Bear Dream Meanings

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Bear Dream Meaning: From 37 Different Sources

(1) A bear may symbolize the feminine side of a man’s psyche.

(2) A bear may also symbolize mother, either vour actual mother, or the wisdom that is available to you in your unconscious.

See also Mother.

(3) Alternatively, simply take the bear as a symbol of your unconscious and try to work out - from the dream action - what particular aspect of the unconscious is being presented to your attention: for example, the functions of feeling, as distinct from thinking or fantasizing; or an intuitive oneness with Nature.

Power of our feeling reaction and traits; possessiveness, as or by a parent or lover, the ‘animal’ side of our relationship with our parent(s).
For Native Americans, the bear comes to initiate the power of healing medicine and can represent a call to walk the path of a healer or medicine person.

For the urban shaman, the bear’s call may be to a profession in the healing arts such as massage therapy or reflexology. As an archetype, the bear pos sesses strength and a grounded connection to the earth.

The bear often represents the nurturing or mothering aspect that comforts and heals as the primary relationship early in life.

Thus, an angry bear can signify a response to the devouring nature of your own mother.

You need to be patient and conserve your strength for now; the time to act will come after a period of hibernation. Bear medicine is about the long stillness that is necessary in order for true strength to be wielded appropriately. When the time to act comes, the power of the bear in you will give you incredible resources.

A dream with a bear in it is asking you to consider whether it is time for aggression or time to retreat and wait for the right season.

1. Enemy; Amos 5:19

2. Destroy young children young Christians; 1 Sam. 17:34-37

3. Powerful spiritual force; Rev. 13:2;

4. Russia or Iran; Ezek. 38:16.

A very angry person, i.E.

A parent defending their child; see “animals”

The mother appears in dreams in many forms, the bear being one of them.

The image may be of the possessive, devouring mother or of the all-caring mother.

If it is recognized in the dream that the bear is masculine, the image may then be of an overbearing person, or possibly the father.

The bear symbolizes spiritual strength and power, both latent – for example, when a bear hibernates – and also apparent. In shamanism the bear is a very powerful totem animal – a form of guardian.
Psychological / emotional perspective: Psychologically, we have recognized the need to meet the force of our own creativity. As a symbol from a play on words, it can also suggest stamina, whether we are able to bear or put up with certain difficulties.
Material aspects: To have a bear appear alive in a dream indicates aggression, or if it is dead, the handling of one’s deeper negative instincts.

To dream of a toy bear – i.E.

A teddy bear – shows a childlike need for security.

Gives gender-specific: As a protective force in both men’s and women’s dreams, the bear can represent maternal energy.
To dream about being attacked by a bear suggests that boldness and mounting barriers in your way. You could possibly be placed in a dangerous situation. Bears represent the cycle of life. This could signify a moment in your life that requires self-analysis and deep thought. This dream could also be the homonym of ‘bare,’ indicating that you might have to ‘bare your soul’ and reveal yourself openly.

To dream about a polar bear represents a reawakening.

As large, powerful creatures, bears are natural symbols for strength and power.

As potentially fierce animals, they can also represent the untamed, animal side of the self. Paradoxically, bears are also regarded as soft, cuddly creatures, and thus can symbolize the softer side of human nature. (See also Teddy Bear.)

Symbol: The bear is seen as an animal of strength, but in a much calmer sense than other wild animals. In a man’s dream, the bear usually represents a controlling, overbearing mother, because the bear stands for the feminine power of nature. Vision: Seeing a bear: a sign of insecure feelings in interpersonal relationships, sometimes also gossip. Seeing a dead bear: uncertainties felt for some time are cleared up.

Depth Psychology: A bear often indicates deception and disappointment. Maybe somebody—perhaps a woman—is trying to deceive you. You are also not quite certain about a particular woman.

See Animals.

Big and bristly, the bear is a formidable character both in real life and in dreams. Shamans in many traditions associate this creature with healing and restoration because it hibernates. If your dream puts you face to face with this powerful animal, then you need to find courage in your waking world. You may first need to gather your strength and spend some time reflecting on what you really want, then when you are ready stand firm and face up to reality.
If a bear is pursuing you in your dream this is a sign that you will experience some financial losses in business.

A bear also represents a rival you may have for your loved one, if the bear is seen to be climbing, then the outcome will be in your favor.

Great hidden strength.

If you kill a bear, you will overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

If you are chased by a bear, you will have many business problems and will have to deal with unpleasant people.

If you track or hunt a bear, you will gain in stature and be greatly respected.

(Mammal) In a dream, a bear represents someone with a physical infirmity, who is evil, deceitful, perfidious and betraying.

