Catastrophe Dream Meanings

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Catastrophe Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

To dream of a catastrophe may signal the start of a psychic transformation. A transformation that, like other transformations, is born from the destruction of a previous process. Its dominant element (air, fire, water, etc.) can refine the symbol that the unconscious wants to convey. The more intense the catastrophe of the dream the greater the change will be.
Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke
A radical change in your life-style is predicted if you dreamed of witnessing or participating in a catastrophe.

If you escaped injury and/or gave assistance in any way, the change will be a happy one; otherwise you would be well advised to avoid any form of risk in the year ahead.

Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
Author: Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

49 dream interpretation about catastrophe related.


(Hobo; Mendicant; Poverty; Richness) In a dream, a beggar represents a seeker of knowledge.

If he is given what he is begging for in a dream. it means that he will succeed in his pursuit of knowledge. His humbleness and his submission when asking means victory. Beggars in a dream also imply sorrow, worries, distress, or contemplation.

If one sees a beggar receiving or taking something from him in a dream, it means being in dire need for something, or he could represent the death of the person intended in the dream.

If one sees beggars entering his house or his town in a group in a dream, it means dispersal of his family or household and if they take something from his house, it means a catastrophe.

A beggar in a dream also represents a student, and the giver represents the teacher or shaikh.

If one sees himselfbegging, but to no avail in a dream, it means that he will be humiliated.

(Also see Hobo; Poverty)... beggar dream meaning


(Catastrophe; Destiny; Fate; Kismet) In a dream, calamity represents the opposite effect in real life, meaning rejoicing after suffering from great distress.... calamity dream meaning


(Claim; Search; Wanted) In a dream, pursuit means one’s destiny, or death. Ifone sees himselfwanted by his enemy in a dream, it means that he may die shortly. On the other hand, pursuit in a dream also could represent things that foster one’s pride, such as knowledge, schooling, degrees, money, or work. Ifone sees himselfpursued by someone in a dream, it means sorrow and distress. Pursuit in a dream also represents one’s goal in life. Ifone is not a fugitive, then to see himself wanted in a dream means appeasement of his fears.

If one sees an ugly looking person searching for him in a dream, he then represents an unwanted catastrophe, or a mishap.

If one is caught by his claimant, then it means increase of his fears. Ifone sees himself pursuing something, or seeking to get something in a dream, it means that he will attain his goal or at least a part of it.... pursuit dream meaning


The man who dreams of seeing a golden-haired girl will be successful in winning the love of a woman of the highest type.

A man who dreams that his sweetheart has red hair will be charged with unfaithfulness by the woman he loves.

A married woman who in combing her hair finds that it is snarled and has difficulty in making it stay put, is in danger of losing her husband through flares of ungovernable temper.

A maiden who dreams of women with gray hair will have rivals for the affections of her sweetheart.

If in a dream a man caresses a woman’s hair, it is a sign that although the worid may condemn him, he will bask in the love and confidence of the woman he wishes to many.

If a young woman dreams that her hair turns white over night while her face remains young, will lose her sweetheart suddenly either by illness or some catastrophe.... hair dream meaning


Symbol: The arrow stands for the rays of the sun, and it is also a phallic symbol.

Vision: Seeing an arrow: present conflicts and arguments are partially your fault. Shooting an arrow: a warning—you are going to be the target! Because of your behavior you might lose a good friend; it points to a separation. Getting hit by an arrow: a breakdown or a catastrophe in the making.

An arrow pointed in a certain direction suggests the direction you need to take in your personal and professional life.

See The Four Corners of the Compass.

Depth Psychology: The arrow as a Weapon: you feel injured and take it out on others, or you suffer from the hurtful behavior of others, like meanness, spitefiilness, or aggressive sexuality.

See Lance.... arrow dream meaning


To dream that you see your own nose symbolizes a serious attempt to accomplish a chosen undertaking. It also suggests force, instinct, good judgment, and a need to better understand the current situation. As used in the phrase ‘being nosy,’ seeing a nose in your dream likewise means curiosity.

To dream of having hair growing on your nose hints of rare tasks that you need to execute through unresolved will power and character.

The dream of nosebleed predicts of lurking catastrophe and hazards.... nose dream meaning


A dream of an ambulance is an omen that could be taken as a warning against carelessness and indiscretion leading to some major catastrophe in your life. In all cases it is concerning itself with your health, or the inner fear you may have of having contracted some kind of disease, and warrants a trip to the doctor to set your mind at ease.... ambulance dream meaning

Gas Or Lamp Light

This concerns your love affairs or domestic happiness.

If you dream that the light is bad, then your interests will suffer accordingly.

If the light goes out suddenly, expect a catastrophe. ... gas or lamp light dream meaning


May be a warning of catastrophe if you don’t change your Svays5 (attitudes, values, or whatever).... noose dream meaning


Science has confirmed the historical events of the Great Flood; a catastrophe that destroys the forms but not the forces, enabling the emergence of new life. The flood symbolizes the end of a period because, like any rain, it brings purification and regeneration. Ultimately, this involves the idea of rebirth. In the oneiric field, a deluge announces the shipwreck of your emotions.

