The meaning of the symbols of burnt, sugar and cane seen in a dream.

Dreaming burnt sugar cane

What does the symbols of burnt, sugar and cane mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Burnt Sugar Cane

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To dream of sugar, denotes that you will be hard to please in your domestic life, and will entertain jealousy while seeing no cause for aught but satisfaction and secure joys. There may be worries, and your strength and temper taxed after this dream.

To eat sugar in your dreams, you will have unpleasant matters to contend with for a while, but they will result better than expected.

To price sugar, denotes that you are menaced by enemies.

To deal in sugar and see large quantities of it being delivered to you, you will barely escape a serious loss.

To see a cask of sugar burst and the sugar spilling out, foretells a slight loss.

To hear a negro singing while unloading sugar, some seemingly insignificant affair will bring you great benefit, either in business or social states. ... sugar dream meaning


To see cane growing in your dream, foretells favorable advancement will be made toward fortune.

To see it cut, denotes absolute failure in all undertakings. ... cane dream meaning

Rattan Cane

To dream of a rattan cane, foretells that you will depend largely upon the judgment of others, and you should cultivate independence in planning and executing your own affairs. ... rattan cane dream meaning


To dream of sugar-tongs, foretells that disagreeable tidings of wrong-doings will be received by you. ... sugar-tongs dream meaning


(See Caning)... caner dream meaning

Sugar Cane

(Cane; Juice; Reeds) In a dream, sugar cane means toiling and suffering, rabbling, or clamor in the area in which it is seen in a dream. Sugar cane in a dream also could represent a noble lineage, acquiring an honorable knowledge, or earning a spiritual advancement. Sugar cane in a dream also represents chaste and noble women or pious men. Ifone sees a field of sugar cane planted in inadequate terrain, then means destruction, ruin, or archaeological excavations that will lead to exposing the past and exhuming the dead, or it could mean a wailing party of women showing their grief and sorrow.

A field of sugar cane in a dream also represents the ability to hide something, or to redo something, or to declare a war, or it could mean signing a business agreement, a marriage contract, celebrating old times and events, freedom from imprisonment, releasing prisoners, recovering from an illness, or exhuming the dead. Chewing or sucking on a stick of sugar cane in a dream means becoming talkative or repetitive.

If one sees himself making juice out of sugar cane in a dream, it means prosperity and wealth. Sugar cane in a dream also represents money that one earns from a stingy person.

(Also see Juice; Reed)... sugar cane dream meaning

Sugar Mill

(Mill) A sugar mill in a dream represents success in the world, sufferings, burial, money, usury, the release of prisoners, a bathhouse, a lavatory, discarding what is shameful, waters, spinning, breathing, a college, or a fellowship house. In general, all types of mills represent good news and guidance.

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Cane Or Crutch 

Support ... cane or crutch  dream meaning

Cane / Pointer / Baton

See Rod.... cane / pointer / baton dream meaning

Rod, Cane

Symbol: The rod is a symbol of the power of invisible things.

Vision: W alking with a cane or seeing one: you have a good sense of yourself and should continue on your path—even if you have been uncertain at times. Leaning on a cane: you thought you could trust another person, but are now faced with the opposite situation. Getting hit with a cane: you are either learning a painful lesson or want revenge.

A broken cane: a quarrel with a person close to you.

Depth Psychology: The rod, as a phallic symbol, usually refers to sexual needs and desires.

See Crutch.... rod, cane dream meaning

Rod / Stick / Cane

interpreted upon 6 sides: man of good exterior / appearance, nice words & a just religious sovereign, compliment, improvement & usefulness & wealth.... rod / stick / cane dream meaning

Cane (plant)

Reeds are fragile and flexible at the same time. They can point to a situation of insecurity or instability. Cutting cane is interpreted as a symbol of longevity. A sugar cane indicates a high degree of sensuality and serenity. A fishing cane (rod) is a means to a livelihood.

It is important to analyze the other oneiric symbols for a correct interpretation.... cane (plant) dream meaning


1. Word play burnt your finger e. g. betrayed or let down by another; 1 Pet. 2:5; Neh. 4:2 .... burnt dream meaning


1. Strength or Support;

• Bread

- The Word of God; Matteh in Hebrew, was used to walk, i. e. support life; therefore, figuratively it also meant “bread”; psalm 23:4... cane/staff dream meaning