A bear in a dream also represents a dull and a heavy looking woman who takes pleasure in partying, uninhibitedness and enjoying all types of entertainment. Seeing a bear in a dream also means capture or imprisonment, or he could represent a stupid enemy, a thief, an effeminate person, or a trickster.

If one sees himself riding over a bear in a dream, should he qualify, it means that he will manage a loathsome business. Otherwise, it means that he will be struck with fear and distress, then he will escape from his trials.

A bear in a dream also means travels, returning from a journey or he could represent a prostitute.

If one has access to such a woman, he must beware not to commit adultery.

Particularly in the case of men, tremendous vitality (strong as a bear).

For our ancestors, the bear represented a real danger and threat. Those who wore a bearskin became attackers and experienced a tremendous increase in energy and vitality.

Can also be a person who is a little stupid but good- natured.

The symbol often indicates disappointment or that one is about to disappoint somebody. Often a symbol of the neglected inner animal (extinction).

According to Jung, symbol of the negative side of masculine strength.

In Nordic mythology the bear usually symbolizes female attributes. Also, the followers of Artemis called themselves arktoi (bears). Since ancient times, the bear has been depicted as a motherly, earthbound animal that represents the female drive.

ASTROLOGY: The bear corresponds to Taurus.

If you dream of being chased or attacked by a bear, it suggests that you are dealing with competition or aggression in real life. Bears in dreams can also symbolize a period of introspection and thinking.
An indication of difficulties ahead of you, but that they are within your power, if you work earnestly.

If you succeed in killing the Bear, or driving it away, you may expect success eventually.

1. Strong but gentle in nature.

2. A leader, especially military; a warrior.

3. Out-of-control unconscious elements, usually dan­gerous.

4. To become berserk; transformation.

To dream of a bear indicates unbelievable odds against any pursuit in the immediate future.

For a woman, it is a threat of a rival who is interested in her occupation or the object of her affections.

Dreams of a bear symbolize power, strength, fierce protection and custodianship of your family. Perhaps you are feeling the need for solitude and to be uninterrupted in your emotional cave.

See Animal.

also see Animals

1- To have a bear appear alive in a dream indicates aggression, or if it is dead, the handling of one’s deeper negative instincts.

To dream of a toy bear i.e. a teddy bear shows a childlike need for security.

2- Psychologically; we have recognised the need to meet the force of our own creativity.

3- The bear symbolises spiritual strength and power, both latent for example, when a bear hibernates and also apparent.

Bear is significant of overwhelming competition in pursuits of every kind.

To kill a bear, portends extrication from former entanglements.

A young woman who dreams of a bear will have a threatening rival or some misfortune.

Symbolizes all instinctive things.

It is considered the representation of the dangerous aspect of the unconscious. The bear is the example of the cruel and primitive man. In any case, if the dream is pleasant, it could represent maternal protection. Beneath its imposing figure, a generous soul may be hidden. In this last case, the unconscious is communicating the need to express your qualities. You have to externalize these noble thoughts that, sometimes, you hide behind a proud front.

Rivals in love are indicated by a dream of bears. If, however, a bear is seen climbing a tree, a happy outcome of the problem is to be expected.
If in a dream a bear chases you, it is a sign that you will lose money through inattention to business.
Power, or a power imbalance.

The use of power to accomplish something, such as in protection or aggression.

Personal empowerment.

Strength or assertiveness.

Dreaming of this animal can represent too much or not enough of one of those qualities, or someone or something you associate with the quality or animal.

Consider also the animal’s actions, context, and your feelings about it.

See also: Animal

Strength, power; inconsistent emotional energy, not to be trusted: can be violent or cuddly, charming or crabby.

See Animal.

Often represents the mother figure in dreams and depending on the dream, this image can be caring or uncaring, or possessive and all devouring.

If the bear is recognized as male, then it could refer to an overbearing person, or perhaps the father figure in a person’s life.

The bear is largely a solitary animal that prefers to live and survive alone. This, and its human way of standing, may be major reasons for bears appearing in dreams. We can therefore link the bear with feelings about living alone or surviving by one’s own strength. Because of the bear’s ability to hibernate, it can also represent our ability to recreate ourselves after a period of rest and reflection.

Bears in dreams may also link to feelings we have about becoming independent, or meeting strength and independence in someone else, or even wild rage as ‘the bear with a sore head’.

If the latter is the case, it could suggest your relationship with someone who is touchy or grouchy or powerfully possessive in a smothering relationship. It could also indicate the danger of sudden unpredictable reactions.

The dream of a rich powerful enemy; to overcome a bear in your dream is a favorable sign (Artemidorus). Although the cult of Artemis worshiped the she-bear, in Christian thought the ferocious animals are usually suspect. Modern symbol of ferocity and surliness. Freudian sex dream.
(see Animals)

The grizzly or domineering side of our moods (e.g., acting “bearish”).

