The meaning of the symbols of cooking seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of cooking mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Cooking


To cook a meal, denotes some pleasant duty will devolve on you. Many friends will visit you in the near future.

If there is discord or a lack of cheerfulness you may expect harassing and disappointing events to happen. ... cooking dream meaning

Cook, Cooking

Vision: Seeing a cook is a sign that you have adapted well to the toil of everyday life and are glad you did. Dreaming about dismissing your cook: be more careful with your money. You are the cook: a very pleasant surprise is ahead.

Depth Psychology: The dream reveals your need to make certain matters in your life easier or more palatable (experiences, disappointments, insights), allowing you to adapt better to responsibilities and demands. You will do so if the meal you are cooking in the dream turns out well.... cook, cooking dream meaning

Cooking Stove

To see a cooking stove in a dream, denotes that much unpleasantness will be modified by your timely interference.

For a young woman to dream of using a cooking stove, foretells she will be too hasty in showing her appreciation of the attention of some person and thereby lose a closer friendship. ... cooking stove dream meaning

Cooking Food In A Pot

Cooking food in a pot on a fire suggests that he will benefit from a house or a matter relating to a house because a pot symbolizes the guardian of the house.... cooking food in a pot dream meaning

Cooking Pot

(See Pot)... cooking pot dream meaning

Cooking Lesson

Desire to improve your domestic skills, usually meant as a contrasting symbol to cooking, Roast.... cooking lesson dream meaning

Range / Cooking Range

See Oven. In the past, the central place for family events, eating, motherliness, woman, and marriage. Similar to Cap. Today, a range does not display an open flame; but the transformation of food from a raw to a cooked state is emphasized more.

The oven, like the Kitchen, is one of the most frequent symbols of transformation. Danger lurks when the fire is going out.

According to Freud, the symbol for women and the female body.... range / cooking range dream meaning

Cook Or Cooking

Dreams of a cook symbolize the aspect of your that is maternal, nurturing, and knows what is best for you to ingest. This dream may be a message from your subconscious mind to be more mindful about the energy that you take in, and to take more responsibility for what you feed yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.... cook or cooking dream meaning

Pot (cooking Pot)

To dream of a cooking pot symbolizes criticism and anger. This dream may also suggest that you need to start accepting the consequences of your actions.... pot (cooking pot) dream meaning

Something Cooking In The Kitchen

Male and female sexuality, as well as family life in general, are symbolized by the utensils and vessels used in cooking. The cooking fire or oven is traditionally the focus of the household and can symbolize the deepest center of your being; something burning in the kitchen should therefore alert you to problems in your family life.

If you are preparing a meal in your dream kitchen, this may suggest a quest for love and affection.

If you are frying food in your dream, there is the constant risk of getting burned; the smoke billowing around your kitchen may be warning you that a problem could get worse if you avoid it or don’t deal with it. Cinders or a grate in your dream kitchen can represent ruined hopes as well as the potential of projects yet to be born.

If you dream of a kettle, even though its spout it is a symbol of male sexuality, it suggests that someone can get hurt if passions are not handled carefully. On the other hand, it could also indicate your present mood: steamed up and about to explode. At the other extreme, the image of a broken kettle may mirror feelings of emptiness, as if all zest for life has gone.

If you are cooking with pots and pans, the association is with male or female sexuality, depending on whether the pot or the handle is featured.

When a cup is seen to represent female sexuality, drinking out of it is erotic wish-fulfillment.

If it is hurled across a room by a man, it may express fear of, or anger towards, female sexuality; if by a woman, the dream suggests that the dreamer is using sex as a weapon. For Jungians, the cup is a homely symbol of the abundance of life’s opportunities; it is also a symbol of self-realization in that it is an echo of the Holy Grail. A full or overflowing cup often symbolizes excitement and new opportunities, but an empty or smashed cup indicates the opposite.

Cutlery in dreams may suggest a desire for domestic security or the taming of aggression. Spoons may have a similar symbolism to cups, but they can also represent a desire to be spoonfed. A teaspoon may be telling you to take things in one step at a time. A silver spoon may refer to someone you envy. A colander or sieve may be seen as standing for the process of developing a new outlook on life and sifting out unhelpful attitudes and ideas.

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Cooking Vessel

A cooking vessel such as a pot or pan might represent: Preparing or obtaining physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual nourishment or inspiration.

Starting something or “stirring things up.” An environment for creating or preparing.

See also: Container; Dish; Cooking... cooking vessel dream meaning