If you are experiencing serious emotional problems, this dream suggest you need to end the relationship that is causing you trouble.... deluge dream meaning


Something overflowing its container (such as liquid overflowing a glass or a river overflowing its banks) can represent: Abundance (desired or not).

The idea of “too much.” A feeling or fear of an accident, catastrophe, or loss of control.

See also: Leaking; Bigger, Getting; Flood; Many... overflowing dream meaning


(1) A huge lorry or other heavy and fast-moving object coming in your direction may symbolize some external catastrophe that you see looming over you constantly. In this case, you may have a guilt complex, arising (perhaps in early childhood) out of some imagined crime, and causing you to conjure up pictures of a future punishment - which may, unfortunately, be a self-frilfilling prophecy.

(2) It may symbolize internal, unconscious forces that threaten to destroy the conscious ego - which would mean loss of control, psychic- chaos.

In all nightmares you should stay with the dream to the end, and not wake before - in this case - the juggernaut runs over you. In this way you may see more clearly the two aspects of yourself represented respectively by the juggernaut and the T in the dream.

If you really

can’t do this, try living through the dream again in your imagination, this time waiting for the end. Perhaps a friend could help you to do this, or a psychotherapist.... juggernaut dream meaning


The earthquake is part of a general sense of total catastrophe: it is a sudden mutation that can cause havoc, but it can also—in the symbolical plane —be beneficial. Given that an earthquake represents a strong disequilibrium in vital circumstances (it generates insecurity and fear), dreaming of this phenomenon should animate you to make a radical turn in your projects. In the same manner, the latent possibility of the earthquake could be something that is from your consciousness and which brings you fear. It surely deals with those repressed feelings in real life and have relegated to a subconscious level. Lastly, this image could also warn you that you are putting your health in danger, so you should try to relax yourself. (See ABYSS, CATASTROPHE, and RESCUE)

Dream superstition interprets this dream as a change in circumstances.

East The sun rises in the east. This direction represents a new dawn or rebirth. It can also mean your interest in philosophy and spiritual wisdom from Eastern cultures.

If you have this dream, old superstitions predict that your plans will be canceled.... earthquake dream meaning

Crash / Shipwreck

If you are involved in (or die) in a train, bus, car, bike or airplane accident in your dream, whether or not you were driving the vehicle that crashed is significant.

If you were not driving, the dream may be urging you to take control of your life; if you were driving, the dream is urging you to alter your course or change your plans in waking life to avert disaster.

If you dreamed that you were in a ship and the water was coming overboard and submerging you, the traditional association of water with emotion suggests that you are being overwhelmed by emotion.

If this is the case, the dream is urging you to try a more logical and rational approach to your problems.

If you were attempting to save other people in your shipwreck, think about what, or who, they may represent in waking life.

If it was a child, it may represent a part of yourself you are trying to develop that might act as a counterbalance to your powerful emotions. Dreams about a shipwreck can be associated with your life course, or work life. The dream is suggesting that something going on in your present life experience may be making you feel isolated, abandoned, or on the verge of some kind of a catastrophe or tragedy.

Those who have this kind of dream are often going through a transitional period in their lives, such as a graduation or engagement. The ship therefore represents your goal, but the journey has become out of control and the horror of being dragged down by the ship captures a sense of the horror of being dragged down by traditions and expectations. This kind of dream isn’t a prediction of failure in your relationship or career; it simply indicates that details surrounding it are threatening to obscure the happiness and satisfaction you are hoping for.

See also ACCIDENTS, ACTION AND ADVENTURES.... crash / shipwreck dream meaning

Life-and-death Struggle

Life-and-death struggles are common in dreams, but in some cases these dreams end with a struggle to avoid catastrophe. These are the sorts of dream in which almost every stranger turns out to be an enemy. Even the landscape of these dreams is laden with death traps, sharp ravines, wild fires, dangerous animals and so on.

If you have this kind of dream, the chances are you are fighting for survival in some aspect of your waking life. On the other hand, you may be the kind of person who makes ordinary choices and decisions as if their survival were at stake. For example, small disappointments or minor upsets send you into meltdown and you are frequently dissatisfied if some invisible inner standard has not been met.

If you are prone to life-and-death dreams, your unconscious is urging you to find a kind of security that cannot be lost. In other words, you need to look at things that are intangible and reside in your spirit and in your emotions, because everything else—since it is out of your control—is at risk. You need to develop greater flexibility and tolerance, and by so doing you can find contentment and peace.

If your life-and-death battle involves a war scene, the emphasis shifts.

Despite war’s disturbing and destructive nature, it can sometimes be represented as a cleansing process that represents a victory of good over evil. However, in dreams war is generally regarded as a warning that dangerous times lie ahead, as well as indicating inner conflicts and deep-seated grievances. An important aid for interpreting dreams of warfare is to remember whether you were on the winning or losing side.

If you were on the winning side, this suggests you are on the right track.

