Argentina Dream Meanings

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For many people Argentina is associated with the life and times of Eva Duarte de Perón (Evita) and her enormous courage, charisma and popularity with the working classes. Although she never held a government post, Evita acted as de facto minister of health and labor in the 1940s and 1950s, establishing a national charitable organization and awarding generous wage increases to the unions. Dreams that feature Argentina could be urging you to make a stand and fight for what you believe in.

If you are a football fan, however, you may be thinking of the‘Hand of God’; has someone been cheating you recently?

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung

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The shell symbolizes fertility and eroticism. Do not forget that on the one hand, two female characters of great mythological importance, such as Venus and Aphrodite, were born into a shell; and, second, in Argentina, it represents the genitals of a woman. Consequently, this dream can have a clear erotic reading. In another sense, the heavy shell of a turtle can express your desire for protection. Something similar happens with the eggshell, whose fragility indicates that your feelings are too vulnerable.

Shells that appear in dreams predict that something very strange will happen.... shell dream meaning


Situated south of Peru and west of Bolivia and Argentina, Chile fills a narrow 1,800-mile strip between the Andes and the Pacific.

If you find yourself in Chile in your dreams, this may relate to situations or relationships in your life that could develop into hot ones due to the‘chili’ word association.

If this doesn’t apply, other associations include the strong Roman Catholic bias of the country, the symbolism of the arid Atacama Desert and a strong feminine principle embodied by socialist Michelle Bachelet who won 53% of the vote in the March 2006 presidential elections.... chile dream meaning