Counter-clockwise Dream Meanings

Counter-clockwise Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

3 dream interpretation about counter and clockwise related.


To dream of counters, foretells that active interest will debar idleness from infecting your life with unhealthful desires.

To dream of empty and soiled counters, foretells unfortunate engagements which will bring great uneasiness of mind lest your interest will be wholly swept away. ... counter dream meaning


(see also Anticlockwise, Left, Right / Left, Spiral)

Moving clockwise means going to the right, which symbolizes consciousness; intellect; spirituality; masculinity.

CLOUD(S)... clockwise dream meaning

Counter (shop)

1. Something on display

2. A deal;

3. Something deceitful (under the counter);

4. A bribe (under the counter); Ps. 78:19; Matt. 15:22-2... counter (shop) dream meaning