If you were on the losing side, what can you learn from the tactics of the winning side? Surprisingly, to dream that you are wounded in battle denotes that you have finally been accepted by your peers.... life-and-death struggle dream meaning

Car Accident

1. Warning;

2. Ministry or Job threat, mistake, or catastrophe; Acts 15:36-40;

3. Potential clash of ministries;

4. Confrontation or conflict;

5. An attack on the destiny of a ministry.... car accident dream meaning


1. Catastrophe;

2. Judgment;

3. Attack from satan;

4. Trial as part of life. 2 Cor. 112:7-10; John 9:1-3; Luke 13:16; Job 2:7. Kings 5:25-27.... disease dream meaning


When nature pushes the elements to the extreme, the result is often explosive.

Volcanoes and lightning create fire, an unstable earth unleashes quakes and avalanches, water creates floods and drought, and air stirs hurricanes and typhoons into furious motion. Manmade disasters also create explosive and devastating results. People’s lives are tragically ended or irreparably damaged in seconds, panic and fear take over, and the best and worst of human nature is exposed. It is small wonder, then, that the unconscious often employs the symbols of catastrophe and disaster to provide striking and memorable dream images or messages.

Dreams of disaster, such as those involving earthquakes and plane crashes, can be extremely detailed, intense, colorful and vivid. You may wake up terrified and concerned for your safety, or for the safety of loved ones. To dream of any kind of disaster is always unsettling, but it is important to point out that such dreams are rarely prophetic or precognitive; it is much more likely that they are an expression of your hidden fears or anxieties concerning events you feel are beyond your control. A disaster dream may be expressing anxiety about what the future will bring, or highlighting the fact that you are trying to do too many things, or trying to please too many people, at the expense of your own peace of mind. On the other hand, disaster dreams can also reveal great inner change and growth, but this change and growth may make you feel temporarily uncertain of yourself, your direction in life and your position in the world.

Group disaster dreams can be particularly frightening and they may even recur, making it easier to assume that they might be warnings of actual events. Although there are rare exceptions, it is important to point out that vehicles and locations crowded with people who experience disaster are usually symbolic, reflecting our experience with a social influence or a reallife group. For example, if you dream of being in a bus crash that leaves you dazed and miles from home, you may be feeling increasingly disillusioned and detached from the goals of your place of work; your hopes of achieving satisfaction in that area of your life may in fact be already wrecked. Your dreaming mind may be telling you that you have gone as far as you can with that group of people, or course of action, and it is time to change your approach or lifestyle.

In some instances, dreams about disaster that involve surroundings or people you know may be a simple warning. For example, you may have forgotten that your car is due for a service, but your unconscious remembers and tries to draw your attention to this oversight in a dream in which you are driving your car and the brakes suddenly fail.

If you have lived through a natural or manmade disaster, your dream may also be recalling the horrific events in an attempt to help you come to terms with the trauma. According to Gestalt therapists, dreams that repeat a disturbing event or focus on disaster scenarios following an experience of physical or emotional trauma are reminding the dreamer that there is an emotional scar that needs attention and healing.

Finally, when trying to interpret any dream that involved a natural disaster, remember that if you live in an area that is prone to them your dream may simply be reflecting your anxiety about being caught up in such a catastrophe. The same applies to manmade disasters, such as terrorist attacks or train crashes. Your dream may be triggered by the climate of fear, and intense media coverage and speculation that now surround these tragic events.

See also ACCIDENTS, ACTION AND ADVENTURES; NIGHTMARES.... disasters dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-13-28-40-45-50

carpeted room, being in a: expect good news from exposure of a cover-up.

cleaning a: an annoying visitor wil step into your plans.

colorful, a: no time for boredom when you deal with complex situations.

burning: out of seeming chaos arises the superb design.

buying a: a mystery is being created by your cover-up.

exchanging for a new one: dissatisfaction in love is possible; watch your step.

intricately designed: a map of your life from the complicated to the serene.

laying a: big catastrophe ahead from your being walked on.

making a: a pleasant, profitable journey with grounding, insulation and protection.

Persian, a: sweep away your mediocre past to gain room for your ambitions.

several: danger for the one who owns the carpet.

worn out, a: wil scrimp and eke out a living. ... carpet dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-04-27-31-41-44

bitten by a, being: a dangerous situation is stifling you.

others: evil-minded people are around you.

having a: avoid gluttonous rivals and cease your own gluttony.

killing a: defeat your most powerful enemy: your own negative feelings.

many: big catastrophe ahead driven by your loathsome impulses.

of a: are in the grip of hypocrites.

stalked by a, being: your own greed wil swal ow you up. ... crocodile dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-07-13-27-37-49

being in debt: pay yourself more consideration; reap from your own crop.

having no intention of: catastrophe ahead from not living up to your mark.

others repaying, owed you: feel you owe them.

owing, to others: are not living up to your expectations.

paying: are not returning favors and good works in kind. ... debts dream meaning


lucky numbers: 12-19-23-27-34-35

being at a, from family: a big catastrophe ahead won’t be resolved quickly or by you.

husband: strangers wil be instrumental in the outcome.

wife: another person is enjoying what you desired but left unattended.

friends being at a: wil be disappointed if you expect your friendship not to wane.

others being in distant places: travel on a journey far more momentous than planned. ... distance dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-02-19-29-32-44

barrel, having an: big poverty; work on the little things first, then expand.

emptiness: seeing no results for extensive effort; a glass half-empty.

home being: big catastrophe is ahead, with nothing left to sel .

jar, pouring from an: unexpected gains are a futile hope. ... empty dream meaning

Precognitive Disaster Dreams

The following precognitive disaster dreams certainly challenge our preconceptions and rational explanations about how the world and the dreaming mind relate to one another.

