender or protector.... hero / heroine dream meaning


Balls can indicate everything from a game or some other form of relaxation to memories from our childhood. Balls can also have metaphorical connotations, such as being “tossed around,” “the ball’s in your court,” “having a ball” (having a good time) and “having balls” (courage). Any of these may be helpful in determining the meaning of this dream.

A deeper, more universal symbolism is that circles and balls represent completeness and wholeness.... ball dream meaning

Being Chased

Something in your life is creating a fear-based response to a threat. That threat may be real or imagined. When a person feels exposed at a very primal level, the built-in survival mechanism of the fight-or-flight response occurs. You may be running in terror without knowing that the secret enemy you are running from is yourself.

If you do not know your assailant, it may simply be you trying to catch up to you with something important that, if embraced, would allow you to feel more complete.

If you know who is chasing you, the person may have more to offer you if you let him or her catch you. Even if being caught ends in being killed, that death could be a symbolic transformation of such significance as to be the very thing needed to bring your greatest heart’s desires into reality. That is, of course, if you have the courage to stop running and turn around. Sometimes it is part of human nature to be afraid of success, and a dream of being chased is alerting you to stop running from your own magnificence.... being chased dream meaning

Deserted Place

You are dreaming of unmet needs and the consequences of past choices that have not served you. Human beings are social animals. We have lived in community with one another since our arrival on the planet. To find yourself in a place that is deserted and devoid of the presence of other human beings would leave you helpless in many ways.

The severity of this vulnerability would depend greatly on where you were, what resources you had access to, as well as your own fortitude and courage. Even in the best of circumstances, your very survival would be at risk; hence, the primary symbolic meaning of this symbol is connected to risk and death. While loneliness might be thought of as the underlying emotional content of such an event, it is the absence of human resources that carries the interpretable weight of this symbol. Even if you found the absence of other people comforting, this meaning still applies. You may want to consider how relying on others for getting your needs met may be the root cause of the anxiety that sparked this dream.... deserted place dream meaning


There are two very different dragons in the world of symbolism: the Eastern symbol of charisma and good luck and the Western symbol, which connects with greed, avarice, and overprotection. According to Western mythology, dragons are the guardians of treasure and virgins. These are things that are of no use to a dragon, a creature that does not need money to get what it wants and also cannot safely consummate a relationship with a woman. Despite this, a dragon will face all comers with a mighty ferocity, challenging the courage of the most able warriors. In this way, we can view a dragon as symbolically representing a fight for something that is of no use to you.

The dragon in your dream may represent the battles you fight in life that you cannot win or that do not need to be fought at all. By the same token, you may have to fight an inner battle and face the part of you that is in the way of you getting what you want in life. Is it possible that your inner dragon may be keeping you from receiving the love you deserve and the abundance you desire? There is also an implied theme of confrontation in battle when a dragon appears in your dreams. What are the battles in your current life? Are you fighting for something that you do not need or cannot use?... dragon dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-05-09-21-31-42

being an orator: are infatuated with your own eloquence.

enthused with message of: a tremulous appeal wil touch your heart completely.

in love with an: are an indolent, pliant, emotional parasite.

being a speaker: beware of minor troubles, as not everyone agrees with everything.

delivering a: loss of a friend through your ambitious oratory.

another: are more persuasive when incorrect.

giving a, on a platform: your affability hides your lack of courage in disputes.

hoarse in, being: an affair wil put you in an embarrassing situation.

listening to a: wil submit to injustice to al ow another his rights.

political, a: owe the public an explanation for your misdeeds.

sermon, a: are being justifiably overcritical of a friend.

silent, being: speech is silver, but silence is golden.

speaking aloud: are admonishing yourself for a grievance you have been silent about.

speechless, being: the inspiration of your life is yours to share. ... speech dream meaning


To dream that they are searching your person, you will have dangerous enemies to contend with, who will destroy you if extreme carefulness is not practised in your dealings with strangers.

If you dream of your home, or place of business, being burglarized, your good standing in business or society will be assailed, but courage in meeting these difficulties will defend you. Accidents may happen to the careless after this dream. ... burglars dream meaning


To dream that you engage in a fight, denotes that you will have unpleasant encounters with your business opponents, and law suits threaten you.

To see fighting, denotes that you are squandering your time and money.

For women, this dream is a warning against slander and gossip.

For a young woman to see her lover fighting, is a sign of his unworthiness.

To dream that you are defeated in a fight, signifies that you will lose your right to property.

To whip your assailant, denotes that you will, by courage and perseverance, win honor and wealth in spite of opposition.

To dream that you see two men fighting with pistols, denotes many worries and perplexities, while no real loss is involved in the dream, yet but small profit is predicted and some unpleasantness is denoted.

To dream that you are on your way home and negroes attack you with razors, you will be disappointed in your business, you will be much vexed with servants, and home associations will be unpleasant.

To dream that you are fighting negroes, you will be annoyed by them or by some one of low character. ... fight dream meaning


Foreign and rare, made beautiful by enduring courage... barbara dream meaning


A person who is put last by the big dogs of power, but they have the fearless courage needed to persevere; see “small”... chihuahua dream meaning


Revealed to give one courage... coward dream meaning


Courage and determination to succeed... grits dream meaning


Small one of great courage, ardent spirit... keegan dream meaning


1. One would love to be admired like an astronaut.

2. One knows that a certain situation will require courage. ... astronaut dream meaning


1. Means of support—usually social, often emotional.

2. Courage and determination.

3. The “flow” of emotions and feelings, possibly communication. ... backbone dream meaning


1. Harsh or sharp words, thoughts or deeds.

2. Decisiveness and courage, especially during difficult times. ... blade dream meaning

Game (wild Animal)

The willingness and ability to track and trap a wild animal indicates one has great confidence and courage. ... game (wild animal) dream meaning


1. Taking on a great danger.

2. Display of masculinity.

3. Need to emulate the courage of the matador. ... matador dream meaning


1. Courage.

2. Energy.

3. Sunny. ... sunflower dream meaning