Catwalk Dream Meanings

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Gliding down the catwalk with all eyes on you might be heaven for some and a nightmare for others. The meaning of this dream is dependent on how you felt at the time and what happened. If you were confident then you enjoy the limelight, and this translates to daily life where you could soon be taking centre stage. If you were uncomfortable, then you need to retreat in some way. Your behaviour is under scrutiny. The conveyor belt nature of the catwalk means that whatever you’re going through will soon pass.
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Author: Alison Davies

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Dreams in which fashion appears as a general theme may relate to how you feel about yourself in waking life. Do you feel dowdy, out of date and old-fashioned? If you see models on a catwalk and admire them, find out why you found them attractive; if you want to be a model, such a dream may be wish-fulfillment.

If you are looking at a mannequin in the window of a department store, was your dream suggesting that you, or someone you know, lacks character? A dream in which you are looking in the mirror also expresses concern with your self- image. As we see ourselves in reverse in a mirror, the dream may be asking you to see yourself in a new way.

If the mirror was cracked or dirty, the dream may be suggesting a certain amount of self-deception in waking life, but if the mirror is clear and bright and you notice blemishes you hadn’t noticed before, the dream indicates self-honesty and the making of appropriate decisions in life.... fashion dream meaning


Narcissus was the handsome man in Greek myth who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool. When he tried to grasp the image, he fell in and was drowned, only to be turned into a flower. Dreams in which concern with appearance take center stage, such as a catwalk show, or dreams in which you are constantly changing your outfit or checking your appearance in a mirror, may be a stark warning against the danger of vanity and the preoccupation with appearance.... narcissus dream meaning