In his book Recollections of Abraham Lincoln, 1847-1865, Ward Hill Lamon relates a dream Lincoln had shortly before his death. In the dream, Lincoln heard a group of people mournfully weeping downstairs in the White House, but when he went to investigate, he found no mourners, although their desperate weeping continued. Upon entering the East Room he discovered a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments. Demanding of one of the soldiers stationed there, ‘Who is dead in the White House?,’ he received the reply, ‘The President. He was killed by an assassin.’ A day before the SS Titanic’s demise, a woman on the infamous ship dreamt of the horrible event that was to occur the next day. She told her husband, who scoffed at her worries and ignored her pleas. However, the dream so affected her that she secretly prepared herself the night before and had all her children sleep in their warm clothes in order to be ready at a moment’s notice. During the night, after the ship struck the iceberg, she and her children were rescued and escaped the sinking ship. Her husband, sadly, went down with more than 1,500 people.

In 1914, one hundred and twenty Newfoundland sealers were abandoned on an ice-floe in the North Atlantic during winter. The incompetence of the ship’s captain, and of other crew members, meant that the missing men were not noticed for two days and two nights. By the time they were rescued, more than half were dead. It was the worst disaster to strike the Newfoundland sealing community in many years. However, the disaster did not come without warning. One of the fiftyfive survivors later told of a dream he had two weeks before the disaster. According to Cassie Brown’s report on the disaster: ‘John Howlet had suffered a chilling nightmare weeks before. In his dream he was on a mountain of ice, lost and freezing. He was alone, terribly and frighteningly alone, but everywhere he wandered there were vague, indefinable “things” on the ice around him—things with no particular shape that he could make out. He found himself walking among those things, unable to find his way, wondering what they were and dreading them. In his dream he was counting, counting, counting…He was still counting the white mounds when he awoke, shivering and terribly depressed.’

Unfortunately, even this dream did not make him avoid joining the crew of the ship, Newfoundland, most of whom would be dead in a matter of days. It was only afterwards he realized that the bodies covered with snow were the white mounds from his dream.

In his autobiography, Jung recounts disturbing dreams and visions in 1913. In one vision he witnessed a monstrous flood covering Germany and realized a catastrophe was in progress. ‘I saw the mighty yellow waves, the floating rubble of civilization, and the drowned bodies of uncounted thousands. Then the whole sea turned to blood.’ Jung said he was perplexed and nauseated, assuming this vision was personal. It was not until World War I broke out a year later that he realized its collective nature. This irrational experience led Jung to conclude that each person’s unconscious possesses not only a personal, but also a collective, dimension.

Probably one of the best-established and most reputable cases of premonitions of disaster comes from the grim events that occurred on 21 October 1966 in Aberfan, Wales. On that day, 116 children and twenty-eight adults were killed when a large mountain of coal collapsed and buried a small section of the town of Aberfan, including an elementary school filled with children. The disaster touched nearly every family in the town and effectively extinguished an entire generation of children. After the disaster, the reports of premonitions began to flood in. The mother of one of the deceased students reported that her ten-year-old child (who died in the disaster) had a dream the night before which foretold the disaster. The child told her mother, ‘I dreamed I went to school and there was no school there.

Something black had come down all over it.’

The reports of precognitive dreams literally came from all over Wales and England. One lady had a nightmare that she suffocated in ‘deep blackness’. Another dreamed of a small child being buried by a large landslide. Another clearly saw a schoolhouse be buried by an avalanche of coal, and rescue workers digging frantically for survivors. Another woke up from a nightmare in which she was being buried alive. On the morning of the disaster, Mrs Sybil Brown woke from a dream in which she saw children being overcome by ‘a black, billowing mass’. Probably the clearest of the premonitions was reported by a man in north-west England who claimed that the night before the disaster he had a dream which consisted only of letters being spelled out in dazzling light: A-B-E-R-F-A-N. At the time, the dream had no meaning to him. Hours later, he would realize with horror what it meant.

An interesting phenomenon occurred in the aftermath of the terrorist plane attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon on 11 September 2001: numerous people came forward with reports of vivid dreams they’d had of these disasters in advance. The dreams were filled with images that later took place: planes crashing into buildings, planes crashing on the ground, tall buildings collapsing, flames shooting out of buildings, people running covered in gray ash, and feelings of panic, mass death and war. These nightmarish dreams were so realistic that many people awoke from them in terror and sweat.

