Catechism Dream Meanings

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Catechism Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

Your work will shortly be amongst figures and reckoning. Be accurate in small details and good may follow.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
Author: Internet Archive - Anonymous
Dreams of this Catholic training ground for children represent spiritual inquiry, foundations of spirituality, and ritualistic repetition. Consider the feeling tone of this dream and your associations with the Catholic Religion.

See School and Catholicism.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous
To dream of the catechism, foretells that you will be offered a lucrative position, but the strictures will be such that you will be worried as to accepting it.
Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation
Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

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lucky numbers: 15-17-22-27-41-49

aisle, in a: difficulties and misfortune wil beset you.

altar: aspire to a spirituality fundamental to al life.

anthem in, hearing an: your prayers are being answered on your wel -planned work.

blasphemy in a, committing: use violent protest rather than practical action.

building, a: are loved by God, love him back.

several: happiness is buried too deep beneath your material ambition.

built, being: wil surmount difficulties while remaining true to your innermost thoughts.

catechism, preaching from the: distinction of your future position.

reading, a, manual: activities in a lucrative position.

receiving oral instruction: you can accept strictures behind advancement.

caving in: have deep feeling of regret that you have lost faith in God.

choir, singing in the: a surprise visit of an old friend reveals lover’s disloyalty.

hearing a: a lack of tolerance for one another leads to gloom.

Christening, attending your child’s: wil achieve hopes and desires.

friend’s, a: contentment with new life.

godparent, being a: be decisive in taking advantage of favorable opportunity.

communion, going to: wil receive many blessings.

children: guidance wil be received through your third eye.

crucifix, praying to a: you wil receive high honors.

hanging a: wil be involved in troubles you wil blame on others.

deacon, a: your actions wil be severely criticized.

decorated, fully: wil receive an inheritance of spiritual nourishment if you atone.

during mass, in: your approach is tentative for fear of refusal.

entering a: your making amends wil be received with kindness.

hearing a dispute in: conflict between daily life and spiritual values.

heresy, being accused of: wil assert yourself and gain stature in community affairs.

Holy Communion: wil make a friend who wil stand by you for life.

Judgment Day, at: are resigned to pay for your sins and be credited for your conduct.

parish, of a: there are no clouds in your future.

praying in: wil be kept from the wrong path if you cooperate with the family.

priest in, being with a: harbor guilt and shame for breaking important rules.

Sabbath, observing the: wil participate in the ritual.

reveling in the: wil mock the very truth of your life.

sacrilege, committing a: wil suffer much misery.

salvation, institution, joining a: a rude awakening for your family.

Savior, praying to the: desires wil be granted in the future.

granting wishes: spiritual healing has been earned, prayers are answered.

seated in: wil change habits, with the strength of spiritual forces.

talking in: friends are envious of your relationship with the forces of life.

vicar of a, talking to the: people wil cause anguish.

yard, being in: a sense of what is fundamental to al life and death.

others in a: cycles of life and growth, reproduction and interdependence. ... church dream meaning