Apple, becomes a plum Dream Meanings

Apple, Becomes A Plum Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


Favor, i.E.

The “apple” of one’s eye... apple dream meaning


Symbolic of hard and dirty work ... plumbing dream meaning


Valuable and desirable; research color; see “fruits”... plum dream meaning


Plums, if they are green, unless seen on trees, are signs of personal and relative discomfort.

To see them ripe, denotes joyous occasions, which, however, will be of short duration.

To eat them, denotes that you will engage in flirtations and other evanescent pleasures.

To gather them, you will obtain your desires, but they will not prove so solid as you had imagined.

If you find yourself gathering them up from the ground, and find rotten ones among the good, you will be forced to admit that your expectations are unrealized, and that there is no life filled with pleasure alone.... plums dream meaning

Apple Tree

An apple tree in a dream represents a good man who serves his community and cares about it.

(Also see Tree)... apple tree dream meaning


(Tinsmithing) In a dream, a plumber represents a teacher, a trainer, a painter, a photographer, or one who lies in his words and actions.... plumber dream meaning


See “feather”... plume dream meaning

Crab Apple

(See Medlar tree)... crab apple dream meaning


1- In a dream plumage being drawn to our attention can often stand for a display of power and strength. It may also be a signal of defiance; we need to stand firm and show our colours, as it were.

2- A bird’s plumage is its protection, but it is also its power and strength. Used in this sense, it is alerting us to the fact that we can use our own strength and ability to achieve what we want to do in the future.

3- Spiritual triumph is shown by a display of plumage.... plumage dream meaning

Plumb Line

That which brings balance and justice... plumb line dream meaning


Blessed if muscular and strong; if excessive and weak, see “obesity”... plump dream meaning

Plum Tree

(See Tree)... plum tree dream meaning

Smelling An Apple

Smelling an apple inside a mosque in a dream means getting married.

If a woman sees herself smelling an apple during a reception in a dream, it denotes her misconduct, and that she could commit an abominable sin during that same evening.

(Also see Nose)... smelling an apple dream meaning

Apple Computer

Apple computers are known for being user- friendly and are preferred by most artists. One may appear in a dream to spark your creative side. As the apple represents wisdom. this symbol may indicate that it is time to go ahead and use your wisdom to create something beautiful.... apple computer dream meaning

Damson (plum Tree)

To see a damson tree in full leaves loaded with luscious fruit shows you will get your reward with the inheritance you receive. Should you eat of the plums you will have sorrow and grief as well as loss.

If the tree is misshapen then it foretells of a time of domestic unrest.... damson (plum tree) dream meaning


Comfortable domestic surroundings; invitations and pleasure-seeking.

See FRUIT.... pine-apple dream meaning

Plumbing / Plumber

Dreams of a plumber or of plumbing signifies that you are unclogging old, unworkable systems and releasing emotional blockages or breakages. Dreams of plumbing can also be a commentary on the energy, blood and fluids that flow through your physical body, such as your kidneys, intestines, bladder or colon. Perhaps this dream is giving you the message that you are releasing blocks to being in the flow of affluence, clarity, and vitality.... plumbing / plumber dream meaning

The Apple

Is a symbol of nourishment and growth to maturity of the intuitive self.... the apple dream meaning

Candy Apple

To dream of a candy apple (aka a caramel apple) is very lucky. You will be successful in a future endeavor.... candy apple dream meaning

Apple. Apple Tree

Symbol: The apple—as far back as antiquity—is a symbol of fertility. #

Vision: Looking at many apples in a tree: you have many friends. Eating a red apple: love will enter your life soon.

If single, you will meet a new partner; if married, you will experience a renewal of your love life.

If the apple has worms: frustration or separation.

If it is full of worms: problems in your love relationship.

If the apple is rotten: trouble is on the horizon. Biting into a sour apple: for better or worse, you must deal with an unpleasant situation.

A golden apple: you are gaining self-knowledge. Giving a woman an apple: you will find a new female friend. Looking at an apple tree in bloom: business success. Looking at an apple tree just before harvest: chances for profit are good.

Depth Psychology: The apple, the biblical symbol of original sin, is always a symbol for love.

The state of the apple indicates the state of the dreamer’s love life. Since the apple always stands for sensual/worldly temptations, you might be thinking of giving in to them.

See Fruit.... apple. apple tree dream meaning

Cherry / Date / Plum

Many slang expressions incorporate fruits within them, so if you ate or plucked a cherry from a dream tree, this may refer to your tendency to cherry-pick only the best in life. It may also have been a reference to someone’s virginity or naivety. The cherry is synonymous with desire due no doubt to its resemblance to seductive human lips. In dream-lore to taste cherries bodes for good or ill depending on whether the taste is sweet or sour. Similarly, if you dreamed of eating a date, could it have represented a dream date? If a plum features in your dream, this could be a symbol of a highly paid or plum position you have been offered, or hope to be offered.

See also SENSES.... cherry / date / plum dream meaning