The question most often raised about precognitive disaster dreams is, if so many people dreamed in advance of these disasters, why could nothing have been done to prevent them? The answer is that most people who have precognitive dreams only realize that they have had them after the events the dreams foretold have taken place, and they see how their dreams matched the events. Other dreamers, especially those who have periodic or frequent precognitive dreams, usually do not dream enough specific details to know exactly what is going to happen, where, and when. Some may only have a sense of dread that ‘something terrible’ is going to happen, usually soon. For example, a dream that a tall building is collapsing would not have sparked the immediate connection that terrorists were going to fly planes into the World Trade Center on the morning of 11 September 2001. A dream analyst would more likely interpret the image dream within the context of the dreamer’s life, suggesting that the dream reflected emotional turmoil within the dreamer’s life.... precognitive disaster dreams dream meaning


1. Overwhelmed by events;

2. Beyond one’s depth;

3. Catastrophe;

4. Being in debt;

5. Suffering;

6. Temptation; dejection and mournfulness; to backslid; 1 Tim. 6:9; Is. 61:3; Rev. 12:15-16; Matt. 18:6.... drowning dream meaning

Consider Common Dream Symbolism First

If there’s any such thing as a shortcut to finding dream meaning, this is it. The majority of dreams convey meaning using one of just a few forms of symbolism. So, chances are that your dream symbol represents something in your life or mind in one of the following ways, which you’ll begin to recognize as you interpret more dreams. When searching for a symbol’s meaning, always consider these most common forms of symbolism first.

Literal Translation
If the dream symbol (person, event, object, action, setting, etc.) exists in your real life, it might represent that actual element of your waking life. For example, your mother who was hugging you might represent a particular time she hugged you, or her affection toward you in general. Consider whether the dream symbol might represent the same thing in your current life, past, or imagined future, and whether your feelings about the dream symbol remind you of feelings you felt about something in your real life (perhaps recently).

The emotions you feel regarding the dream symbol are probably the same as the emotions you feel about whatever the symbol represents in your real life. For example, if you feel overwhelmed by a swarm of insects in a dream, the swarm might represent your to-do list that feels overwhelming in real life. (See more about emotions in the Emotions symbol category.)

Abundance or Lack
A dream symbol can represent something that you feel you have too much of, do too much of, or want less of in your real life. Alternatively, your dream symbol could represent something that you feel you lack, do too little of, or want more of. If your dream contained a pleasant experience (such as relaxing on a beach), your subconscious mind could be pointing to your desire for more relaxation in your life. If your dream was unpleasant (such as someone judging you), your subconscious mind may have been focused on trying to avoid that kind of experience in real life.

Personal Symbolism
A dream symbol may convey meaning that you personally associate with it based on your experiences, feelings, and other influences (as described in Subconscious Influences on Dream Symbolism). For example, one person might associate a baby with vulnerability and someone else might associate it with growth.

A particular dream symbol may bring more than one meaning to mind for you. For example, money might bring to mind how fun it is to spend, but you might also think of money as power or a solution to financial problems. If the first meaning that comes to mind doesn’t seem to relate to anything in your real life and doesn’t resonate intuitively, explore additional meanings (TOOL: Caveman Explanation is helpful for this).

The symbols you tend to notice in a dream are often the most important ones. So a good place to start when exploring your dream is with the symbols that stood out. Symbols may stand out because they’re so huge you can’t miss them (like a boulder falling on your house) or they could be small details that happen to stand out in your mind (like the chipped rim of a teacup). Sometimes an important symbol is highlighted in the dream with a bright color, illuminated with light, pointed to with an arrow, or emphasized in some other way.

If there’s a sense of urgency involved in the dream, the dream might represent an urgent matter that you feel needs attention in your real life (or one that you fear or imagine needing attention). For example, a dream about trying to put out a fire at work could point to a real-life problem that arose suddenly at work that you feel requires quick action to avoid catastrophe.

Subject Context
A dream might be about you or it could represent your perception of a friend or a recent situation—even in the media, on TV, or in a movie. For example, in a dream about a girl wearing a cheerful flowered dress, the girl could represent a happier version of yourself or your desire to feel more cheerful. Alternatively, she might represent a friend who was in a happy mood when you saw her yesterday, an upbeat song you just heard, or an optimistic character you saw in a TV show last night.

Time Context
A dream symbol could represent something in your past, present, or imagined future. Look for elements that bring to mind a particular time frame, either in the characteristics of the symbol itself or in the other things associated with it in the dream (people, activities, clothes, places, music, books, etc.). Time-related cues could include things like hair or clothing styles, a person appearing younger or older than their current age in real life, technologies of a different era, or personal cues such as the cowboy boots you wore at age seven.