The wildness within that wishes more expression.

Heraldic: Among the medieval artisans, this creature provided the perfect vehicle for visual puns, and usually stood for for-BEAR-ance.

She-bear protecting cubs: The maternal instinct fully developed; righteous anger or anxiety with real foundations.

Hibernation: An alternative type of death dream. Also, resting and storing up energy for difficult times ahead (see Cave).


The term “berserkers” among warrior clans came from “bear sarks,” a shirt originated by Artemis to give strength and protection to those defending her lands.

Native American: Supernatural power and fortitude.

Biblical: The she-bear, particularly, is portrayed as ferocious (noted in Samuel, Hosea, and Proverbs).

To what project or relationship are you, or should you be, applying this type of fervently protective energy?

lucky numbers: 01-10-22-31-33-43

attacked by a: you wil be persecuted by one who professes to love you.

being a: your vitality has returned to face major problems.

cage, in a: liberation from charges of complicity.

cub, of one: a friendly hint wil be given; charming and cuddly are in.

many: emotional sorrow from an overprotective situation.

in a cage: you are feeling possessed by your mother.

dancing: you wil be tempted into speculations whose profit wil be inconsistent.

with a: your plan wil endure with your strength.

dead: resolution of emotional ambiguities.

drinking, milk: others are envious of your power.

driving off an attacking: the darkness that occurs before spiritual rebirth.

eating, meat: a long il ness wil initiate you into next phase.

hibernating, a: a wish to retreat from reality.

killing a: defeat your adversaries with their own gossip.

man dreaming of a: create a distance from your mother.

of a: great competition in every pursuit.

polar, in a zoo: loss of heritage and solid foundations makes a path slippery.

sunny habitat: must find your comfort zone between old and new.

several: people gossip about your raw primitive instinct.

standing: insecurities towards your mother.

transformed into a: you wil be able to free yourself from your inhibitions.

woman dreaming of a: a rival wil threaten your love.

working, a: the competition is overwhelming.

27 dream interpretation about bear related.


To dream of seeing a beard, denotes that some uncongenial person will oppose his will against yours, and there will be a fierce struggle for mastery, and you are likely to lose some money in the combat. Gray beard, signifies hard luck and quarrels.

To see beard on women, foretells unpleasant associations and lingering illness.

For some one to pull your beard, denotes that you will run a narrow risk if you do not lose property.

To comb and admire it, shows that your vanity will grow with prosperity, making you detestable in the sight of many of your former companions.

For a young woman to admire a beard, intimates her desire to leave celibacy; but she is threatened with an unfortunate marriage.... beard dream meaning

Teddy Bear

1. Protection and trust, loyalty (to receive one from a partner).

2. Immaturity, childishness, often in relationships.

3. Sense of security, reassurance. ... teddy bear dream meaning

Polar Bear

Polar bears in dreams, are prognostic of deceit, as misfortune will approach you in a seeming fair aspect. Your bitterest enemies will wear the garb of friendship. Rivals will try to supersede you.

To see the skin of one, denotes that you will successfully overcome any opposition.

See Bear.... polar bear dream meaning


A bear in a dream is a very rich and complicated dream symbol. In order to understand it, objective association need to be made. Bears are solitary animals and the females are solitary mothers. They hibernate in a cave and they are generally not predatory animals.

A bear is only aggressive when provoked, and as such times he is dangerous and deadly. Bears in dreams may represent a period of introspection and depression. However, this may be a part of a healing cycle, where the dreamer has retreated into himself in order to regenerate and in order to create something new and valuable in his life. Bears are highly regarded symbols in a variety of cultures and traditions, including the Native American tradition. Carl Jung said that all wild animals represent latent affects (feelings and emotions).

The interpretation of the bear in a dream may be influenced by your perception of it and by the events in the dream.

The bear may represent qualities in your character or specific aspects of your personality. Bears are usually associated with danger and aggression, but this is a very narrow view of this powerful dream symbol. ... bears dream meaning

Koala Bear

If you dreamed of a koala bear, this generally menas that you will have good luck in friendship and love. However, if it tried to attack you, or you saw koalas fighting with each other, you can expect some setbacks.... koala bear dream meaning


To dream of a pall-bearer, indicates some enemy will provoke your ill feeling, by constant attacks on your integrity.

If you see a pall-bearer, you will antagonize worthy institutions, and make yourself obnoxious to friends. ... pall-bearer dream meaning


To dream that you are a standard-bearer, denotes that your occupation will be pleasant, but varied.

To see others acting as standard-bearers, foretells that you will be jealous and envious of some friend.... standard-bearer dream meaning


Strong, noble spirit... bearfort dream meaning

Bear Trainer

(Circus; Hunter) A bear trainer is the one who hunts it, trains it, teaches it to dance and to obey his orders.

