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lucky numbers: 21-30-38-39-41-51

clothes and shoes: friends wil place blame upon you.

machinery: loss in personal affairs.

making a selection from: attempt to be diligent in future.

store merchandise: wil enjoy large gambling winnings.

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Your dream includes some sort of communication, perhaps something you anticipate hearing about. Our relationship to postal mail has changed greatly since the advent of e-mail.

It is now considered so slow that it is routinely referred to as “snail mail.” While our current perceptions of mail have changed, the essence of this symbol connects to the origins of mail and its impact on the world. Communication between two parties is symbolic of intellect and the inner process of deduction and decision-making.

The slow speed and back-and- forth nature of mail add the texture of anticipation. Putting a thought in writing connects to the permanence of a thought expressed. Mail in a dream could connect to communication that is slower than desired. Junk mail is akin to anxiety and the background chatter in the mind, where information like an important letter can get lost in a pile of unwanted catalogs.

A dream could connect to the need to ferret through the unimportant to find clarity. Since the majority of mail comprises bills to be paid, this might symbolize being put on notice for the price you will have to pay for some choice in life.... mail dream meaning

Zip Code

The zip code system is designed to catalog and organize an enormous amount of data.

If a dream features this as a prominent image, the need to codify your sense of direction or bring clarity to otherwise chaotic thoughts is being highlighted.

The expansion of digital communication is slowly making snail mail all but obsolete, so such a dream may harken back to old ways of establishing boundaries.... zip code dream meaning


Universal Landscape: The ability to articulate. The sense of taste.

Dreaming Lens: How was the tongue featured in the dream? Was it your tongue or the tongue of another person? Was the tongue human or animal? Was kissing part of the dream? Was the tongue attached to a person or detached from a mouth? Was the tissue living or dead? What was your visceral reaction to the tongue in the dream?

Personal Focus: The tongue’s ability to form different shapes inside the mouth endows human beings with an enormous catalog of sounds. This has allowed us to create one of our greatest assets—language. The tongue is symbolic of our innate human desire to be understood and relates to issues around communication. This can reflect everything from being soft spoken to possessing a sharp tongue. If communication is too passive, the speaker may be rendered ineffective. If it’s too pointed or overly direct, wounding can occur, often in opposition to the communicator’s intention.

A damaged tongue could indicate a need for you to examine how effective you are in this area. If your tongue is paralyzed, you may not be speaking powerfully enough to achieve your intentions in your waking life. In the world of crime, whether fictional or real, to have a tongue removed is a punishment for speaking out of turn, or revealing secret information. Dreaming of losing your tongue can relate to consequences of things you have said or wish to say in some situation.

The other primary meaning associated with the tongue relates to the physical sensations of taste and sensual pleasure. Consider that tasting food is erotic in nature and falls into the same category as do sexual acts. If eating is involved in your dream, the tongue relates to pleasure associated with self-care and abundant living. The ability to taste delicious food is a luxury, and if this interpretation feels right, the Dreaming Lens will inform you of your current relationship to this in your waking life.

The act of kissing with the tongue is extremely personal. If this is the focus of the dream, your interpretation must examine where in your life you are allowing or avoiding intimacy. Joining through the mouth is symbolic of two people exchanging and integrating communication skills. If you are kissing someone in a dream, use their Character Aspects to inform you of what traits you need to incorporate into your communication.... tongue dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-14-16-24-29-36

being in a: you catalog your life experiences.

goods being dispatched from a: are emptying your emotional resources.

of a: your tremendous potential wil come easily al your life.

storing things in a: your miserliness controls your talent as wel .

taking, out of: expect others to make your decisions.

van, a: another’s infidelity wil lead you to your future partner. ... warehouse dream meaning


(Blackboard; Preserved Tablet; Records; Scrolls) Seeing the heavenly Preserved Tablet in a dream means unveiling one’s actions and thoughts, glad tidings for someone suffering from adversities, recovering from an illness for an ailing person, or falling into sin for people whose indulgence in abominable action is a common way of life. As for godly and righteous people, seeing the Preserved Tablet in a dream means guidance relating to what God Almighty has written of commands and prohibitions. As for niggardly people, seeing the Preserved Tablet in a dream means acquaintance with one’s written shares and certainty about one’s limitations and his life in this world. Seeing it also means preserving knowledge, cataloging references, or saving money for one’s family and heirs. It also represents a guardian for one’s properties, treasurer, the keeper of one’s secrets, or a controller. Seeing the Preserved Tablet in a dream also could denote enjoying peace after experiencing fear.