Emotional Exaggeration
When a dream portrays a real-life situation that’s particularly emotional for the dreamer, sometimes the situation shows up as exaggerated in the dream. In other words, the subconscious mind may amplify the real-life situation, “making a mountain out of a molehill,” expressing how strongly you feel about the dream’s subject matter. For example, if in real life you saw a baby snake in your yard, and you’re very afraid of snakes, the snake might show up in a dream as a huge serpent attacking you. So, consider whether a particular dream symbol could represent a similar but less extreme situation in your waking life, about which you feel strong emotion.... consider common dream symbolism first dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-12-20-37-46-48

being in a place of: advancement within own position.

enjoying, with your mate: good times are coming.

lover: danger in love matters.

of having: big catastrophe is ahead. ... gaiety dream meaning


lucky numbers: 11-18-19-28-30-46

being a dandy: your lack of concern for your appearance left you in an inferior position.

making a big, a: misfortune in love affairs.

by cheating: shame and sorrow.

through gambling: wil have good friendship.

using unfair advantages: recovery from an il ness.

real-estate, making a: wil be fed wel during life.

successful business: a big catastrophe is ahead. ... gain dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-07-08-11-32-38

being an Indian: mystical ideas do not provide financial gains.

being in: a big catastrophe if you don’t keep both feet in reality.

going to: wil have emotional sorrow; upon returning, happiness is assured.

native of: wil have a mystical journey of spiritual union.

relatives being in: wil receive message from unfriendly woman.

rubber, stretching; wil expand affairs beyond that which you can do wel .

traveling to, with sweetheart: are in the grip of deceitful people. ... india dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-16-18-26-31-45

ascending a: wil extract yourself from unpleasant scheme.

cracked: big catastrophe ahead bringing unexpected income.

falling down: joy that the fire was out before you jumped into the fray.

going down a: your untimely, indecent behavior wil alienate your associates.

of own house: wil receive short-term stability.

ship smokestack: new opportunity appears over the horizon.

smoke coming from: your affairs wil turn to prosperity.

soot from a: cannot take credit for completing an unsavory task.

covering you: a tabloid misinterpretation of the facts haunts you.

sweep, a: messenger of good luck in profession.

clean your chimney, having: relief when family embarrassments are exposed.

face all black, with: wil do mediocre business.

hearing calling for work: wil make big profits with new idea.

of a: wil be bitterly disappointed at being falsely accused.

work, at: positive change in your personal life.

tall: fortunate events from unexpected income. ... chimney dream meaning


lucky numbers: 08-16-25-27-31-46

army: smal fights in the future.

of demolishing: people are talking against you.

of destroying something: big catastrophe ahead if you let it happen.

others: negative influences block your building.

of destruction: process neither continuous nor smooth requires an urban renewal project.

causing, to many things: wil have fights with friends.

others: have foolish desires.

someone having, your things: are threatened with a rare strain of a common disease.

something, having: warning of troubles from being too quick to take offense. ... destroyed dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-05-20-35-40-48

agreement with, signing an: beware of the shadow side of your il usion of reality.

being among demons: emotions wil break through your denial.

big horn and long tail, with a: your weaknesses, vices and sins are your torment.

chased by the, being: temptations have serious consequences.

and running away: wil be punished for legal attachments.

conversation with the, having a: wil be cheated by friends, seduced by enemies.

elderly sick person dreaming of the: expect melancholia; find the source.

poor person: big catastrophe ahead, if you fal for temptation.

young girl: guilty feelings about sex are obscured by possessions.

fighting with the: can overpower the diabolical influence that threatens your security.

hitting and vanquishing the: major temptations are avoided to triumph over enemies.

of the: develop spiritual power by wrestling with consequences of desires.

seeing the, while praying: wil resist temptation to sin and hate, but must admit past sin.

sick person dreaming of the: are led to do things you, deep down, do not wish to do.

spear, with: an uphil battle to regain composure against the ignorant part of yourself.

taken away by the, being: the promptings of your deepest nature.

talking to the: wil never be short of money or evil thoughts of the enemies.

wounded by the, being: your negative thoughts are festering in you.

wounding the: promptings of own deepest nature to battle for own life. ... devil dream meaning


lucky numbers: 07-15-24-30-31-49

attending an: wil best your adversary.

being executed: others debase you, change that element in your life.

executioner, being an: death of a smal child in the family.

failing in his duties: wish to rid yourself of destructive impulses.

of an: catastrophe and ruin to the enemy within.

preparing to kill someone, an: desire to eliminate someone from your life.

guilty person, of a: triumph over enemies in unusual places.

friend: doubtful success of undertakings; that friend is lost to you.

innocent: wil be jilted by a lover, because of your poor health.

lethal injection, by: investigate al routes of responsibility before investing.

lover, of a: wil suffer through own foolishness causing misfortune to others.

own: must control passions or wil suffer a prolonged il ness.

stay of, a: miraculous timing of new evidence, which wil connect your foes to the crime.

sweetheart, of a: your loyalty and faithfulness wil be repaid. ... execution dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-18-21-38-40-42

attacked by a, being: exercise great care of reputation, while being upwardly mobile.

cage, being in a: another’s hostility that you may have contained wil cause great anxiety.

dead: a big catastrophe of enormous power is ahead; conserve your strength.

parking in the pouch of a: leave others’ secrets to them; succeed in spite of them. ... kangaroo dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-04-05-11-46-47

of a: conveying a truth so we can understand it.

receiving a: secure the problem in your thoughts before you reply.

relatives, from: an important and very beneficial event accompanies the smal ones.

sweetheart, a: a big catastrophe ahead can be averted by chal enging the source.

sending a: take notice of unpleasant circumstances in life.

taking a, to Garcia: must prove you can do mission before you are assigned it. ... message dream meaning


Dreams of accidents and catastrophes are examples of violent, negative actions with destructive consequences that warn you of the need to take urgent remedial action in an area of your life that is about to collapse into chaos.

