The meaning of the symbols of brocken and pan seen in a dream.

Brocken pan

What does the symbols of brocken and pan mean in a dream?

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To see a panther and experience fright, denotes that contracts in love or business may be canceled unexpectedly, owing to adverse influences working against your honor. But killing, or over-powering it, you will experience joy and be successful in your undertakings. Your surroundings will take on fair prospects.

If one menaces you by its presence, you will have disappointments in business. Other people will likely recede from their promises to you.

If you hear the voice of a panther, and experience terror or fright, you will have unfavorable news, coming in the way of reducing profit or gain, and you may have social discord; no fright forebodes less evil.

A panther, like the cat, seen in a dream, portends evil to the dreamer, unless he kills it. ... panther dream meaning


Shows authority; research the color and fabric; see “legs”... pants dream meaning


To dream of seeing pantomimes, denotes that your friends will deceive you.

If you participate in them, you will have cause of offense. Affairs will not prove satisfactory. ... pantomime dream meaning


Dreamingly thoughtful; effeminate... pansy dream meaning


To dream of eating pancakes, denotes that you will have excellent success in all enterprises undertaken at this time.

To cook them, denotes that you will be economical and thrifty in your home. ... pancake dream meaning


Used to prepare spiritual nourishment; see “food”... pan dream meaning


Revealed in order to recognize what caused the fearfulness and avert the circumstances... panic dream meaning

Pan, Pot

Receptive state of mind and feelings, perhaps con­nected with creativity (cooking), family life, or providing for one’s needs. Chamberpot: feelings and values connected with excretory functions; female sexuality. Idioms: flash in the pan. ... pan, pot dream meaning


See Eating / Drinking.... pancakes dream meaning


See “cabinet”... pantry dream meaning


To dream of a panda suggests an uncompromising attitude. You need to enter into an amicable compromise for the satisfaction of all parties involved.

To dream of a panda may also symbolize your childhood personality traits. It may also represent something that is cuddly.... panda dream meaning

Frying Pan

Domesticity, as with all symbols that have to do with food and eating.

According to Freud, as with everything that can be put on top of the stove, a sexual symbol.... frying pan dream meaning


To dream of a panorama, denotes that you will change your occupation or residence. You should curb your inclinations for change of scene and friends. ... panorama dream meaning


1. Lucky at love.

2. A change for the better (to change into clean ones).

3. Exposure, shame, embarrassment (to be caught in).

4. Feminine self; an exploration of sexuality. ... panties dream meaning


There are several symbolisms of panel that might occur in dreams.

The first is that of a spiritual picture – an icon such as a triptych, which may reflect aspects of our spiritual state. Such a picture has been thought to protect against visitation by the devil.... panel dream meaning


1. How situations or relationships are viewed, often negative.

2. Use caution and patience in relationships (to clean a pane of glass).

3. Trouble is ahead (to break a pane of glass).

4. Obstacles (to try to communicate through a pane of glass). ... pane dream meaning


Oddly enough, these pleasant flowers featured in a dream forecast an unpleasant experience or misunderstanding with someone of your own sex; but don’t let it depress you— remember that into each life some rain must fall.

See also Flpwers.... pansies dream meaning

Pane Of Glass

To dream that you handle a pane of glass, denotes that you are dealing in uncertainties.

If you break it, your failure will be accentuated.

To talk to a person through a pane of glass, denotes that there are obstacles in your immediate future, and they will cause you no slight inconvenience. ... pane of glass dream meaning

Capri Pants

Only partial protection for one’s personal abilities, because they are short; research the color; see “pants”... capri pants dream meaning

Drinking The Milk Of A Panther

The One who drinks the milk will attain much blessings and barakah in the near future.... drinking the milk of a panther dream meaning

Labor Pangs

(See Tremor)... labor pangs dream meaning


(See Driuer’; Panderer; Pimp)... pander dream meaning


(Bully; Cadet; Pimp; Procurer) Seeing oneself as a panderer, or a pimp, but failing to see an accompanying prostitute in the dream represents a door; to-door salesman. Pandering in a dream also means giving a false testimony.

(Also See Driver’; Primp)... panderer dream meaning

Sauce Pan

If a traveller sees a sauce pan in his dream, it may mean drowning.