If a ruler sees the Preserved Tablet in a dream, it means that his sovereignty will expand, or it could mean that he will discover a great treasure. As for the tablets that were revealed to God’s prophet Moses, upon whom be peace, seeing them in a dream represents witnesses, spiritual guides, guidance or admonition.

A wooden blackboard in a dream represents one’s wife, child, farmland, or finding peace” after suffering from fear, or it could mean knowledge if one is a seeker of such avenues. In general, all boards in a dream represent admonition or prohibition of sin. Receiving a writing tablet from an Imamin a dream means an appointment to leadership, knowledge, understanding, or becoming an Imam, except if what is written on the blackboard in the dream implies admonition to do good, then the tablet means guidance and mercy.

If the blackboard is made of iron in the dream, it means that one will beget a son who will become a great scholar and a strongman.

A polished board in a dream means that one’s son will become a man of courage who accomplishes what he intends, acquires what he wants, and who will rarely be defeated. Ifthe blackboard is corroded in the dream, it means that one’s son will have no dynasty.

If the blackboard is made of stone in the dream, it means that his heart will be like a rock.

If the blackboard is made of copper in the dream, it means that one’s son will grow to be a hypocrite.

If it is made of lead in the dream, it means that one’s son will be an effeminate person.

A tablet in a dream also denotes a woman and the writing on it represent her children, or it could represent an intelligent and a good natured boy who accepts what he learns from his teacher. Receiving a blackboard from someone in authority in a dream means gaining power.

If a pregnant woman sees a blackboard in a dream, it means that she will beget a son.... tablet dream meaning

Dreams And The Grieving Process

Dreams that focus on the early stages of mourning after the loss of a loved one are often dreams in which the dead person is still alive and well, and continuing to participate in your life. You may, for example, dream of having breakfast with them or taking a walk in the park, just the same as you did when they were alive. The reason for this is that your dreaming mind has not yet accepted the person’s absence from your life. This is a natural and healthy type of dream to have in the first phase of mourning as it allows your dreaming mind to escape the pain of reality. Some dream analysts describe such dreams not as denial, but as a catalogue of all the memories the survivor has of that person.

You may well find that feelings of hostility or anger feature in these dreams because, along with deep feelings of sadness, there are also feelings of fury that the person you cared about has left you. You may have dreams that express how guilty you feel; for example, you may dream that you are once again tending your sick relative but your attention is focused elsewhere and you can’t make them feel comfortable; similarly, you may dream that you become sick yourself or try to prevent the death happening.

At some point, however, your dreams will begin to reflect the grief and awareness that your loved one has died. Perhaps you dream you are at a restaurant and suddenly realize you need to eat alone because your partner isn’t delayed. Such dreams are often characterized by deep sadness and tears, and it is quite normal to feel depressed after having one of these. You may find yourself revisiting earlier stages of your grief again at this time, and it is very common for dead people to come into dreams to let us know it is time to stop mourning. Even if your spiritual beliefs lead you to believe that the person who has died is still with you, you still need to go through the grieving and healing process, acknowledging all the good and bad feelings you had about this person and what their death means to you. Dreams can help you with this process and experts believe it typically takes around two years to fully pass through all the stages of grief.

But what if you are still having vivid and emotional dreams of a departed loved one ten years after their death? It’s possible that you are still holding onto feelings of love and anger. Perhaps you are stuck with your grief or are simply unable to process it. For example, you may dream that a loved one keeps turning up and shouting at you.

If you have always been taught that showing emotion is a sign of weakness, then such a harmful and narrow stereotype is interfering with the natural processes of grief. Your dreaming mind will therefore highlight the issues that are stopping you completing the grieving process and moving forward with your life.

If you find yourself unable to resolve ‘unfinished business’ and move beyond feeling stuck in the grief process, consulting a therapist could be helpful.

Bear in mind that that for which you mourn may not be solely your family, friends and pets. You grieve for what you have lost and your dreams may express your sense of loss concerning important objects, such as a home; important relationships, such as the end of a marriage; important projects, such as losing a job you loved; important dreams for the future, such as the loss of a baby due to a failed IVF attempt or miscarriage; and important feelings, such as the loss of trust if you have been the victim of a violent crime. Make note of whom or what you are mourning and try to ascertain which stage of grief you are in. Do your dreams reflect this and do they give you a suggestion for how far you might begin to accept the loss?... dreams and the grieving process dream meaning