See also ACCIDENTS, ACTIVITIES AND ADVENTURES.... accidents dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-28-35-46-48-49

being a: a responsible and respected position to create and sustain life.

dead, being: a conscience catastrophe over the qualities of protection you must now have.

poor: fear that you have brought shame to the family.

father-in-law being alive: live up to the responsible father you wished you had.

dead: are subject to enthusiasm soon passed.

of own: take the commonsense advice with a grain of salt.

another’s: it wil be difficult to escape approaching troubles.

homage to you, paying: wil not be accepted without unsolicited advice.

of own: there is safety and security in the advice of elders.

others: wil benefit from group support and mentors capable of wise counsel.

own, passing away: faith in yourself is waning; you need it to succeed.

talking with your: need for forgiveness and guidance on both sides. ... father dream meaning

Gas Lamp

lucky numbers: 16-19-40-42-43-45

already lit: passion and loss of hope in love.

decorative: people are tel ing you lies about the source of their subsidy.

of others: good love affairs and domestic happiness.

flame, blowing out a: are being destroyed by your own negative thoughts.

being low: your interests wil suffer from oppressive il luck.

lighting a: threats avoided by surreptitiously al owing enemies to foil themselves.

going out suddenly: business wil come to a standstil ; expect a catastrophe.

soot from a: a forced error could lord over it truth. ... gas lamp dream meaning


lucky numbers: 11-16-18-42-46-48

authorities, being called before: wil tel you something you already know.

others: danger through a secret.

persecuted by: advancement in your career but not this position.

seeking help from: wil receive insults and incur debts.

being offered a, position: good times are coming.

embassy, entering an: responsibility to represent yourself respectably.

emissary, being an: catastrophe of worldwide influence is imminent.

governor, meeting with the: wil soon buy a new automobile.

having a, position: the inner forces that govern your health.

others: troubles are ahead.

influential male in, an: wil be persecuted.

losing a, position: wil soon experience many ups and downs.

people in high office: honor and dignity.

persecuted by, authorities: advancement with your position.

sanctioned, being: infidelity.

enemy: their public disgrace, your joy and prosperity.

seeking help from, authorities: debts are incurred. ... government dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-11-15-18-28-32

altercation with: wil take patience and an apology to quel animosity.

anxiously watching her child: are over-involved in another’s misfortune.

being dead: danger to property and you, personal y.

and speaking with her: are fol owing the wrong path and need to correct direction.

crazy: your business holdings are in danger; seek aid only from the family.

healthy: a family gathering gives you guidance; care wil take place.

in danger: your careless words are regretful; do better with your actions.

caressing her children: need comfort and protection from anxious days of il ness.

crying, your: must not let problems last past your childhood.

embracing own: expect good fortune and support from home.

hitting own: a catastrophe is ahead;must turn back to heritage for emotional security.

holding you in her bosom: sexual y insecure men can relate more easily.

homage to your, paying: peace and tranquility with pleasant memories.

in-law: an argumentative environment precipitated by you.

killing your: an inevitable death in the family, keep your anxieties quiet until then.

lap, sitting on: are hiding from the responsibility of ending an estrangement with her.

living with own: a security ful of compromises and limited functions.

of own: need someone to tel you it wil be al right.

seeing own, while far away: wil return to shelter, love and nurture your children.

step: the flexibility and adaptability of situational comedy. ... mother dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-10-22-24-31-33

climbing a: difficulty is no obstacle; hindrances won’t stand in your way.

Mt. Everest: there is nothing you can’t do, including erasing your melancholia.

coming down the: wil reap the benefits of timidity and caution.

covered with snow, being: don’t commit to a job you are not sure you can accomplish.

falling down a: ruin of a prominent person with fal out on your reputation.

fire on top of a, seeing a: a big catastrophe only makes the chal enge more interesting.

high, a: wil struggle in your affairs to reevaluate a major decision.

pass, climbing through a: is the grass real y greener on the other side?

seeing from a distance: have a long way and many reverses to go.

small: wil undertake a short trip while letting go of insurmountable issues.

snow-capped, a: have seen the future now; live up to it.

trapped on the mountain, being: stop to take a breath before you climb.

very high: wil ascend to top of your career. ... mountain dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-24-32-41-45-50

being at a, station alone: are preparing for a rapid rise in your business.

with friends: hard times on a new project until you establish momentum.

relatives: abundant means if you leave present situation.

being forced to walk the rails: the long string of tasks you are leaving behind.

being in a, car alone: an odd assortment of Samaritans wil aid you.

with children: hard work to raise them in a mobile situation.

friends: a healthy, active social life does not eliminate the possibility of foul play.

relatives: good business transactions from skil ed manipulation of affairs.

