Caterer Dream Meanings

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Caterer Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

A caterer in a dream represents celebrations or a wedding.

A commercial caterer in a dream represents someone who deters benefits. Pastry caterer in a dream represents a man of knowledge, or he could mean profits.

A travel caterer in a dream represents migration from one’s homeland or changes in one’s living conditions. Seeing a caterer in a dream is a good sign for someone who desires to get married. Seeing a hospital’s caterer in a dream does not convey the best of meanings.

A caterer in a dream also represents someone who encourages people to work and seek an honest livelihood.

To see oneselfcatering a dinner for his own house in a dream represents a wedding.

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin

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lucky numbers: 06-17-26-43-45-50

appetizers, making: are easing your entry into a social circle.

basting meats: wil undermine your expectations with misplaced trust.

cauldron, in a: transforming inedible ambitions into palatable possibilities.

boiling on the fire: a lucrative business deal wil amount to nothing.

of water: your worries are transitory.

overturning a: plans slated as profitable amount to nothing.

witches brewing in a: are disturbing the ingredients of a healthy family relationship.

cook at heart, being a: successful future as a caterer.

eating: wil receive a large amount of money from reunion of friends.

enamelware, with: friendship turns into a constant thorn in your side.

fritters, making: new work without additional compensation.

gourmet meal, a: are attempting to make your life experience palatable.

grease, with: a stupid move could splatter fire.

stain, having a: a distraction wil keep you from making a mistake.

several on the cook’s clothes: don’t accept offers from older men.

hash, eating: petty vexations and pressure from rivals.

making: unexplained visits by several family friends.

hearth, on the fire of a: acquaintances who had little regard for you wil visit.

lard, in: a rise in prosperity does not equal arise in social stature.

man: wil be invited to a party; take your positive attitude.

of: anxieties over family’s nurturing may cause you to burn yourself.

others: no use creating love, if you don’t serve it.

pots and pans: wil rush to the aid of a dangerous felon.

recipe in a contest, entering a: your decision wil prove correct.

using a: past financial setbacks wil be reconciled in your favor.

writing a: have misjudged one who highly respects you.

seasoning: a means to adjust your family to your capriciousness.

several people at the same time: grasping for love, any love.

stew, a: beware of receiving violence from someone.

stove: irritability of hungry people wil be quel ed with your presence.

cleaning a: too quick to accept any friendship; you lost important one.

woman: beware of treachery, caused by your temper. ... cooking dream meaning