A sauce pan in a dream also represents the house manager, the butler, the governor, the judge, the superintendent, the tax collector, or the internal revenues administrator.... sauce pan dream meaning

Goat / Billy Goat / Pan

This image symbolizes wild drives and urges and our sexual energies, with all their joys and troubles.

See Buck. In addition, this is also a symbol for the outsider—the so-called “scapegoat.” The female goat, by the way, is a well-known image of a quarrelsome woman; but, strangely enough, it also stands for adaptability and modesty.... goat / billy goat / pan dream meaning

Warming Pan

To dream of a warming pan indicates that you will be going to bed with a stranger.... warming pan dream meaning

Pink Panther

The intriguing detective who originated in the Peter Sellers’ movie and later was develops d as a cartoon character represents the act of stumbling upon the truth quite accidentally. He may point to a snoop who is digging around in your personal business.... pink panther dream meaning

Pandora’s Box

This integration and/or venting dream is about coming to terms with your secrets, mystery, and shadow side. Your dream is showing you that you ultimately must take the contents of this box and face them, embrace them, erase them, replace them. Keep in mind what you resist persists.

See Integration Dreams.... pandora’s box dream meaning

Peter Pan

Dreams of Peter Pan represent the aspect of you that is immature yet magical, and that you may be avoiding adult responsibility and allowing others to take care of you. This dream may be a message for you to stop flying around in make believe, let your feet touch planet earth, and bring some of your magic into adulthood.... peter pan dream meaning

Leopard / Panther / Tiger

interpreted upon 3 sides: strong enemy, acquiring wealth from an enemy, great fear from the sovereign.... leopard / panther / tiger dream meaning


To wear pantyhose in your dream, represents your sense of understanding. You are well-grounded and have the support of those around you.

To see someone else putting on pantyhose, relates to some romantic situation - you may be jealous of someone or worry about getting/keeping somebody’s interest in you.... pantyhose dream meaning

Paned Window

Altered reality.... paned window dream meaning

Pandora’s Box

Process of growth: releasing all the negative, all fears, so positive awareness of self may emerge.... pandora’s box dream meaning


Maintaining balance, such as having enough (but not too much) activity, energy, or heat.

Control, stability, or a thermostat-like function in your life or in a certain process.

Issues involving “sweetness” or the sweet things in life (such as happiness, enjoyment, or fulfillment)—perhaps the idea of “too much” or “not enough” sweetness, or an inability to enjoy yourself.

See also: Gland... pancreas dream meaning

Black Panther

1. High level witchcraft; Lev. 19:31... black panther dream meaning

Pants (underwear)

1. Self-righteous; Gen. 3:7.... pants (underwear) dream meaning

Play / Pantomime

Typically, plays in dreams are images of yourself and your life projected by your unconscious. They represent an aspect of your past or your character that you are repressing in waking life or, depending on the play, particular moods or feelings. Alternatively, such dreams can suggest a desire to escape from the pressures of everyday life.

If the play is a tragedy, is the routine and repetition of your life restricting your creativity? If the play is a comedy, do you need to lighten up a little in waking life? If what you are watching is a pantomime, has the time come to stop fooling about and get serious about something or someone in waking life?... play / pantomime dream meaning

Horror / Panic

If you are overcome with feelings of panic, fear and horror in a nightmare dream scenario, try to identify what it was that horrified you. Your dream may be reflecting a phobia you have in waking life; your unconscious is not trying to torture you but is encouraging you to confront that particular fear.

If you have a recurring dream of this nature, try to urge your dreaming self not to panic or run away but to face the spiders, ghosts, vampires or whatever fills you with dread.

You may find that this puts an end to the dream once and for all.

If the cause of your dread is not so clear cut—for example, you are talking with a friend and suddenly feel anxious in your dream—your dreaming mind may be telling you that there is something about this person you fear at an unconscious level in waking life. You may feel that your friend is undermining you all the time with silly jokes about your weight or appearance. If, on the other hand, a hideous monster is about to devour you in your dream, this is a clear symbol of something you fear; your dreaming mind is telling you that, unless you deal with your anger, jealously or guilt will consume you.... horror / panic dream meaning

Tracksuit Pants

1. Preparing for the race of faith; Ps. 147:10.... tracksuit pants dream meaning

Pots And Pans

1. Vessel;

2. Doctrine;

3. Tradition; Rom. 2:20; Ex. 25:29; Jer. 1:13.... pots and pans dream meaning