changing switches: the good, as outlined, is not what you want.

colliding: your plans, as outlined, wil be catastrophic.

crossing: are at cross-purposes with your life.

borders: wish to escape from the chal enge of success.

enemies being in a, car: a catastrophe is ahead of unfavorable turns.

others: use caution in business activities, others may disappoint you.

jumping track: are ambivalent about a proposed change in direction.

signals, ignoring: move forward with caution on your new job offer.

station, waiting at the: need a boost from a mentor with influence.

for a late train: take time and attention to detail in new relationship.

spending the night in a: an encounter long ago leaves a residue of guilt.

switching engines: reevaluate the leadership and consider the opposition.

underground: an obstacle needs for you to be attentive to it.

walking on the wrong track: have maneuvered yourself into a corner. ... railroad dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-04-10-28-32-34

being by others: wil receive money and achieve riches with your joy and friendship.

highly, by children: increase in wealth from this constructive support.

of respect: wil attempt a venture fraught with danger and earn its reward.

showing, to others: tremendous catastrophe ahead; are influenced by base thought.

respectable person, being a: wil lead a touchy irritable life with love dove.

considered: big rain and change of temperature of your companion’s affection.

having business dealings with: your work wil be compensated, your heart wil not.

of, people: wil enjoy al the pleasures and desires of life, even if others cannot. ... respected dream meaning


lucky numbers: 10-31-37-43-44-47

being a, maker: big profits from unsavory deeds.

falling from a: an abrupt turnover of responsibility.

headfirst: your control deadens another’s creativity.

of a: good friends continue to support you.

riding a horse with a: your progress is on solid footing.

new: are confronted with insurmountable obstacles.

old, an uncomfortable: are being lax in your work performance.

children: revise your plans to impose your wil on them.

others: a catastrophe is caused by those you misused.

sidesaddle: your lack of commitment thwarts your project.

without a: your maverick tactics wil fail you. ... saddle dream meaning


lucky numbers: 12-17-24-34-38-43

abandoning ship: affairs wil soon take a turn for the worse.

but reaching land: good financial earnings, but loss of your good name.

being shipwrecked with family: mutual support wil aid the whole.

saved after a: your health needs a consultation with an expert.

sinking into the sea: anxieties over others’ moral lapses are affecting your reputation.

with one you love: a big catastrophe wil be shared, strengthening the relationship.

broken pieces of a ship after a: a life must include al bits and pieces to work.

landing on rocks, and: sickness wil interrupt your progress.

losing your life in a: arrival of an unexpected friend to relieve the pressure on you.

others in a: beware of rivals you created.

raft after an, in a: must endure troubles before realizing desires. ... shipwreck dream meaning


lucky numbers: 08-13-16-19-29-37

animal, an: a catastrophe is ahead.

being done: wil be feared more than loved by lover.

being slaughtered: unkind insinuations.

farmer, a: wil have a family reunion with a cornucopia of basic fare.

horse, a: early warning of a life-threatening disease; get a checkup.

lamb, a: wil enjoy peace in the il umination of the problem’s solution.

pig, a: the sustenance of physical needs in every rib.

veal, a: youth regenerating itself upward in the food chain.

working at a slaughterhouse: caution, criticism cannot be taken lightly. ... slaughtering dream meaning


lucky numbers: 09-10-23-40-42-43

being thirsty: desire to be fulfil ed by love.

children: children’s high ambitions wil be realized.

with an empty bottle: unhappiness

drinking cloudy water to satisfy your: wil be afflicted with worse trouble.

and not being satisfied: an unrequited love.

hot water: wil be corrupted with your overeagerness for knowledge.

until, is satisfied: riches and contentment.

giving a drink to a person: are by nature kind and generous.

having a great: big catastrophe ahead, if you don’t aspire to leadership.

satisfying your: with your fine leadership your affair wil exceed your expectations.

satisfy your, being unable to: wil not realize desires you real y don’t want. ... thirst dream meaning


lucky numbers: 09-15-22-35-45-46

being in contempt as a: insecurity in your affairs.

false: wil go to prison, and if not behind bars, then beyond your sight.

being a, in court: false accusations are made against you.

at any civil action: good earnings in business.

divorce case, a: do not reveal your prosperity.

for someone else: a big catastrophe is ahead.

murder, a: smal profits.

having a, for an alibi: be on guard against false friends.

someone witnessing a document: your actions are always proper.

unfaithfulness of mate: family legal problems.

witnesses testifying on your behalf: good results in business affairs. ... witness dream meaning


Represents the explosion of hidden and repressed passions. Depending on the context in the dream, you could determining if this eruption will be positive or negative. In either case, you should take caution that your aggressiveness and the depart of your destructive feelings could play tricks. In this sense, it is important not to inhibit your own emotions for too long. Contrarily, before or after, the will explode.

If the volcano is extinct, it means that you are regressing. (See CATASTROPHES and EARTHQUAKE)

Dreaming of a volcano preludes a period of peace and happiness. Superstition also says that if you are nearly engulfed in flames, this happiness will increase.... volcano dream meaning