A bear trainer in a dream represents a teacher who teaches good conduct to ignorant people, or a coach of a woman singer. He also represents people who illicit unlawful or tainted money from drugs or prostitution.... bear trainer dream meaning

Clipping One’s Beard

(See Beard; Scissors)... clipping one’s beard dream meaning

Combing The Hair And Beard

His grief and anxiety will disappear shortly. Some say it means goodness and happiness through beneficial knowledge. Likewise, people will also derive maximum benefit from his knowledge just as they do from a king, mufti, doctor or khateeb.... combing the hair and beard dream meaning


One who has many friends, relatives and acquaintances.

*(A cup-bearer is a person who fills and serves the wine cups, as in a king’s palace-Collins Concise Eng. Dic.)... cup-bearear dream meaning

Great Bear

(See Constellations)... great bear dream meaning

Little Bear

(See Constellations)... little bear dream meaning

Long Beard

An abnormally long beard means grief, sorrow and impending calamity.... long beard dream meaning

Non-fruit-bearing Trees

They symbolise a person who is of little or no benefit.... non-fruit-bearing trees dream meaning

Red-brown Beard

(See Reddish beard)... red-brown beard dream meaning

Reddish Beard

(Red-brown) Unless one has a reddish beard as the natural color of his hair, having a reddish beard in a dream means trials or temptations, and particularly if gray hair is mixed with it.... reddish beard dream meaning

Rubbing Oil On The Hair, Beard Or Body

Normally oiling of the hair, beard or body suggests beauty and elegance. But if excessive oil is seen flowing on the face or clothes, it suggests grief and sorrow.... rubbing oil on the hair, beard or body dream meaning

Removing The Hair Of The Head And The Beard Simultaneously

If there is anything to suggest any goodness in such a dream it means that if observer is in difficulty, Allah will remove if, if he is in debt, Allah will enable him to pay it; if he is ill, Allah will grant him cure. But if there is no suggestion of any good then the dream is not of a favourable nature.... removing the hair of the head and the beard simultaneously dream meaning

Shaven Beard

To see the beard being shaven means that he will lose his dignity and respectability amongst the people.

The same is the interpretation of the hair of the beard falling off.... shaven beard dream meaning

The Face And Beard

The face and beard symbolise a man’s status and awe. Seeing one’s beard lengthened suggest that his position or status will be elevated.... the face and beard dream meaning

Uncle’s Beard

Holding one’s uncle’s beard in a dream means inheriting him through unlawful means.... uncle’s beard dream meaning

Woman With A Beard

This may be a reference to her husband who will enjoy a good reputation as a result of his high standing in the community.... woman with a beard dream meaning


Always a good dream (Gypsy). ... water-bearer dream meaning

Mace Bearer

To dream that one carries or bears the mace before the king or chief governor, shows that the dreamer is to arrive at great honor in a Little time.... mace bearer dream meaning

Hair / Beard

In dreams, hair is a symbol of strength and virility.

If the hair is in a good condition, the dreamer may be feeling vital or strong, but if hair is in a bad condition, this can reveal feelings of low self-esteem or a lack of strength.

If you are combing hair, this suggests your attempts to untangle a particular problem or attitude you have in waking life.

If your hair is being cut, perhaps you are trying to create order, or sort out your responsibilities. Traditionally, a haircut represents success or an achievement in a new project, but if you are unhappy with the haircut it can also indicate a loss of strength and worries about your self-image. Another interpretation is that cutting hair suggests conformity, as long hair was a symbol of rebellion in the 1960s.

If you are cutting someone else’s hair, this may be a warning to be on your guard in relation to anyone around you who is acting negatively towards you.

Hair blowing in the wind or flowing free suggests you need to feel free and express your feelings in an uninhibited way. Brushing hair indicates clarity of thought. Changing your hairstyle or washing your hair suggests a change in attitudes or a change of mind; you may want to ‘let your hair down’.

If hair is disheveled, this suggests mental confusion. A plait or a ponytail suggests discipline and self-restraint, and also links in with childhood.

If the hair is overly perfumed, this can be linked to your vanity.

If you applied the perfume yourself, then perhaps you are acting in an arrogant way about something in your life. A wig signifies a false attitude or persona.

If you are bald in your dream, this can highlight your intelligence, but it can also highlight anxiety about growing older. Alternatively, it could suggest a loss of self-esteem or, according to Freud, a fear of castration. Dreams about hair loss can also represent worries about getting older.

If a beard appears in your dream, this suggests feelings about manhood, or so-called masculine qualities within yourself.

If the beard is cut off, it suggests uncertainty, whilst a long, thick beard suggests the opposite. Hairs on the chest or other parts of the body can also indicate male characteristics or expressions of sexuality.... hair / beard dream meaning