Anticlockwise Dream Meanings

Anticlockwise Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

(1) Anticlockwise movement, being contrary to the sun’s motion, may signify that you are going against (your) nature, taking a wrong direction, pursuing a wrong path in life.

(2) Going towards the left, which you would be doing if you were following an anticlockwise curve, may signify moving over from a cerebral to a more intuitive or instinctive approach to life.

Dream Source: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols
Author: Eric Ackroyd

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(1) The symbolism of spiral movement may depend partly on its speed and partly on how it feels - good or bad.

See also Anticlockwise, Clockwise.

Upward spiral movement may symbolize progress and achievement. (Dr Jacobi describes individuation as a spiral process. On individuation) However, if the speed is hectic, it may symbolize getting out of control through trying to achieve too much.

Downward spiralling may symbolize something negative: for example, sliding - or hurtling - towards destruction.

(2) A stationary spiral - staircase, candle, conch, etc. - may be a symbol of sexuality, representing either vagina or penis or of fertility, growth, well-being.... spiral dream meaning


(1) The swastika is a common symbol of life or live-giving, creative power. In religious traditions the distinction is sometimes made - but not always - between a beneficient swastika turning clockwise and a destructive swastika turning anticlockwise.

(2) Because of its association with Hitler and Nazism, the swastika may symbolize evil - even in its clockwise-moving form.... swastika dream meaning


(see also Anticlockwise, Left, Right / Left, Spiral)

Moving clockwise means going to the right, which symbolizes consciousness; intellect; spirituality; masculinity.

CLOUD(S)... clockwise dream meaning


(see also Anticlockwise, Blockage, Clockwise, Left, Right / Left)

A current, whether electric, in a river or in the sea, will represent a flow of psychic energy. Therefore, pay attention to the direction of the current (to left or right, clockwise, or anticlockwise) and its strength (weak or violent).

It is blocked by something?... current dream meaning

Foot / Feet

(1) In asking you to look at your feet, vour dream may be asking you to take a fresh look at the direction of vour life, or its lack of direction.

(2) Feet moving backwards may mean that, in real life, you are not making progress — not growing as a person - but are (in danger of)


regressing to an earlier stage. For feet moving to right or left, or clockwise or anticlockwise, see Anticlockwise, Clockwise, Left, Right / Left.

(3) Feet may symbolize what your life is based on. Perhaps the dream is urging you to take a critical look at your fundamental attitudes and values.

(4) Feet may symbolize contact with Nature, including instinctual drives and instinctive wisdom. Feet are at the opposite ends of the body to the head, which symbolizes intellectuality and fantasizing. Intellectuals typically have difficulty in assimilating the instinctive wisdom of their unconscious, but desperately need what the unconscious has to offer: without it they are lopsided (or top-heavy, if you will). Keep vour feet on the ground and your head in the air? No, that means a split in the psyche. Rather, keep your head in your feet!

(5) A foot or feet may symbolize male or female genitals. (Freud says that the foot resembles genitalia in having a strong smell and, although in adult life we may find such pungent body smells disagreeable, in childhood they fascinated us.)... foot / feet dream meaning


(see also Anticlockwise)

The left side of the body represents heart, emotions, unconscious factors, intuition. Movement from right to left, or anticlockwise, symbolizes moving over from reason to intuition, from conscious to unconscious, etc. (Movement to the left is contrary’ to the way of the sun, which is a symbol of consciousness.)... left dream meaning


(1) A private vehicle probably represents you. Where is the vehicle going? In a straight line, or on a winding road? See also Clockwise, Anticlockwise, Right / Left, Spiral.

(2) If you are a passenger, this may mean you are not in control of your life or some aspect of it: so who is driving - what unconscious mechanism has taken over your life?

(3) A bus may symbolize yourself and passengers might represent aspects of your personality or elements of your psyche.

See also Juggernaut:.... vehicle dream meaning