Catcall Dream Meanings

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aisle in a, the: others wil taunt and belittle you into reacting; don’t.

walking down an: are guilty of bad actions; change tickets and sit in a different seat.

applause, giving: are unselfish and not envious of others, but they are envious of you.

hearing: forget present plans, begin an entirely new venture.

others: wish to receive the adulation of a star, to make up for none at al .

prominent person, to a: trust your instincts, not their credentials, in choosing al ies.

receiving: are prone to snobbishness over the life you wish you were living.

catcall, a: approval isn’t a prerequisite in life unless it’s your own.

jeering: someone wil cancel an agreement.

attending a, alone: a disagreeable encounter with reality over the pretense of being what you are not.

audience, an: putting through a deal, first you need a viable deal.

being on stage before an: face them boldly with your response.

political person, with a: an intense but temporary adventure.

social: pleasure with high distinction.

bored, being: wil be expected to accompany a dul , plodding guest.

cabaret, being in a: a charming insincerity on the part of newfound acquaintance.

can’t find: rethink your plan for self-growth.

drama, acting in a: the gracious appearance of a traffic cop can be deceiving.

having the jitters: wil take an important part in amateur theatricals.

writing: wil expose secret foolish act and lose best friend.

enjoying a theatrical spectacle: beware the double-dealings of your unrealistic ambitions.

floodlights, at the: public confrontations expose your inferiority complex.

looking into: the future is yours to see.

on your path: your focus is unfaltering.

shining on you: your sins are overexposed.

forgetting own line of a play: uncomfortable visit from people you dislike.

green room of a, being in the: wil soon relax into your accomplishments, or lack of them.

harlequin, dancing with a: delightful time with beloved.

hissing an actor: wil be held in contempt by those you respect.

being hissed: wil be anxious at the disregard and rudeness you receive.

late for a performance, being: make extra preparations for your day.

made it just in time: take a deep breath and start slowly.

matinee, attending a: a lapse from your stolid path.

not listening: have not formulated your presentation with updated input.

pantomime, a: an indiscrete blabbermouth wil cause a stumble in your route to success.

in a troop: minor disagreements can be removed from those unwil ing to solve them.

watching a: observe movements without words to understand motives.

performing: your escapades wil journey deeply into your shame.

prima donna, meeting a: your social circle is of glittery images and unreal characters.

rehearsing: need not stammer and stutter in one aspect of your life.

a musical scene: if you do not know how to behave, learn.

revue, taking part in a: take stock of your talents and develop those unique to you.

scenery, making the: wil opt out of a frolicking good time because of a minor infection.

seeing a dramatic spectacle: wil suffer through emotional crises and emerge.

good play with a loved one, a: matrimony.

large group, a: wil be forced to associate with unpleasant companions.

sweetheart: prosperity in the company of those in the pursuit of pleasure.

with family: are entertaining the idea that you too could be entertaining.

taking children to a: be cautious in discussing plans, but prepare for any eventuality.

usher won’t seat you: try another approach for a missed chance.

ventriloquist, being a: people disregard what you say: your face says the opposite of what you feel. ... theater dream meaning


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calling attention by: wil lose in prospective ventures to others, who treat it as a game.

children: wil participate in a joyous event of comedic intent.

dog, for a: wil be disturbed by changes to your innocent pleasures.

hearing others: bad talk wil injure your reputation, but not your success.

in the quiet of the night: are protected from your enemies

theater, at a: have an adaptable, flexible personality.

catcall: a personal liaison is soon to take place.

whistle, of a broken: scandal is being spread about you unjustly.

being blown during a game: change your strategy before you get a penalty.

fixing: wil receive good advice; heed its message.

shrill: be wary of minor aggressions. ... whistling dream meaning

Test / Exam

Dreams of tests of any kind can indicate some form of self-assessment.

If you are a student or about to take some kind of test or exam in waking life, dreams in which you are actually sitting the exam are common; in these dreams you typically feel unprepared or unable to answer the questions or perform the required components. Such dreams are simply expressing your fear of failure.

If you are not a student or about to take an exam, this type of dream is usually a metaphor for some kind of difficult situation you are facing in your professional life or career. You feel that your performance will be judged by others and the dream reflects your lack of confidence in yourself. This type of fear-of-failure dream can also occur for other types of challenges you may face in waking life, ranging from driving tests and auditions to job interviews and presentations.

More often than not, you will be judged in these dreams by an audience’s reaction; that reaction is often negative.

If the audience starts booing or catcalling you in your dream, try to remember who the audience was and what you were humiliated for. Ask yourself whether the condemnation was justified or whether the evaluators or adjudicators in your dream were actually self-critical aspects of yourself.

If you stammered in front of your dream audience or adjudicator, this underlines your feelings of uncertainty and lack of self- confidence. Medical tests may be alerting you to the need to watch your health. A driving test may suggest a test of confidence or ability, and a written test an examination of your understanding of a certain situation. Testing something yourself in your dream means that you are trying to establish some kind of standard; alternatively, it might suggest that you are testing your own resolve.... test / exam dream meaning