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Achilles, like others before and after him, is the archetypal hero with a fatal flaw. In his case, this flaw is his uncontrollable rage that has its physical counterpart in his heel, the one vulnerable part of his body. In dreams, powerful figures with a debilitating weakness—such as the corrupt businessman, the crooked policeman or the boss with weakness for alcohol—may warn us against complacency and a false sense of security.
Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung

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Your sore or vulnerable point, place of injury (Achilles’ heel). Are you well grounded?... heel dream meaning


1. Disagreements, arguments.

2. A fatal flaw, a crucial vul­nerability (as in “achilles tendon” or “achilles’ heel”). ... tendon dream meaning


To see your legs in your dream suggests that you have gained enough confidence to stand up for yourself.

If your legs are weak, then you may be feeling emotionally vulnerable.

If you see the legs of someone else in your dream, this may indicate your admiration for them. Perhaps you need to adopt some of the attitudes of this person.

If your legs are wounded or crippled, this signifies an inability to stand up for yourself. Perhaps you are lacking courage and refuse to make a stand.

If one leg is shorter than another in your dream, this suggests some kind of imbalance in your life. You are placing too much emphasis on one thing and ignoring other important aspects of your life.

If you have three legs in your dream, then perhaps you have taken on too many responsibilities.

According to ancient dream lore, if you have a wooden leg in your dream, you will have many new worries. Bear in mind leg-related idioms such as: legless, didn’t have a leg to stand on, can’t stand up for myself, ball and chain on my legs.

To see thighs in your dream indicates strength and endurance, and it refers to your ability to make things happen. To dream of your knees indicates feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability. You may have taken on more than you can handle. To see your calves in your dream suggests movement and versatility, and your ability to jump from situation to situation. It can also suggest that you are involved with someone who is needy and over-dependent. To dream about your ankles indicates that you are seeking support and direction in your life. Ask yourself where you want to be headed. Bear in mind the phrase ‘Achilles heel’; could dream of heels be referring to your vulnerability or a particular weakness?... leg dream meaning